Deck 5- Hiding Out

Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 9:26 a.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay B)

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Deck 5- Hiding Out

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Miranda was having just as much trouble with the name of the church in her head. As Gadi felel over laughing she couldn’t help but join in. It was tha tkind of infectious laughter, as the whole thing struck her as funny. Then with the drawn out youuuuuu, it only made it worse as it reminded her of a wolf’s howl. “Uh-oh. She’s on the hunt,” she said with a sloppy grin plastered across her reddened face. “I wanna ssee too.”


The problem with alcohol was that it slowed your reaction time down, so even as Bethy’s words percolated through her head, it was the almost name drop she was focused on more. Did she care if Miranda knew her husband was Micah? Nah, she didn’t think she did. The CE would keep it quiet. But then the COS’s movements and Miranda’s words hit her and Shara was pushing herself to her feet. Quiet steadily if she did say so herself.

Shara was about to chastise Bethy for even trying to look with a *’What, do you think I’d let that sit around for anyone to find?’ but instead just shook her head and stepped (carefully) over to the desk. With a hand resting on the desk in front of Bethy, Shara fixed her friend with an intense look. “Now you see here. I’ll show ya, buh dis stays in dis room. Go’ it? And if I find out either you tol’ anyone elssse, dere will be hell to pay.” It was not an empty threat either, even drunk. She pointed a finger at Bethy and then at Miranda.

Bethany looked up with a grin. “Sure thing, Momma.” There were ways to find it though. Bethany was good and determined, but this was easier for her shine befuddled brain.

Tapping keys a little less deft than usual Shara called up her own personal file system and entered a series of codes. She shot them both another look, grinned, and stepped back. What could she say? It happened and it was funny.

The video showed two sides of a vid call. One side: a remarkably sober looking Shara and Micah on a couch in a large open rustic space, dark of night in the window behind them. On the other, an Andorian woman with long white hair with beads in it. Her face was painted to resemble a rising sun in yellows and oranges.

“Dearly beloved,” the woman began, “… we are gathered here under the blessings of the Universal Harmony and Light-Bearers Church of the Everlasting Love and Harmonious Living Church and Souvenir Store to join these two beings in holy matrimony. Shara Calloway… do you love, honor, trust, cherish, and desire the man next to you? And do you wish him to be your partner in love and light till darkness takes you and you cast into the abyss of the everlasting night never to be seen or heard by the universe again?” Shara looked at Micah and smiled. To anyone who didn’t know her, it looked like a love and adoring smile. Micah, though, saw the struggle to keep from laughing and simply nodded and said softly “Yeah, I know…” “I do.” said Shara. The ‘minister’ looked at Micah. “And do you, Micah Pikel… Pikelsimmer? Piike-simer? Pickalsimmer?” and Micah rolled his eyes at Shara and said “Pikelsimer. Close enough. Lets do this.” and the minister said “Right, Pikelsimer. Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and satisfy all the needs - both physical and spiritual- of the woman next to you?” and the ‘minister’s‘ eyes focused on Shara and she licked her lips as her words took on a somewhat daydream-like quality. “Even if that means taking on a second lover to help with her most intimate desires… satisfying her while she tells them about how she makes homemade yogurt and cheeses… and wants to raise small horses and sell them to tiny cowboys…” and she shook her head and said “Oh, I’m sorry… What was I saying? Oh yes… do you promise to love and cherish her as your partner and wife until such time as the holy light is vanished from the universe and you are left alone and cold amidst nothingness for all eternity?”

Bethany was rather disappointed to not see Micah all goofy eyed over Shara. It would have been great. She sighed, an almost girly sound. “Awww Shara he really loves you. Look at how serious he is, even drunk off his rocker. You’re really lucky.” That just cinched it for her. Whatever happened Shara and Micah had to make it out of this. Bethany meant it before, but now it was more intense, almost deadly in the determination.

“Yeah, he does,” Shara said with a rather goofy grin.

Micah and Sha stared at the screen and then Micah just said “Uh… yeah.... sure. Except that one past with the tiny cowboys.” The ‘minister’ smiled and said “I pronounce you wed! Congratulations. Now.. we have a wide assortment of souvenirs to help you memorialize your wedding. Would you be interested in the -” and the vid ended.

Even now, drunk as she was, Shara thought she and Micah looked utterly sober during the ceremony. Remarkable, that. “Go ahead, I know you want to…” she said with a resigned expression and long suffering sigh.


Bethany stared at the screen....”A second lover?!” She waggled her eyebrows, “Who is it??? Do tell!!” And she started to giggle. “He was okay with a second lover but not with ‘Tiny Cowboys’???” Bethany thought she might fall out of her chair.


Shara just snorted. “I ‘aint makin’ cheese any day soon eider. I’m not allowed in da kitchin.” The image of her and Micah sitting on the sofa in the house was seared into her brain. “Buh, ya ‘ave ta a’mit. We are gooood! Ya can’t even tell we had each drunk half a jar a’shine,” she said beofre breaking into raucous laughter.

“Trufully, I never dought I’d ever get married again. Ed was da love of ma life and I never dought anyone could come close. Buh Micah is different an’ he ai’nt afraid of Ed’s memory. He lets me keep a part of him wi’me. For dat I love ‘im even more.” Just talking about it made Shara overwhelmed and when the tears slipped down her face again, this time they weren’t once of grief and anguish. No, there was nothing in her eyes but joy and love.


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