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Posted by Lieutenant Miranda Martel (Chief Engineer) in Broken and Burned - Sickbay - Sidesim - Alt Timeline
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She let out a low groan. “It’s proprietary, classified, and I dunno what it is,” she said, covering her face with her hands. “But I wouldn’t have come in anyway. It was just a hangover. A four-alarm hangover. But still, just a hangover. Couple anti-inflammatories, some OJ, and plenty of water and I’d have been alright. I think?” She wasn’t entirely sure. But at least that was something she could have worked through or toughed out. Or maybe she was just punishing herself. “Besides, it’s not like I have anything I can pay you with, except my own ass. Or taking care of any work orders quick.” She thought about it for a moment. “Maybe install a few little upgrades around her. You drink a lot of coffee or tea?”

He listened as he worked his expression becoming quizzical as he switched the subdermal regenerator into his left hand and picked up a dermal regenerator with his right, ambidextrous It seemed. “Pay me? “ he asked

Idly she pulled her left leg up for some balance, but kept it to the side a bit to keep it out of his light as he worked.


He started to laugh. A deep hearty sound that carried into his next comment “You mean what I said in the conference room? That wasn’t serious you moron.” He shook his head. “Listen Red, you are welcome to come to get any and all medical treatment you need any time no charge.”

“How was I supposed to know,” she protested, then stuck her tongue out at him playfully. She deflated a little a moment later. “I’ll .. try to keep that in mind.”

He placed the subdermal regenerator down and did a wide beam sweep with the dermal regenerator. This lasted a few minutes before he turned that off too, and applied some more gel to the healed skin. He checked the tricorder and walked the tips on his fingers along where the burn had been. “How’s that feel?”

She jerked a little at the fingers, mostly because they were unexpected, and kind of ticklish. The muscle tone felt funny there, but it seemed to be fine. As she glanced down her leg was back to normal, well save for the fresh, pink skin, but that would settle down shortly.

“Ok let’s see the hands and then we’ll look at the wrist.” He said.


Tightening her core she sat up easily, wobbled a little, then seemed to straighten herself. Slowly she swung her legs for a moment then held out her hands for him to check out. “Like a moron, I went to pat out the flames. Didn’t think about the burning them too.” There were small blisters around crusted bits of melted and burnt fabric laong with the general angry red. But overall it wasn’t as nasty as her leg had been.


He frowned. “You really did a proper job with that didn’t you.” He gently took hold of her hands, careful not to touch the burn and her injured wrist.

“I’m going to have to clean these and check for any nerve damage before I can treat them.” As he did this he checked the wrist again. “That’s a fracture. How many times did you hit the bag after it hurt?”

He ran the tricorder over the hands.


“Once, with my right. My wrist folded up before that. I thought was just bad technique. I should have wrapped it. But I didn’t want to stiffen my hands up too much. IF I had… well maybe my hands wouldn’t be burned, and my wrist all jacked up. Or it could have been from punching the wall in my quarters.”

“Right.” He said, not judgement just acceptance.

The tricorder showed second degree burns with a few spots that were third degree. It had to have hurt like crazy, as third degree burns meant the nerve endings were sealed and burned away. No sensation there. And she’d taken her boot off like that. There was a hairline fracture along the ulnar bone right along the distal head. There was some bruising around the knuckles and to the interior of the joints. She’d punched something really hard. Or a lot. Or both. But until then she had managed to keep it to only micro stress fractures.


He frowned. “These are going to take slightly longer. I’m going to need to fix the nerve damage first. Then the burns and skin and then go back and repair the breaks, plural.” He moved off to get some more supplies and when he returned sat on a rolling stool, using his cane to pull himself closer to the bed. He applied the dermaline to her hands and using the tricorder readout screen to guide him began using the subcutaneous protoplase to repair the nerves. He remained hunched over her hands as he said.

Miranda let out a low groan, but gave him a nod. “Alright.” The word came out tinged with a twang that belonged right at home in Texas on Earth. Except she’d never been there.

“So, any particular reason you were punching the wall or did it just piss you off?”


“The wall had it comin’. It looked at me wrong and told me my momma didn’t love me,” she said breaking into a momentary grin. “It’s a crappy coping mechanism sometimes.” She knew if she was going to do that, there were better options for it, rather than hard, remorseless metal. Like a pillow or cushion. But the impact just wasnt the same, wasn’t satisfying at all. She let out a long, low, sigh loaded with disappointment, aimed at herself.


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