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It was two and half days later that the long range scanners picked up the Tellarite ship. It was travelling at warp far between systems, and appeared to be alone. Blue and Pikelsimer were on the bridge, and Pikelsimer nodded and said “There she is. Captain, I think it’s about time the galaxy come to know the name Rabid Pelican.”


Shara quietly entered the bridge, back in her grey leather rib-like jacket and leather leggings, the only sound her heeled boots and that was only because she wasn’t actually trying to be silent. Her hair was strangely loose though and settled just below her shoulders. Gone was any trace of the distress or fear previous experienced by some of the crew. Folding her arms across her chest, she eyed those gathered. “Don’t play games. Be straight-forward,” she said simply. “Quick and dirty.” She almost voiced an addendum but instead just smirked a little.

~’Elaine’, Gal with the Information

Beth was standing at the tactical station, armed to the teeth, running scans on the freighter, looking for weak spots to quickly knock out shields, determine ng where the marine goodies were located, and waiting on word to start letting one of her programs start hacking their computer. If she could knock out their ability to fire, raise shields or even lock them down - stop turbolift, doors, and the like from allowing movement - it would make their job easier.

Ridad was waiting with a boarding team just in case.


Sara took one last deep breath, like a swimmer going down for a dive. “Hail them. We’ll make our demands, and the consequences of not meeting them swiftly, known.” She stood up in full view of the screen and straightened the leather jacket that had replaced her uniform.

“Tellarite ship. By now you have detected our presence. Surrender your cargo immediately, our you will be boarded and we will seize said cargo. No prisoners will be taken.”


=/\= Unknown vessel, this a ship of the United Federation of Planets. Threaten us again and we will make sure you are either tossed in the nearest penal colony or blasted into pieces. =/\= and the comms went dead.


Eulailia was managing the communications console on the bridge. After the message from the transmission from the Tellurite vessel ended she looked at the Captain, shook her head, and said, “The comms are dead. I will try to get them back online.”

Dacascos, COO

Sara nodded. “Bring the comms back up if you can. Arm phasers and torpedos and get the boarding parties ready. We’ll give them one warning shot and if they don’t yield, we’ll take the ship.”


“I checked with the teams before coming up here, Captain. NL Ridad is waiting with them in the transporter room,” Gadi reported.

OOC: James, can I get some clarification? Did the comm between us and the freighter go down, or did our comms go down ship wide? If ship wide did we get hacked or an equipment malfunction?

The target ship simply cut off comms and is blocking further attempts.

“Phasers and torpedos are standing by Captain. I’m waiting for sensor readings to come back to determine where best to target them.”

She nodded at the commands as her hands moved across the console trying to make them so. She looked up from the console and said, “Captain, would you like me to set the ship to Yellow alert?”
She briefly stepped from her station and said to a nearby NE. “Comms are down, go make sure the boarding parties are in position and ready. Let them know we will fire a warning shot to try to gain the Tellurite’s compliance. I will stay here to work on getting the communications back up. “ The NE nodded as he headed to and boarded a nearby turbolift. Eulailia approached the officer at the weapons console. After seeing the weapons system ready, she gently patted the officer on the back to show appreciation, went back to the communications console, and said, “Torpedoes and phasers are ready to fire on your orders, Sir.”

Beth raised her eyes from where she was monitoring the ship’s tactical and security systems to look at Dacascos. She practically growled, “Can I help you? If you feel the need to look over my shoulder you have an auxiliary tactical read out on your station. You watch your station and I’ll watch mine. Unless you want to be responsible for aiming and firing these big guns and have their blood on your hands.” Beth Kovra was not a person you wanted to get up close and personal with her bad side.

Eulailia rolled her eyes and said, “Gladly”, as she turned to go back to her station she threw up a dismissive hand. She didn’t understand why the woman was being so nasty. They were after all on the same team.
She wished the woman had gone with the boarding team.

She continued to work to get the comms back online. “If we are not able to restore comms in time I recommend going to Red Alert to signal the boarding to move on the Tellurite ship.”

Dacascos, COO

“I suggest we wait until shields are down before we send the boarding party. We don’t want their patterns bouncing off the shields into space. Do you want me to try and hack into their systems, Captain?”

Gadi, CoS

Dacascos, COO

As they planned their course of action, the helm registered a change in course. The target ship was increasing speed and turning towards a large asteroid field a few minutes away.


Seeing the change in course, Sara muttered “Damn it.” She turned to the CoS. “Bring their shields down. Hack them if you can, but if you have to fire the weapons… aim for the bridge and shield generators. Minimize the risk of losing the cargo.” She sat down in the Captain’s chair again and said to the helm officer “Keep on them. I want the heat from their engines to peel the paint off the Pelican.”


OOC: Was it decided who was in the boarding party? ~Linds

OOC: I don’t think it was said, but I sent my NE Ridad

Bethany set the target on the new guns for the shield generators on th freighter at the same time reaching over and starting a program that would find and take advantage of any opening in the freighters computer systems. The first thing she looked for was if they were sending a distress signal. It would be easy to trace the back and expose that opening. Then depending on the computer she could change course, drop shields, or just cut their engine off. Barring that she could force their computer to disperse anesthizine gas and knock the crew out and buy them some time.

Gadi, CoS

OOC: So James it seems that the Asimov has comms, internally, but our communication with the freighter is cut, they have essentially blocked us from hailing them. Is this right?

IC: Eulailia watched on the view screen as they gave chase to the freighter. She wondered what impact the asteroids would have on the Asimov, and hoped the helmsman was skilled enough to navigate around them during the chase.

Dacascos, COO

((OOC: That is correct.))

Sam H.

