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Probably a final favor from Special Projects. Sara thought. “You’re late, Calloway.” She said, assuming character. “We’re just leaving dock.”


Shara scowled at Kiernan. “Clearly. Moving ship and all.”

The bridge doors swished open and onto the deck limped a tall man with a beard. He was clad in jeans, a dark grey woollen jersey and a black knee length leather trench coat and leather boots. His dark hair was peppered with silver and cut much shorter than it has been when the crew had rescued him from the Klingon derelict. He leaned on a black metal cane as he came to stand out of the way, eyes taking in those present as if he were slightly nervous about being in a group of people and was prepared for some sort of attack. He said nothing just watched.


Bethany didn’t even look up, but the signature step of foot falls, limp, and cane told her who it was. “Have a seat gimp, and stay out of the way.” The barb flowed easily off her tongue, part of her new persona, but buried deep, Bethany’s true self cringed at it.

Gadi, CoS

The corner of Ryley’s mouth turned upwards slightly. “Don’t worry yourself about me sweetheart. But let me know if you get too wound up, I’m sure I have a sedative here somewhere.” He said patting one of his pockets.


“Unoriginal Doctor. Better ways than a sedative.”

Striding over to her station, Calloway cast both Gadi and Ryley a look. “Now children, don’t make me come and separate you,” she said, her mouth slipping into a sly smirk. She brought up the various feeds she was monitoring, keeping an eye on the chatter so they could adapt as needed. Each and every detail mattered here.

~Shara Calloway, Rebel with an Attitude

Bethany snorted, “Yeah yeah whatever makes you feel better about yerself, dearie.” In all truth Shara was someone Bethany never wanted to get into an altercation with. Even a fake one. You didn’t reach Calloway’s age in intel and not have earned the right to be feared. But they both knew the banter was no more than a cover. That didn’t mean it wouldn’t backfire on Bethany. That thought made her grin a bit.

“Aww but moooom…” Ryley pouted. He crossed his arms and leaned back against the bulkhead.

“Why the hell would you want to seperate them, I say get a pool going and see who can make the highest bet!”

-Paddy ‘The Pain’ McMillan-

“Oh I dunno…I recon we could go a few rounds so I’m not sure you’d want to take that bet… hate to make you loose your shirt before we’re out of space dock.”

Bethany snickered, “I don’t know…I think the doctor probably knows more dirty tricks in a fight than the rest of us put together.” She eyed him up and down, “Be interesting to find out.”

“A good magician never reveals his secrets kid.” Was all Ryley said in response.

Nerira walked out on the bridge, she had exchanged her Starfleet uniform for the dark Romulan clothes Tochrur had given her before he had been assassinated. Slung across her back was was a Romulan disruptor rifle and strapped to her belt was a Romulan blade. She had cut her jet black hair to a significantly shorter length so it hung down just above her chin.
“I hope the Romulan assassin look isn’t too off-putting” she said jokingly looking around the bridge admiring the rest of the crews attire.
approaching the captain she said “I have finally been briefed on the situation. Where can I be the most use to you?

-Nerira Akanar, Romulan assassin

OOC: despite what my character may say, I still have not been able to find the XO and get that briefing so I am still a little lost. Hope I inserted myself into the sim in acceptable fashion, if not let me know.


A snicker came from the engineering bridge station at the back of the layout. She muttered something about seeing someone with their shirt off and shook her head. The lieutenant’s look had changed in some ways, but others remained the same. Gone was the operations gold uniform, replaced with black somewhat low-rise cargo pants that were tough and functional. She wore a sleeveless top with an emerald green faux turtleneck collar, but short at the midriff. Across her midsection were a number of scars, some looking old and healed over. Others were newer, worn like badges of honor. Around her waist was a webbed duty belt with several engineering tools, a phaser, and at least one karambit made from pattern-welded (Damascus) steel. It looked like she might have more.

Her sable red hair had been shorn short at the back, and turned into a swing bob. Along her left eye was a visible bit of cybernetics indicating the eye may have been replaced, or perhaps was attached to it in some way.

Ahead in the viewscreen the edges of the airlock were falling away a they nosed out into the violence of the nebula. Miranda studied the power readouts for the engines, and the shield modulation supplied to them. “Let’s see if we can hump this tub out of here,” she murmured, then raised her voice to report, “Everything’s lookin’ good so far. No hiccups yet.”

