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Posted by Lieutenant Miranda Martel (Chief Engineer) in We Be Pirates (Tag Martel)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) in We Be Pirates (Tag Martel)
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Gadi usually held meetings in her office or small groups in the Armory. But for the whole department, well that required the solitary holosuite on board or the Mess Hall. Since this wasn’t a training session, but more a think tank type of thing she decided to not take time from the only recreational facility on board.

The meeting ran for a couple of hours, the security team taking up most of the mess but cramming in as close as possible to the far side. Ridad and the team that boarded the freighter we’re discussing what happened and techniques they used and how the equipment worked, etc. Then the rest of the meeting Bethany led a giant counseling session. Talking about how they felt, the consequences, their alias compared to themselves, and how they were handling all of that. Especially Piklesimer killing the captain. That they would be using the weapons and armor they stole. That no matter how they felt about that they had to bury it deep and never let those thoughts interfere later. It would make them hesitate and cost lives. Not just their own and the crew but the people they were trying to save. Gadi and Ridad stayed a long time talking out the minutiae of it all with them until everyone has a handle on it. Maybe not acceptance but a handle on how to cope. She would be checking in with them all frequently.

Some left for duty, some for their beds, others stayed and played board games, some went and found a drink together. Gadi patted Ridad on the shoulder as she stood. She had a few more things to take care of. Ridad nodded and sat there sipping at his sweet tea as his boss left.

Gadi, Ridad

Forbes had been animated during the event, but afterward was quiet, sobered. The After Action Report was what he’d expected, and was standard operating procedure. Where did they screw up. How they could improve. Sand the edges off. But outside of that, there wasn’t much to say. The situation sucked all around. Best he could do was do his job, be ready when things went to crap. Flow, fill in the gaps, stay liquid. So it was that he finished his coffee, and was heading out the door. He brushed past the cute redhead engineer on his way through the hatch. Martel. Chummy with Ridad and Gadi. He flashed her an appreciative smile, just there for a moment as he headed for his bunk.

Miranda seemed to barely register as she headed for the replicator bank long one side of the mess hall. It seemed the security team was breaking up. She supposed that was good. Getting a reload on her massive insulated thermos for tea, she just happened to cruise a little closer. Her seafoam colored eyes were shadowed in uncertainty. she doubted any of them would give a real answer to anything at this point, but it didn’t hurt to ask. “How’re the holding up? I take it there weren’t any surprises?” … ***How badly did we screw them? The last wasn’t aloud, but it weighed on her mind. Pretty sure people died, even if it wasn’t from the phase disruptors. The feedback she’d shunted into the system was enough to blow up plenty in people’s faces, or fry them with electro-plasma.

Martel, CE

Ridad looked up with a faint but friendly smile. “Hello, Lt.” He watched as the dept scattered. “They will be right, eventually. Some are adjusting harder than others. The boarding went smooth. We saw no one until we got to the bridge. They fought, but really very little resistance.” Ridad took a long gulp of his tea, “After their captain died there was none. Everyone stayed out of our way, hid, after that. The cargo was tagged and brought over.” He wave at the seat next to him. “Join me?”


Miranda nodded. “Sure.” The word was little more than a whisper. The engineer stole a quick glance at Bethany as she moved to sit, tucking one foot under her like she was going to hatch it some day. “I hope it was worth it.” There was a little more strength in those words but not a lot.


Ridad followed Martel’s gaze as she watched Gadi leave. “Yeah I hope so too. Chief says the mission is important and I trust her judgement. I’m not sure…” He shook his head. “Well not my place to say. I heard those weapons you installed in the ship really packed a wallop.”


She nodded. “Yeah. I’m … kind of regretting making them now, though.” She shook her head. “Maybe some day I’ll get the designs a little more tweaked and sell ‘em to Starfleet, if we live that long. And who knows, maybe we’ll actually get to use them for .. what I really made them for: dealing with the Syndicate.” At least then she might sleep only the tiniest bit easier.

“And yeah. It’s important. Maybe the most important thing in the last decade.” She chewed her lower lip, picking at one thumbnail with the other. “How are you holding up?”


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