While the Cat's Away...

Posted May 23, 2022, 1:03 p.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay B)

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in While the Cat’s Away…


Refilling her glass, her hand rested on the bottle at its shoulder. She looked up at Bethany and a look passed through Shara’s eyes before she slipped out of her chair and shuffled through the PADDs on her desk. She moved back and slid the PaDD across to Gadi with a soft smile.

“That’s her, my first born. I got to meet her Bethy. You won’t find her on any of my records, for now. Been too dangerous. I didn’t know her name until I was on R&R before I came here. Her name is Nadine. I was her mother for a month before I realized I was equipped to do it alone. I let others raise her and I’m glad I did. She’s wonderful, strong and resilient in the face of adversity like the other women in this family. and I have this urge to tell everyone about her, because I’m so damn proud to be her mama, even if it’s complicated and hard after all these years. But when I said I wished I had a few less secrets, this is partly what I meant. I don’t care about old missions, though some affected me harder than others, but finding family again: Micah, Nadine, Faye, after not having so many for so long. It’s breathed life into me in a way I don’t know I can fully explain. It’s why I don’t retire. Because why in some moment I feel old, other days I’m astonished at how this has all gone down and I feel like a kids again, eager to see what’s around the corner. I’m not afraid of it anymore.”

OOC: Nadine, Shara’s doppelgänger:

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany listened and the emotion she could hear in Shara’s voice made her smile. “That’s really wonderful, Shara. I’m happy for you.” Bethany genuinely was. She couldn’t imagine her life turning out in the end like Shara’s. If Bethany was honest she couldn’t imagine being Shara’s age. She hadn’t really thought about that either. Bethany tipped back another swallow of the rum. “You know Shara, you have a lot to return to. I know it’s not in our nature, and I know you and Micah and Blue have a lot of history going on here. But, if you decide the risk isn’t worth it, you tell me, I’ll take your place whatever it is. You or Micah.”

Emotion welled and Shara laughed through it. It was too late to back out now. She knew it, Micah knew, Blue knew it. Hell, even through their cryptic message to Faye and Nadine would have her daughters understanding that Shara was already committed. She always completed her mission, even if sometimes the mission itself changed. If she had to die to make sure this mission went off without a hitch, she would. She’d been willing to sacrifice her life most of her life, long before even the Maquis and Starfleet. It was the vow she had made early on, the only one other than her wedding vows she ‘d ever made: to protect those that couldn’t protect themselves. It wasn’t an attempt at martyrdom, but the understanding that someone had to step up and take that risk, make that sacrifice.

Bethany wasn’t sure if she believed Shara would take the offer or not. It wasn’t in their nature to let others take risks for them, but after this long, Bethany wanted to make sure Shara made it back to her family. “But none of us are really alone in this right? At least in theory. Blue will be once he gets in, no matter what precautions we take.”

“Not if I do my job right, he won’t,” Shara aid quietly.

Bethy threw back the last of her glass, “It doesn’t feel right, any of this. I feel on edge and waiting for the explosion. I will admit, but only here, knowing Balthazar had something to do with this, in helping us, that he is connected in some way, is keeping me up all nights. I don’t like it. I am being totally paranoid about it all.”

Gadi, CoS

“What’s the fear? Not just about him though. What is the actual worry? That’s he’s going to screw us over for his own gain?” Shara said, following with a generous swallow of rum.

Commander Calloway, CIO

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