While the Cat's Away...

Posted May 15, 2022, 4:38 p.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) in While the Cat’s Away…

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in While the Cat’s Away…

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) in While the Cat’s Away…


“No, not quite a kid, more like a sensible teenager. Young enough to get into too much trouble, but smart enough to not get caught.” Bethy looked over at the older woman. “Why didn’t you retire, Shara? You’ve worked long enough, put in a lot of hours. You could be…” Bethany shivered a little, “teaching. Or just live for yourself. You’ve earned it.”

Gadi, CoS

Shara smirked. “You know, my daughter Faye also suggested teaching. And maybe, one day.” Her gaze drifted to the wall of the turbolift, the light pulsing as they changed decks. “I thought about retiring after I was diagnosed with PTSD, but…” She glanced back at Bethany. “The reality is that Micah and I are cut from the same cloth and I think there might be a time when we’re physically unable to do our work anymore and we’ll retire to the cabin and live that quiet life. But for now? I still have something to give, it’s just… changed shape. I’m a restless being, Bethy. I don’t like being in one place too long. The stars have and will always be freedom for me. I’m not ready to give it up yet.”

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany shook her head, “Why does retirement have to mean a quiet life? Between you and Micah, I bet you could do a lot of good traveling around seeing new places. Helping teach police and investigative services around the Federation. Or just travel if you still want to star hop.” Bethany took a deep breath, “I get it though, I think. I can’t imagine making it to retirement, much less what to do afterwards. Not in our line of work. I mean it would just be me. I don’t fancy growing old alone, but I can’t even figure out how to make an effort for a short term relationship. I never stay in one place long enough. But you have Micah and that’s amazing.” Bethy hadn’t spent any time at all with the man, except in staff meetings, but they had each other. That was a plus in Bethy’s opinion.

Gadi, CoS

The lift came to a stop and Shara stepped out and waited for Bethy before they continued down the corridor. “I do have him and it is amazing. Unexpectedly amazing. We have something of an unconventional marriage too, in that as our work requires we will sometimes be apart, doing our own thing. I wasn’t expecting him to be here, but given our assignment, well, I should have seen it coming.”

Their quarters, connected by the tiny washroom, approached and Shara keyed in her security code to her own. “Come on, rum awaits us.”

Inside the duplicate tiny quarters, Shara’s was probably not much different from expectations. She had little in the way of personal effects on display, but for the first time in her life that was starting to change. In addition to the framed photo of her, her late husband and her then ten-year old daughter, there was one of her and Micah sitting on the front steps of a large wooden building set amongst mountains.

At the workstation (modified to a two-screen set-up), a soft throw in cream was draped over the chair and her guitar rested in its case against the side of the desk. There was a hard-shelled footlocker tucked into a corner and the other than some PaDDs piled neatly on the desktop, there was little else different about the space other than a (perhaps) odd appearance of a bulging paper envelope sitting on the dining table. Signs that her and Micah spent time there were few, other than an extra pair of boots. Everything else was tucked neatly away from prying eyes.

Shara moved to a little cabinet tucked next to a bedside table and keyed in a code. Her body blocked what all was in there, but she closed the door with a click and a beep and returned with a full bottle of rum, setting it on the table. “Open that, will ya? I’ll find us some glasses,” she said, moving to a small cabinet next to the desk.

Returning with the glasses, she set them down and then reached into her pocket, extracted the uneaten liquorice and dumped them (seven in total) on the table with a smirk, her foggy blue eyes lit up. “The rules didn’t say there was a punishment for not eating them all…”

Commander Calloway, CIO

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