OOC: Yay! Thanks Sam

IC: Oh! We have comms!”, said Eulailia relieved, “And boarding party is standing by.” She was surprised the freighter had headed in the opposite direction after threatening to blow them to pieces. Beads of sweat formed on her upper forehead, “Captain Kiernan what if....they called for back up and are trying to buy time. We have to hurry and catch them.”

Dacascos, COO

“Agreed.” Sara said. “The sooner we have our cargo and get out of here, the better. Keep an eye out for incoming vessels.”


The freighter, even at max warp, was no match for the Asimo-, er, the Rabid Pelican. In a matter of a few minutes they had closed the gap and were within weapons range. In the intervening minutes, Bethany was able to make a secure connection from the Pelican to the freighter. While she didn’t have total access, she was able to manipulate power relays to the point that the shields were significantly weakened and the freighter’s speed was reduced even further.


“Hey Martel, catch!” With a quick swipe of a couple of commands, Martel’s station lit up with the access control Bethany had gained on the freighter. “You’re the expert, I’m sure you can create more havok than I can. Also do you think you can use that to cut power to their comms? Dacascos has a point. We don’t want them calling for help.”

“Captain, I have a connection to the freighter. I’ve lowered their power to their engines and shields. Ready to fire on your mark.”

Gadi, CoS

(I volunteer for boarding party!)
-Zareth, CSO

Miranda let out a low sigh, feeling her intestines churning. She said nothing, but split her display, re-configuring it so she could monitor their cloaking device. They’d gone through a lot of trouble for it. Pulling up the invasive program, she studied the ship’s schematics. The power out put would have to go somewhere. Unless overall power output was lowered. Subspace communications were the most important to knock out if they wanted the ship to go mute. Taking the significant power from shields, warp drive output, and everything else she could, she rerouted it straight into the EPS relays and ODN network connected to the subspace relays and communications gear. The system was delicate, and while it worked over vast distances that was through subspace. Not realspace. Burning the system out was the easiest way to punch them in the throat and stop the screaming.


Almost immediately, her readouts showed a massive surge in the targeted systems and on the viewscreen the ship visibly shuddered for a second.

Eulailia anxiously stood at her station as they commenced to assault the freighter by cutting her comms, hacking their systems, and lowering power to their defense systems. She couldn’t believe they were actually the bad guys and she could not wait until it was all over.

Dacascos, COO

She didn’t ask permission, but no one was declaring orders here or anything, which suit Shara just fine. With a grin tossed at Micah and a wink, she moved past him. “Watch me not even break a sweat. Keep a lock though, I’d like a clean exit,” she said as she all but sauntered to the turbolift. It would take no time at all to reach the turbolift and join the boarding party. Besides, she had weapons stashed places people probably would’t have thought to look, but knowing her a little bit mow as they did could probably expect.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

“Be careful and good luck Commander,” she yelled after Shara as she headed for the turbo lift. How she would have loved to have at least one tough bone in her body so she could join the boarding party. However she was not foolish and was keenly aware her strengths. Combat and aggression were not them. Laila knew if she joined the boarding party that she’d be the one that would probably be kidnapped or taken hostage if anything went wrong. She sighed and prepared to lock onto each member of the boarding.

Dacascos, COO

Sara looked to the CoS. “Fire.”


Beth had been watching her display and knew the target lock was still good. Her hand reached out and without hesitation hit the three button sequence to fire their new fangled phasers at the freighters shield generators followed by their engines. The whine of the power moving through the weapons could be heard through the ship. If Beth felt any remorse for what she was doing, it didn’t show on her face. It wouldn’t either, until she knew what the damage was, and only in private. She watched her readouts waiting to see if her targeting was true and if she’d need to fire again.

Beth, CoS

OOC: Fixing Split

Marti shifted her focus from watching the cloak readouts, since it was on standby, and the power outputs and readouts for the phaser-disruptor combo platter weapon system as it pumped out raw energized particles. Then her gaze shifted back to the freighter’s power management system she was playing with like her personal marionette. That would give her some idea of BDA. They were shooting at something real now, not simulated.

Martel, CE

Bright, sickly purple energy beams lanced forward from the Pelican and struck the freighter… hard. Immediately there was a small explosion and their shields became non-existent. Helm and Science stations would show a massive flux in the warp bubble. One of the Science NE’s yelled out “Warp field collapse immanent! They’ll have to drop out in the next ten second or they’ll be lost!”

Not five seconds later, both ships dropped out of warp. The freighter was dead in space, not moving. Scans showed massive exterior hull damage around the engines and a single hull breach near the top of the ship where the shield generators had been. Electricity visibly crackled across the ship’s outer hull for a moment before fading into nothing as system after system shorted out and went dark.

Pikelsimer took a breath and said “Thats our cue.” and left the bridge to go to the Transporter Room.


It really didn’t need to be said, but just to confirm what they were all seeing from the screen, Beth reported anyway. “Direct hit to shields and engines, Cpt. Cascade failure of ship’s systems, hull breach near the shield generators and massive exterior hull damage.” Beth did a scan, it was too late, but how many were lost to the vacum of space? How many would she have to atone for later? Those thoughts didn’t break her role though. Instead, “Do you wish to fire again, Cpt?”


Sara shook her head. “Hold your fire. No need to risk our own or the cargo. Are they sending out any kind of distress signal?”


“I am not detecting any signal coming from the ship.” On screen, Laila noticed the electricity moving across the ship’s outer hull and then the ship going dark. “From the looks of it, they have lost power and their systems appear to be down.”

Dacascos, COO

Sara nodded and relaxed a little in her chair. “Make sure it stays that way. We don’t need any surprise visitors. And keep a tractor beam on standby in case they get their engines running.”


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