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((Alright, since nobody else is gonna do it…))

Miranda followed with the others. It felt a little weird being ‘out of uniform’ in the conference room, but over the last couple of weeks she’d ditched the uniform in favor of her civvies. She took a moment to grab a coffee and then a seat appropriately down the table. It was hard to push away the sense of anticipation washing over her. Things were about to get real interesting real fast. Or be very boring in general. If they did their jobs right, anyway.

Martel, CE

Bethany entered behind the other officers, “Come on Doc, you can sit with me. I can explain if it doesn’t make sense.” Bethany grinned and took a seat one up from the end, purposely leaving the last seat because it left room for Ryley’s leg and cane. One to be considerate to him and his leg, 2 to be considerate of others and his cane. In case he decided using it as an extension of his limbs was useful.

Gadi, CoS

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