Operations Division Ready Meeting [Optional tag for CE & CoS]

Posted June 29, 2022, 1:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Eulailia Dacascos (Chief Operations Officer) (Mika Jackson)

After speaking to the Captain in the conference room, Eulailia understood what she needed to do to prepare her staff for the mission. She sent out a call to all the operations staff who were under her command and sent an optional invite to the Chief Engineer and Chief of Security so they would have an opportunity all discuss the logistics of the mission, assess the number of staff each of them had, and clearly define the roles of each department.

As she walked to the conference room, she entered a comment in the COO log.

Chief Operations Officer’s log stardate [XXXXX.274]:

Although I am not 100% on board with our latest mission and we are not technically Starfleet anymore. I have decided to continue to operate my department as if we were. Therefore, I have called a meeting for the Operations division to ensure the Asimov is ready for our latest mission. To effectively be ready we need to work closely with the Chief Engineer and Chief of Security officers to ensure the ongoing and efficient functions of this ship, so I have sent an optional request for their presence as well.
If not anything else the crew still needs structure and clear requirements on what will be expected of them on this mission. I intend to provide them with this structure to ensure we are successful and that we minimize any confusion.

After completing the log, she looked at the Operations staff and said, “I have an update on our mission. We are expected to remove our Starfleet uniforms, ranks, and go rogue on this mission. Our first target is a Tellarite carrier carrying weapons and other items that will help facilitate our mission. We literally have less than 24 hours to prepare.”

She paced back and forth as she spoke, “Now I know you are thinking what I have been thinking. Why do we have so little time to prepare?” she paused again and said, “Well I don’t have a good answer. It is the way the information was passed to me, but I do know that the Captain expects us to be ready and we going to be. With that, I will share a quote that my father often shared with me to motivate me to complete my most difficult tasks. It is from William James, an American Earth philosopher, born in the 19th century, It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome. She clasped both of her hands together as she continued, “Let’s set our attitudes toward achieving success and odds of the outcome will be success.”

She looked at her PaDD, picked it up, and then said, “The purpose of the meeting is to acclimatize you to your duties while we are on this mission. My communication specialists will report to me, and we will work closely with the engineering department to ensure cohesiveness in the functions of the ship. My pilots will remain on the bridge and assimilate to pilot shuttles, for mission or emergency use, as needed based on the orders of whoever will lead the away team. We will need two transporter operators in each transporter room to ensure the safe return of the away team in case emergency transport is needed off the Tellarite carrier. My staff who specialize in tactical procedures will report to the chief of security.”

Eulailia was typing all this in her PaDD as she spoke, preparing a mission readiness report for the Captain.

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