Deck 5- Hiding Out

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Crap. Miranda waited for Lailia to finish her shot then swiped the jar and with a heavy sigh, took another shot. It was her third or fourth one so far. Already she was starting feel that spreading warmth from the inside, but no buzz yet. Soon though.

Bethany snorted, some of those 6 drinks coming out of her nose, burning and making her eyes water. She barely got the jar sat down without spilling and coughed for quite a bit. She wiped her eyes and tried to breathe. “I’ll totally take that one.” She picked the jar back up and took a good swig of it. She got it down but the coughing resumed. “Oh, that stuff is going to burn my insides out.”

“Alright back to you Lailia.”

Gadi, CoS

It was hard to think of something good to say with these three, Laila thought for a moment then she smiled, “Never have I…gone streaking down the Academy halls.”

Dacascos, COO

Well, it didn’t happen like you think it did. It wasn’t intentional and it was quite humiliating.” She reached for the shine and said, “I am going to need a drink to tell this one.”

“By all mean, do,” Shara said, eyeing Eulailia.

After taking a drink she rolled her eyes and said, “So this is what happened. One night I was coming from the showers at the Academy. Heading back to my quarters. My roommate and I had been having trouble with the door and we had put in several work orders to have it fixed. Anyway, when I reached my dorm, the door acted like it didn’t want to open. So, I rang the chime, you know so my roommate could let me in. However, she never came to the door and after tapping on the console several times it finally opened but not all the way. I called out for my roommate, but in fact, she wasn’t there even though had been when I headed to the showers. So, I attempted to use a corner of the robe I had on to get a good grip on the inner part and pry it open a little more.”

“Oh Gods,” Shara said with a laugh. “I know where this is going.”

She put her hands up in defense and said, “Yes, I know it was a stupid and dangerous thing to do. But I was tired, I wanted to go to bed so I figured if I could just pry it open a little more and squeeze through …. however, it started making a weird sound and it suddenly slammed shut! I barely got out the way in time, but my robe…. got stuck in between the door.”

She shook her head in embarrassment. “I tried everything I could think of to get it out, pulled on it, smacked the console to the door trying to get it open again but all I got was an error readout that said There is an object blocking the mechanical track. Clear the object so the door can resume normal functions.

I had no choice, I had to abandon my robe. I ran down the hall, completely naked, to the nearest lift, jumped in, and headed to the small medical center on the first floor where I knew could at least get a gown. Sure, I could have knocked on one of my academy mates’ doors, but I was so embarrassed and didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. Fortunately, I boarded an empty lift that went straight to the medical center with no stops along the way. However, when I got there, several people were there waiting to be seen. I don’t know how much they saw, but I sprinted past them straight to the CMO’s office. The ACMO was on duty working the night shift and was in the office taking a break. I ran, ducked beside him, behind his desk just in case anyone saw and followed me in there. I told him, “Quick I need a gown. My robe got stuck in the door upstairs.” This degenerate sat in his chair for what seemed like an eternity, and gawked at me, nodding his head with a creepy smile on his face. I screamed at him “What are you doing? Go get me a gown! Now!” as I squatted there trying to shield my precious body parts from his eyes. He finally left, went, retrieved a gown for me, and shamelessly watched me as I put it on. Then he went on about how he can walk me back to the room to ensure I made it there safely and all that. I promptly told him no thank you and headed to the engineering department in the gown. A more decent male from engineering escorted me back to my quarters so he could resolve the issue with the door. He too admitted that he was disappointed that his initial assumption about why I had shown up there, dressed in a hospital gown, mind you, was incorrect. Apparently, he thought I was a dancer, of course I had not the proper knowledge of the term at the time to understand what he was truly referring to, commissioned by his boys to show up at his job and perform for him. I assured him that I was not there for that purpose and my situation and his were purely coincidental due to a malfunctioning door, they had yet to fix. By the way, I looked up the variations of the term later and was appalled by the actual meaning. Anyway, when we arrived, the door was wide open, and my robe lay there in the doorway.”

