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“Gather the senior staff. They all know their department staff better. we’ll let them disseminate the information.” Sara said. She rose from the command chair and walked towards the conference room. Suddenly she turned back. “This better be good Agent.” Then she left.


Shara moved to follow Kiernan and leaned in towards Blue as she passed. “You owe someone a safe return. We make no mistakes, you hear?”

Commander Calloway, CIO

Miranda was right behind Calloway.

Martel, CE

Watching a moment Ryley followed the CO in the direction of the conference room. He wasn’t sure exactly if he should be going but when in Rome and all that.


Bethany waited for the auxiliary tac officer to step up and then stepped away. She fell into step beside Ryley. She watched the byplay between Shara and Blue and the implications churned her stomach a bit. Nothing for it now.

Gadi, CoS

Miranda followed with the others. It felt a little weird being ‘out of uniform’ in the conference room, but over the last couple of weeks she’d ditched the uniform in favor of her civvies. She took a moment to grab a coffee and then a seat appropriately down the table. It was hard to push away the sense of anticipation washing over her. Things were about to get real interesting real fast. Or be very boring in general. If they did their jobs right, anyway.

Martel, CE

Bethany entered behind the other officers, “Come on Doc, you can sit with me. I can explain if it doesn’t make sense.” Bethany grinned and took a seat one up from the end, purposely leaving the last seat because it left room for Ryley’s leg and cane. One to be considerate to him and his leg, 2 to be considerate of others and his cane. In case he decided using it as an extension of his limbs was useful.

Gadi, CoS

Shara took a seat, her gaze hard as she surveyed the group. For the moment she was just taking in all the minute details that might become relevant at any time.

As the officers assembled, Blue and Pickelsimer waited just outside, engaged in a very low volume conversation. Once the last officer filed in, they stepped inside and Agent Blue stood at the table and nodded once.

“Thank you all for all of your hard work and dedication to this point. Now that we are fully outside of Federation supervision, I can share much more with you.” and he cleared his throat and turned on the viewer in the wall. On it was a picture of Blue, the man speaking.

“This handsome and debonair specimen is not me. This is the Shadow Syndicate agent that abducted me and took my place in Star Fleet Intelligence for an extended period. In my position, he used being me to influence operations, control covert operatives, and manipulate intelligence to direct certain agendas and garner certain information. All of this was done, we believe, at the behest and direction of an unknown director within the Shadow Syndicate. After the discovery and capture of the fake Agent Blue, which was made possible by the actions of select members of the crew of the USS Manhattan… and a singularly timely rescue of yours truly by the man standing in that corner…” and he nodded towards Pikelsimer, who simply inclined his head, “… we found ourselves in the position of having an advantage over an enemy we knew almost nothing about. My double’s training was impressive, and talking was not something he was going to do. So… Agent Pikelsimer and myself, as well as Commander Calloway and some of the Manhattan crew, manufactured an opportunity for him to ‘escape’ in a fashion. While he thought that the Manhattan had become critically damaged by attackers, Fake Blue escaped the brig on that ship and stole a runabout.” Micah perked up slightly and grinned. “Yeah, it was pretty impressive work, actually. Even if ‘ol boy didn’t realize he was in a holodeck program.” and he chuckled. Blue nodded and smiled at Calloway, as she had programmed good portion of the program along with her daughter Faye.

Calloway gave a simple nod of acknowledgement. She could take a compliment when offered.

“Indeed. But what we were able to ascertain is where the imposter was trying to go… as well as the comms frequencies he used and some other pertinent info. SO, using that, we are heading to his destination. It is outside Federation space, which is both good and bad. Good, because we are now wanted fugitives. Bad, because where we are going has no central government or governing body. It is lawless, chaotic, and highly dangerous. And the additional bad news is that we can’t into that part of space without an invitation. And to get that invite… we need a reputation. A reputation for criminal success, ruthfulness, and the willingness to do anything to get paid. Now, Agent Pikelsimer and I thought long and hard about this; but we have really no other way. Manufactured criminal activity could be compromised by any Shadow Syndicate operatives in Intel. And we don’t know how far their reach goes. So… we are going to commit a series of highly public and highly ‘profitable’ actions against civilian and Star Fleet targets.” and he took a breath.

“I know attacking innocent people isn’t what you signed on for when you joined Star Fleet. But in order to get the ability to traverse the area of space we need to, its a necessity. Any questions before we continue?”


Whatever expression had been on Shara’s face slipped away, leaving an impenetrable mask. Nor did she allow any feelings to surface. They were instantly shoved so far down that she all but read as blank, numb. Some might think that as a former Maquis, she’d relish causing chaos and jumping into the fray, but what few understood was that it had been an impossible choice for her, her husband and fellow colonists. They hadn’t just jumped into battle for the hell of it. And having seen more than enough destruction and death in her life, she was loathe to dump it on anyone else. “What considerations have been made to limit the scope of our actions?” she said, her eyes fixed on the table.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Blue softly cleared his throat and looked at his feet for a moment. Pikelsimer, however, spoke coldly and firmly. “None. Anything we might have done to ‘lessen’ any of our actions could have tipped off the Syndicate… and we can’t risk that. So whatever we do, we do. This isn’t pretend, ladies and gents. This is the real deal. If you gun somebody down… they are down. And as much as I know that that does not set well with anyone in this room, that is the nature of the beast.” Blue looked up and said “He’s right, but we do have the tiniest bit of breathing room here…” and he looked at Captain Kiernan, “… depending on how good an actor our illustrious Captain is.” He moved a step closer to the Captain.

“When we engage with our first target, you need to keep in mind that you are now a mutineer and traitor. What no one knows is why you did what you did. And as I am quite certain we won’t be killing everyone we meet-” and he cast a look at Pikelsimer who shrugged slightly, “- we will be leaving witnesses. If you can sell… and I mean full-on Ferengi used land rover salesman sell… that you stole your ship and killed a good portion of your crew because of issues you have specifically with Star Fleet and the Federation government and not innocent civilians; well, then we have an out for not killing anyone. But you will have to be convincing. Something along the lines of ‘My-quarrel-isn’t with-you-but-I-have-a-crew-to-feed-lay-down-your-guns-and-let-us-have-what-we-want-and-no-one-gets-hurt.’ kind of thing. If you can convince people that you are just looking for their stuff and not there to harm them unless they get out of line, well, we could very well establish our credentials without firing a shot.”


“About that,” Miranda piped up. “We have replicators. Not a lot. Mess hall, Captain and XO quarters, ready room. And in here,” she pointed to the one across the way. “Enough to keep us fed and all. So are we adding to our cover that they’re broken or destroyed? Or that we somehow can’t repair them?” She pause for a moment. “Or should we go ahead and break those for real too, at least the main ones. Just to make it legit?” It seemed silly, and some might have thought it was being petty. But when it was a situation like this, where piracy was based on the need for logistics… Well, it was a problem with their cover, and one of the things they needed to tweak, either improving the story or making it more real. Or finding a better reason to go hunting other ships.

“Also, are we pirates, or are we terrorists? Pirates hunt for plunder, things they can use or sell. This sounds like a political agenda we’re being sold, which is terrorism. One is necessity, the other is radicalism. Which, is all well and good, but… which is it?”

Martel, CE

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