Holosuite- Growing Pains

Posted Sept. 28, 2022, 11:29 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Eulailia Dacascos (Chief Operations Officer) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Holosuite- Growing Pains
On the Asimov Rabid Pelican, the only holographic space needed to be booked through Operations, so Shara had left Dacascos to arrange the booking. But Calloway herself arrived just early enough to pick the program and make her own preparations for a kind of training that usually did not happen on a Starfleet vessel, nor in the manner that she was having to cobble together. This, if nothing else, would be a crash course on what undercover Intelligence agents painstakingly learned over the course of weeks and months and then put into practice. She had all of one evening.

She had had worse odds in her life.

The setting was a pub. The kind of slightly seedy but neighbourhood stalwart that could be found the galaxy over. Various species mingled, played pool, cards and other games. People drank and joked, and tiny fights broke out only to be resolved and ended in laughter, all with music playing in the background.

Shara was no where obvious to be found amongst the dozens of people in the pub though there were a few women about her size that could be spotted. None with her hair, though Shara’s plain brown hair did tend to fade into the background.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Laila entered the Holosuite and immediately wondered if she would make it out of the excercise okay. She had never been to a more decrepit and grimy place in her life. Not what she had in mind when she asked for combat training. Her hope was that they would do some taekwondo exercises on a nice tropical beach or with a nice Asian backdrop.
A sudden fight broke out between a Nausicaan and a Caitian. The fight lasted for a few minutes and ended with the Nausicaan, beaten, collapsing right at her feet. The victorious Caitian beared his teeth and roared at Laila. Not having very good fighting instincts, her flight instincts kicked in and she quickly turned around to head for the exit…except there wasn’t one. It had disappeared.
“Computer pause simulation!” Laila yelled frantically as she nervously clasped her hands to her chest and looked back to ensure the bat patrons were keeping their dstance. They were…for now. The computer responded, however the response was not one she wanted to hear, Eulailia Dacascos, you are not authorized to end this simulation.
Laila’s eyes grew wide, “What? Why? Computer I said stop!” She quickly tried to remember the emergency shutdown code as beads of sweat began forming on her forehead.” Um… Computer commence emergency shutdown. Code, Dacascos Beta Seven One One Nine.”
Invalid code. replied the computer.
“Computer stop!” She demanded as she hurriedly searched and patted the walls of the pub for the emergency console. Of course she couldnt find it. Again the computer calmly said, You are not authorized to end this simulation.
Some of the beings in the pub begin to mimick and mock her while they laughed. Computer Stop, Beta One One… Then one of them said, “Whose scrawny human is this? She will go nice with a side of Rigelion-Chelon Soup.
Eulailia gasped then darted through the crowd as she screamed Shara where are youuu!”

Dacascos, COO

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