She shook her head again. “If I had waited a little longer it would have opened on its own and I could have avoided the humiliation. I was traumatized from that point on. The way the ACMO had looked at me. I would have accepted the fact that he was shocked by me running into this office naked had it not been for the bizarre smile and the way he looked at me every time I saw him after that. That is why I missed so many medical evaluations and was overdue when I arrived on the ship. The incident has convinced me that most males, besides my father and Dr. Ryley, have the same brain function when it comes to females.”
She smiled and said, “Do not tell the man I said this, else he will probably not ever allow me in sickbay gain, but Ryley kind of reminds me of my dad. He gave me two lemon lollipops after my medical evaluation.” She pictured him sitting in sickbay, feet propped up with that heavily modified tricorder sitting on top of the desk near him.

Shara was amused at the thought of Dacascos streaking through the Academy and barked a laugh. “And here I thought we were trying to get me drunk. I didn’t go to the Academy,” she said with a shrug. It wasn’t an obvious or logical conclusion unless you knew the sequence of events that brought Shara into the Academy. Eyeing the half-full jar, she quickly calculated how quickly they’d need to break into the second jar. Yep, tomorrow was going to hurt.

Commander Calloway, CIO

“Nope, that’s not one I’ve done.” Miranda grinned then shrugged and considered. “Never have I ever cheated on a partner.” That one might have been a little much for this early in the game, but… It was a good one. Or at least she hoped.


Eulailia eyes grew wide and she grinned. She was sure it was a fascinating story and wanted to hear the details.

They didn’t know the sordid details of her life, so it was hard to know just how honour-bound Shara was. How hard it had been for her to find love, and that when she did she was all in. She had been lucky, truly lucky. Edward had been the soothing balm to a hurt girl who was scared to stand tall, and Micah has taken all the hurts, acknowledged them and let her be who she really was, not who she or anyone else thought she was. Shara just shook her head. No, no shine for her, not for that one.

Bethany giggled, she’d had a bit more of the shine, but that wasn’t why she was giggling. Like Shara she could NOT see the prim proper Dacascos streaking or do anything so risque. It wasn’t judgement, it took all kinds in the world and it wasn’t an experience for everyone. Bethy had done it, but it wasn’t one she’d want to repeat. She took a big swig of the shine. “Streak, yes, cheat…well that would require a partner wouldn’t it, so no.” Then she grinned, “Alright we’re gonna be like that. Never have I ever kissed a girl and liked it.” She took a big ol’ swig then and passed the jar. She grinned at Shara, “You’re turn is coming next go round.”


“Okay, wait.. I’m comfused. Are we drinking for stuff we have done or haven’t done,” asked Miranda.

“Does it matter?” Shara said with a wicked grin.

Another strike and realization that her life experiences were a little boring compared to these women. The streaking story was the only interesting story she had told so far and it wasn’t even something she had intentionally done. She made a mental note that she would have to press Beth for details of her story as well.

Dacascos, COO

Shara grabbed the jar and took a swig. In twenty years under cover, a lot of interesting things happened. Sometimes they surprised you too. “Informant. Great legs,” was all she said.

The thing about her and Bethy’s game on the bridge was that they had already covered some of the easier ones to talk about. The shine was starting to cloud her mind a tiny bit (thankfully) and the game was starting to feel less fun. She didn’t have tidbits, she had stories and Shara wasn’t used to sharing stories with people she didn’t know all that well. But even that was a lie because she had sat next to Faye with her daughter’s shipmates and shared stories about their home, about the community she had helped build hand had nurtured her. She missed that. Sitting here with these young women she realized just how much she had missed that and even the hint of it here was frightening.

And so, Shara was silent as she struggled to get her emotions under control and figure out what she could say next. So much of who she had become as an adult had stemmed from that one fateful day, that one terrible moment where she sat and held a fragile hand and wished she had been more than just some kid. That she had had the ability to change an outcome. Shara took the jar. “Never have I ever held someone’s hand while they died. Double-sips if it was a family member.” And not just sips, but Shara two two gulps, eyed the jar and set it back down.

“My mother, by the way. I was twelve. My brother Gavin was eight. After… I did my best, but my dad just got worse. He blamed everyone else for his life being somehow less spectacular than he thought it should be. And after she died, he couldn’t look at me and when he did I made him angry. He’d have rather I died rather than her. Years of him making me feel like utter crap and I’m supposed to care now that he’s dying and doesn’t have a lot of time left.” She snorted. “I’m just surprised it took him this long to drink himself to death.”

