Side sim: Sickbay after the Klingon ship rescue

Posted May 16, 2022, 1:32 a.m. by Captain Sara Kiernan (Commanding Officer) (Sam Pennington)

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Sickbay after the Klingon ship rescue

Posted by Captain Sara Kiernan (Commanding Officer) in Side sim: Sickbay after the Klingon ship rescue

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Sickbay after the Klingon ship rescue
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The high pitched noise from places unknown wasn’t exactly a whistle or a whine but somewhere in between. It was reminiscent of the sort of ringing that followed an explosion or a burst eardrum. Accompanying it was the eye wateringly bright light overhead, bathing everything in white and creating an assault on the senses.

Ryley could hear his heart beat thundering in his chest. Felt every breath as though he was gasping for air. Perhaps he was. His eyes were open but what he could see made little sense and confusion battled understanding while he tried to sit upright only to find himself restrained.

“MOTHERFU…” he heard his own voice, hoarse with disuse, yell out load as his hearing began to clear and something cracked his shoulder realigning the joint. The flood of pain ebbed immediately.

Someone was speaking to him, he strained to focus and a dark haired woman in teal came into focus above him. “Can you hear me sir?” She asked.

He groaned. “Ribs…” he muttered.


“Ribs.” He said again. “Fix my damn ribs…before one of them punctures a lung.” He gripped at the material under his right hand feeling foam. Biobed his brain supplied. Slowly his vision cleared. The pain in his ribs, the strain on breathing lessened. He relaxed. The dark haired woman peered back over him.

“I’m going to give you something for the pain.”

“No!” He said slightly alarmed it seemed when the hypo came into view. He struggled. “I don’t want it.” He became slightly more agitated. “Release me!” The monitor above him blared an alarm. He had the presence of mind to realise what it meant.

Conversation above him and a different hypo pressed into his neck.

“No. Don’t sedate me.” He muttered but it was too late. He could feel himself being pulled back into the dark void of unconsciousness. His eyes rolled.

Hours later, with most of his injuries healed or healing Ryley lay staring at the ceiling on the sickbay he now knew he was in. while he had been released from the restraints he had been categorically told he wasn’t allowed to leave his bed never mind the sickbay in general. And so he lay on his back pondering if he was happy at having been discovered and rescued from what he heard was now a derelict or if he had been better off as a popsicle.


Sara entered sickbay, having been called away from all of the little tasks at hand, to see this unfrozen man. A nurse kindly pointed out where he was. He looked like he had been removed forcibly from a coma. Sara was quite unsure what to make of the stranger by appearances alone. She went over to greet him. “Hello. I’m Captain Sara Kiernan. Welcome to the USS Asimov.” She offered a kind smile, which she sincerely doubted would be returned.


Turning his head the man took in the newcomer. His icy blue eyes did a sweep of her from head to toe and back again as if he were scanning her with a tricorder. The effect was slightly dulled by the fact his pupils were dilated from painkillers. He turned his head away again. “Doctor Alexxander Ryley.” He said in response. And then because he apparently felt it was warranted added, “Thanks for the rescue skipper.”

“Anytime.” Sara joked.

After a few moments he glanced over at Sara again. “So, tell me. What’s a shiny bright young federation captain and her ship doing way out here?”


“I’m afraid I can’t tell you much Doctor. It’s classified beyond the visitor level. What about you? How did you end up out here and frozen?” She asked, only half sure he would answer. It would have been fair not to given her answer to his question.


“So your medical officer keeps telling me. If you’re going to insist on keeping me in once place and keeping me in the dark either throw me in your brig or put me back where you found me. At least in either of those places I’ll know where I stand.” He looked down at where his feet were. “So to speak.”

“Well, that part of the story I can only tell you half of because I have no idea here ‘here is’ but essentially it’s the age old tale of guy meets Klingons, guy wins bet against Klingons, Klingons get pissy, Klingons beat up, kidnap guy for his possessions and when it turns out he didn’t have any more of what they want gives him another couple of smacks and throws his semiconscious ass into the freezer.” He raised his eyebrows and looked around sickbay again. “Your short on medical people around here, what happened did you loose them or did your covert operatives decide they didn’t need more than the basic staff for whatever drama I’ve landed in and sent them for an early bath?”


Sara couldn’t help but laugh. “A little of both, I suspect. Technically this mission is in a volunteer basis. Some officers elected to remain behind.” She mulled something over for a hard moment. “So, Alexxander Ryley, scourge of the Klingon Empire, since you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, frozen or not, it seems the volunteer part gets a little bit complicated as far as you’re concerned. Never mind the fact that you still need treatment for your injuries and sudden defrosting. Odds are you’re stuck here. At least through the duration of this particular mission. Then I’m sure there will be lots of people from the Federation with a lot of questions like ‘where have you been?’ And ‘Why did you gamble with Klingons?’ And ‘Don’t you know to always let the drunk angry Klingon win?’” She took another pause.

“You’re an ethical quandary to me, Doctor. I can’t ask you to sit there pretending we’re circling Earth Spacedock waiting for landing clearance for… however long this takes. But this isn’t ‘we’re developing a new sonic shower’ classified. It’s ‘you may not have heard of the division we’re operating under’ classified. So if I do the more immediately right thing, and tell you where you are, and what’s happening around you… I need you to never tell anyone. Or you can pretend we’re waiting for clearance to dock. And I never have to tell you anything. And you can go home and tell people you whatever you want. It’s up to you.”


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