Martel, wrench jockey

Bethany stepped back and leaned against the console, arms crossed and eyed Martel up and down and met her eyes and nodded. They were friends and Bethany knew she’d struggled at first with the assignment. This woman standing in front of her now was going to create havoc out there and Bethany couldn’t wait to see it.

Gadi, CoS

“Time to watch the show,” Paddy mumbled, loud enough for the entire Bridge crew to hear.

-Paddy ‘The Pain’ McMillan: Absorber of Emotional Damage-

As the edges of the massive hanger of the station came close, the comms crackled to life an a male voice, familiar to many as the ‘subject matter expert’ Elias Balthazar, filled the bridge. =/\= Crataken Station to… to… what the hell is your name now? Didn’t you come up with some name to strike fear into the hearts of those who would stand against you or something? No? Okay okay… we can figure this out. Oh, I’ve got it…=/\= and there was a loud clearing of his throat and he said loudly =/\= Crataken Station to The Rabid Pelican, prepare to initiate cross-nebula flight. Set shields to previous modulation frequency and stand down warp core. And no, you can’t change it now… I already programmed it to your IFF and your FedSec guy has sent word thats the ship he’s on. So… good luck Rabid Pelican! I hope you all live through this! =/\= and the comms went silent. And at that moment the station came to life and the newly-christened Rabid Pelican was launched so fast form the station that the inertial dampeners barely compensated before overheating and going to 50% power. Fortunately, they were now at speed and flying through the chaos of the nebula.


Miranda had expected they’d be leaving in a similar fashion to their arrival, and had modulated the shields as before, and left warp power on standby. Taking the ship out had been on thrusters only. The Rabid Pelican wasn’t a name she would have chosen, but she supposed it fit older maritime traditions. As they neared the exit and Elias cut things off, the Brazen-class destroyer launched forward. To Miranda it reminded her of being in a catapult launch off the deck of an aircraft carrier, or rather with her facing the rear of the vessel, more like a really hard stop in an antique automobile as she braced against the bulkhead and console in front of her. And then they were on the float, being guided out by the mysterious guidance they’d come in under.

“I gotta learn how they do that,” she muttered over her shoulder.

Lt Martel, CE

The Rabid Pelican. Sara couldn’t even object, though she did imagine they might as well have painted a skull and crossbones on the hull. “Alright. Let’s get to work. We’ve been off the grid for a while. Now the… Rabid Pelican… needs to make an appearance. Did Blue leave a specific destination, or are we going hunting?”


The FedSec agent Pikelsimer said “We’ll brief soon, Ma’am. Just wanna make sure we get out of her in as few pieces as possible, first.”

Shara’s gaze flicked to Pikelsimer but it was little more than an acknowledgment as she stood there with her arms crossed, her stance wider to keep her on her feet through the ship’s motion. In truth though, his presence steadied her even if she was entirely in her persona all day, every day.

Ryley’s hand gripped the nearest console as the ship was hurled forward. He felt for those with a less than strong stomach or motion issues. Miraculously the greying doctor had managed to stay on his feet. As they levelled out he straightened properly and said. “Well we had better hope we don’t run into a ornithologist otherwise that’s the cover blown.” He shook his head. “Rabid Pelicans…seriously?”


The Asimo-, err… the Rabid Pelican… slipped through the nebula’s chaos and ship graveyard in silence. Scattered hulks and debris of countless ships… and the lives attached to them… drifted languidly around them until some random energy jet shoved, spun, shot, or obliterated them from view.

The Pelican was on a heading taking them out of the far side of the nebula from where they had entered. As the energy burts and plasma storms began to subside, Agent Blue appeared on the bridge and said “Captain, if you would assemble the crew, I can brief everyone all at once. Or, if you prefer, I can brief the Department Heads and Command Staff and they can relay the information. Up to you.”


“Gather the senior staff. They all know their department staff better. we’ll let them disseminate the information.” Sara said. She rose from the command chair and walked towards the conference room. Suddenly she turned back. “This better be good Agent.” Then she left.


Shara moved to follow Kiernan and leaned in towards Blue as she passed. “You owe someone a safe return. We make no mistakes, you hear?”

Commander Calloway, CIO

Miranda was right behind Calloway.

Martel, CE

Watching a moment Ryley followed the CO in the direction of the conference room. He wasn’t sure exactly if he should be going but when in Rome and all that.


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