Deck 5- Hiding Out

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Posted by Lieutenant Miranda Martel (Chief Engineer) in Deck 5- Hiding Out

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Bethy grinned and drapped herself back like she’d been poured across the couch. “Naw, I’ll go out in a blaze of glory, or try anyway.” She grinned and raised a brow as Miranda giggled and flipped forward and patted her arm, then fell back again. “Ain’t no body want anythin’ ta do with this.” She waved at herself and then mock whispered. “I got daddy issues.” She hiccuped when she giggled which made her giggle more. “Seriously, I do. Learned to be happy all by my lonesome a long time ago. Not so bad. Never disappoint anyone but me.”. Truth was Bethy was starting to wonder if she even wanted to make it back from this one.


“Dat’s a sad way to live, darlin’,” Shara said. “And I’m just drunk enough to say nuh uh, not on my watch. So tell ya gals what, how about we make ourselves a little pact? We get out of this in one piece, we all do one thing we’re scared, that’s we’ve been resistin’. See what happens. Can’t be worse than what we’ve all been through, yeah?”

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Bethany shrugged, “On’y way I know ta be. How I alwaysh lived ma life. No ashamed of it.”

Miranda let the idea roll around in her sloshy alcohol-soaked brain for a few moments. Then nodded, but immediately regretted it as it made the room roll at a funny angle. “Soundsh like a plan,” she said, though her gaze fell on Gadi for a moment, then fell away. What would that even entail? What would even be on that list? It was too much to think about.Not right now.

Miranda, sheef emgineer

Bethany was quiet what seemed for a heavy silence. There was one thing Bethany resisted doing. She told herself it wasn’t practical or fair. She wasn’t afraid. Maybe she was, who knew. But it was a hard line. “No deal.” She got up and went into the joined bathroom and closed the door behind her


Shara traced Bethany’s retreat with curiosity. Clearly she had hit a nerve and without context there was no way to know if it was something she could or should push further. The woman wasn’t a source, she was a friend. One didn’t share good moonshine with people you weren’t willing to be friends with. At least, not in her book. Shara sighed. “I t’ink I migh’ ‘ave forgotten ‘ow to ‘ave friends,’ she said, frowning.


Miranda shook her head again. Regretted it, again. “Naw. I don’t know … what that was about. But I guess when ya gotta go…?” She scooted to where she could easily see the bathroom door, which put her a little closer to Sharah. “I doubt ya forgot. I mean … Well. I.. I’m not zacklee the best zample or anything. Not since… the thing. But I I’m at least tryin’. I’m … kind a uh mess. Dun lissen tah me. I’m actually bad at it. I thhink. Just tryin’ ta play it by ear ‘n all.”


“Ain’t we all?” Shara said with a sigh. But her instincts were finely honed, even three sheets to the wind as she was and she understood she had crossed a line. Sometimes though those lines popped up when a person least expected it.

Inside the washroom Bethany braced her hands on the counter to either side of the sink and bent forward as she stepped back. Almost as if stretching her back. Shine....she’d learned a long time ago to not mess with the stuff. She thought she liked the black licorice better. She pressed the button to open the top of the sink and dipped both hands into the chilly water and splashed it over her face. What she was doing was dangerous - making truly meaningful connections with people. People that she’d only leave behind when this was over. Making promises, she knew she had the skill to make happen, but had no control over whether circumstances would allow her to do so. Letting her guard down…it was dangerous. She’d be gone when this was over, unless she managed to track down Elias again and return him to the pit he crawled out of. But what was most on her mind was the letter she’d finally read before they left the station. Her fists had been clenching painfully as she tried to breath the rage away. She should be on NORDA not this gods forsaken suicide run!

She stopped short of punching the glass of the mirror. That wouldn’t fix anything, but send her to sickbay and a lecture from Ryley. Unfocused rage wouldn’t help anyone and it was a poor way to honor those she’d left behind. She took deep breath, toweled her face off and plastered a convincing drunken smile on her face and stubbled back into her quarters. She grinned, “Shiiiine hiccup does that ta me.” She made her way, swaying slightly but upright at least, back to the couch and plopped down. “Wha I miss?”


Shara hadn’t moved from her spot on the floor and for a moment she was just quiet. But after letting her gaze linger on Miranda for a moment she focused intently on Bethany. “Ma las’ friends ‘scaped Track’n only ta be slaughtered by Orion pirates. And I ‘ad a few friends on Voyager but then I wen’ with Intel and well… hard ta make friends. I’m lucky dough. I ‘ave someone amazing in ma life an’ I tought dat was enough. Buh… maybe it’s not. Maybe we’re all here because how it was before wasn’t good enough. Maybe we’re meant to try some’in diff’rent?”



Bethany snorted, “Don’na need ta fix what ain’t broke. Therzzz..theresh a reason we are mad for this line of work. We’re okay be’in alone.”


Miranda watched the two of them converse. Voyager was so long ago. She was a year old when it vanished. And only eight years old when it returned. She was only three when the Dominion War broke out, and aged five by the time it ended. It was a lifetime ago. It was hard to comprehend. And also made her feel incredibly small. Slowly she shook her head, and regretted it as the room tried to spin a little. “I shtill don’t think I’m shuppos’ ta be here,” she muttered. “Tryin’ new thin’s er not.”


Earlier, Shara has come into this room feeling overwhelmed and on the edge. She came to hide away and try and find some place within herself that was safe. She told herself that if she just let herself expand outwards, that maybe it could be okay, that she’d be okay. For a moment it felt like it truly might be, that she’d found that slightly intangible thing she had gone without for so long.

But right now she felt like a fool.

Pushing herself to a crouching very carefully, mindful to keep her head in one position, Shara grabbed the other unopened jar of shine. Then she rose to her feet in a careful but well practiced motion that even terribly drunk demonstrated a complete mastery over her body. “Drin’ some water an’ take some painkillers ‘fore sleep. You’ll be glad ya did,” she said before taking careful steps away from the other two woman to the door.

Pausing at the door, Shara looked back and gazed at Miranda and Bethany with something that looked like regret. It was but a small moment before Calloway slipped out the door.


Miranda frowned, looking over at Gadi as Shara slipped out. “Wash it something I said?” There was no mistaking the confusion.


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