~Shara, Tipsy CIO

Bethany didn’t say anything, but reached over and placed a hand on Shara’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. How incredibly similar their stories were. She grabbed the jar taking one double sip, “My mother. During the Dominion occupation my mother was captured. She created a distraction so my father could get away with me.” Bethany could so see Shara doing something similar. “They weren’t really interested in non-Betazoids, so she figured she’d be safe if they caught her. Just send her back to work. But the Vorta decided to make an example of her for helping the rest of us escape. After the occupation was over, she asked my father to take her home, so we went to Earth. She survived another two years, but the complications were too severe for her to over come.” The rest, the similarities to Shara’s story was too much. Those parts Bethany wasn’t willing to put voice too. Then she took two more single sips, stories and names she’d never forget.

At the question about someone dying while holding their hand her mind went back not to the Shamshir but the U.S.S. Rebellion and that awful day. Surrounded by blood and fire, her thumb jammed deep as she could get it in her captain’s neck, fighting to keep him awake and cognizant until emergency medical assistance could get to him, and then having to keep it there, feeling his hot blood running over her hands. Unconsciously she wiped her hands on her pants like she couldn’t’ get something off of them, just for a few seconds then seemed to come back to the present. “Haven’t had that misfortune but… ” She picked up the jar and took another swig, then wiped her mouth with the back of one hand. “Almost.”

Setting the jar down she glanced between the other three. “Okay, who’s.. turn was it again?”


Shara reached over and rested a hand knowingly on Miranda’s arm. Then she looked down at the jar that they had managed to get three-quarters of the way through. Glancing back up, she let out a laugh, which were coming more easily now. “Miranda dear, I think we’re past the point of taking turns,” she said, chuckling. “I also owe Laila a story but I need more shine first.”

By this time Laila was barely functional, she had never drunk so much in her life, “Oh…what? Is it my turn?” she asked confused reaching toward Bethany for the jar who clearly didn’t have it.

Reaching down besides her, Calloway grabbed the still-closed second jar of moonshine and set it in the middle. Glancing around, she nodded. “drink, don’t, either is fine, but you’re all sworn to secrecy, got it?” She smiled, but mostly at the fact that her ‘sips’ hadn’t been all that small and she was feeling warmth throughout her body. She wasn’t drunk yet, but give her time. “If any of you outlast me, I’ll… hmm, I don’t know. We can debate a prize.”

~Shara, Tipsy CIO

Bethany snorted, “Got it. I’m not telling, buuuuut....” she turned her gaze on Shara with a wicked grin, “Never have I ever had a man, or woman for that matter, fight my battles.” Her eyes danced and then, “Oh and by the way Shara, I’m sending your husband a letter letting him know he’s got competition on board.” Then she broke into real fits of giggles. Bethany knew something about Shara that no one else did. She wasn’t telling but it was making life fun at the moment.

Gadi, CoS

Laila still wanting to hang on, listen to the three women, sat there half past out and barely comprehending the words that were being said. With one blink of her eyes she fell backward, a surprising soft thud sounded as she fell on her back and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Dacascos, COO

Despite the shine in her system, Bethany’s reflexes we’re fast (of course she’d been sitting still so the stuff hadn’t spread too far) and she reached out snagging Dacascos’ arms to slow her fall. “Shoulda given her something easier.” Bethany huffed out a sigh and got up, pausing a moment while the shine hit her fast. “Fwooo okay. Time to go home pretty. Your bed is a lot more comfy than my floor.” Bethany knelt down and lifted Laila in a fireman carry and stood, slowly, she didn’t want to drop her. “Carry on ladies, I shall return!”

Bethany stepped out of her door and two doors down and used her security override to open the door. “Lights.” The room illuminated and Bethany carried the unconscious woman to her bed and set her down as carefully as she could. She drapped a blanket over her and then turned the lights back off as she left.

Bethany reappeared in her quarters and slipped down to her spot. She blinked her eyes wide. “Okay…that shine.... that’s....” She let out a heavy sigh, “that’s worse than shine.” She pointed a waving finger at both of them. “Don.. don’t pass out unless yer stayin. I can’t do that again without droppin’ someone.” Bethany grew up stealing shine from her uncle’s and one swallow of that stuff was enough to burn your esophagus out. This stuff was worse.


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