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Micah grinned. “Oh, just your run-of-the-mill ex-Bajoran Special Operations operatives… with a smattering of Federation Force Recon Marines and Andorian Royal Commandos. You know… high-end. Disciplined. And very expensive.”


“Oh fun,” Shara deadpanned. It meant a slightly different approach than with the Tellerites. There would be no scaring them simply with a menacing appearance.

Bethany cocked a single brow. “Good, they tend to use a lot of tech in their armor. I’ll hack it. I’ll have to be close though. May even have to put a wireless connector directly on the armor. Anyone wanna play tag with ‘em?”

Gadi, CoS

“We can drill it,” Shara said simply. They would need to over and over and over again. Leave nothing to chance.

Mwezi grinned at Gadi, a glint in his eyes. It was strange to look at the woman who had been his superior only a few hours ago, and realize that now he was technically her superior officer. Nope, too weird. “Most times I’d jump at the chance to play with Spec-Ops and Marines,” he turned to look at Sara, his face still holding that manic grin, “Unless there’s somewhere else you’d like me, Cap?”

Mwezi, XO

“No, you go and make yourself an imposing presence. Add to our notoriety a bit.” Sara knew Mwezi would leave a very real impression in the passengers’ minds.


Bethany shook her head, “I appreciate the thought, Cmdr, but this requires subtly and with your size alone you can’t be missed. Plus let’s consider the size of the corridors in a standard cruise ship. You will create a bottleneck and will have their full attention. Useful and great in the right circumstance, but I have something different in mind.” Then she shrugged as she continued to look through the offerings. “Not my call though.”

Pikelsimer looked at Blue. Blue looked at Pikelsimer. Pikelsimer then looked at Shara. Then he simply shook his head and turned and walked out of the room. Blue waited till he was gone and then softly cleared his throat. “I would recommend you all take this next job very seriously.” he said with glances specifically at Gadi and Mwezi. “This is a high-end luxury mega-yacht catering to the elites of several hundreds of different worlds. Security will be very effective, and not all of it will be visible when we arrive. Its meant to keep the guests safe without giving them a feeling of being locked in a prison. The crew is not only capable, but very well paid… and worth every slip of latinum. And that is just the ship. The private security… not just of our targets, but a few dozen other guests… will be an unknown factor.” and he looked directly at Mwezi. “So don’t ‘play’. Because they certainly won’t. They will kill you without batting an eye. And they are Federation citizens, and we are still Star Fleet officers… whether the galaxy knows that or not.” He slid off his crate and sauntered over to an open one, peered inside, and pulled out a sniper rifle. “Yeah… that will do nicely, I think.” and he turned and walked out of the room.


Beth rolled her eyes at him. Either they were still SF or they weren’t. These two flipped a coin every 30 seconds. That’s why half the crew was confused. They didn’t take the time to actually orient and prep the crew. They weren’t working with a full deck. They had a quarter of a deck, a handful of Monopoly money, and Candy Land cards. “Have no fear, I am taking this seriously. You know my history or I wouldn’t be here. You don’t tell me how to approach my job and I won’t tell you yours.” At this point Bethany was seriously contemplating jumping ship. She had no confidence in any of them.

Calloway stood with folded arms and had simply raised a brow when her husband had glanced at her. Yeah, she knew. Lots said in that set of looks between them.

Sara was exhausted by that last exchange and made a mental note to speak to Agent Blue. “Before you get too far, Patton. A word?” Though it was phrased as a question, it certainly wasn’t one.


Patton nodded and stepped over. Out of everyone who had been on the team he didn’t bother to inspect their ill-gotten gains. He new Gadi would pick whatever she wanted the team to have. His retained Star Fleet issued weapons were good enough for him. “Kiernan?”


Sara turned and looked sharply at him. “Captain. No matter what our outward projection is, no matter what your opinion of that is, it’s Captain. I imagine someday you want to be the Captain of your own ship. The calculus is different from that perspective. I have to consider not just what’s best for the crew, but what’s best for the fleet, and the Federation. When they asked for the Asimov to help with a delicate situation, of course I agreed. You volunteered to stay on for that mission. I understand that it’s distasteful. I don’t enjoy this either. If you’re not willing to make sacrifices sometimes, things happen, people die. If you can’t serve, fine, you can remain in your quarters, no hard feelings.” Her eyes darkened. “If you fail to carry out your duties, or fail to maintain your cover, endangering the whole ship and her crew, you should be so lucky as to find yourself an ensign on a garbage transport for the rest of your career. Am. I. Clear?” She stared, unyielding, at him in the way Command staff did.


Patton shrugged. “You aren’t my captain anymore. As everyone keeps reminding us we aren’t Star Fleet anymore, except when it suits those two clowns with too much testosterone to have us move one way or the other at their foley or that of their grandma puppet. They don’t know what they are doing. He killed an unarmed man in cold blood and you just look the other way. Well good for you, Captain.” Patton didn’t give a rodents backside. Garbage scow, penal colony, dishonorable discharge. At least his conscious would be clear.


“What do you want me to do? Arrest him? To what end? The whole mission is classified anyway, no court will ever be able to use the real facts. Gadi, confine him to quarters. He doesn’t go anywhere until we dock at home. Consider this a field suspension. I’ll let the brass deal with him.”


Shara watched the whole thing quietly, easily blending into the background as she often did. It was one thing to have someone feeling squeamish, but it was another causing dissent when they were always fighting a battle against their better natures. She passed by Mwezi and spoke very quietly to him, “Come see me in my office when you have a chance.”

The man’s only response was a slight nod, as he quietly watched the goings-on. He immediately regretted leaning into the punk persona he’d been experimenting with in his quarters. Perhaps it was better to save the acting for in front of non-crew. Apparently the issue with this Patton person was worse than he’d expected.

Moving to the weapons, Shara grabbed the body armour and a high powered but slim disruptor. She preferred the discreet sort of weapons over something larger, but she’d use whatever she could get her hands on. But her skills in close combat far exceeded her skills as a sniper. She’d leave those sorts of shots to those others. Moving over to Kiernan, Calloway leaned in and whispered. “We need to talk.”

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Mwezi copied Shara after the woman had stepped away from the weapon crates and examined the contents of the crates. There wasn’t much among the armor that would fit him, but he found some adjustable chest-armor pieces that he could probably make do with. The joy of having a non-standard body shape. He examined the weapons and picked out a couple of small disruptors and one larger, almost sniper-type gun. He didn’t know if it would come in handy, but it was better to have the option than not. And the long gun would make him look even more intimidating.

Mwezi, XO

“Ridad, grab armor for everyone on the team, me and you as well. Then grab me one of those,” she pointed to a crate. “Everyone gets one weapon. Then let them lock it up like we are naughty children who can’t be trusted to follow the rules like good Star Fleet officers. Because we should but we can’t because the man in charge can’t remember if we are Star Fleet officers or Pirates. Then get everyone on the range to start practicing with these.” Ridad nodded with a crisp “Yes, ma’am.” Gadi walked over and grabbed Patton by the upper arm. “Come on, let’s go,” and the two disappeared out the bay doors.

Gadi, CoS

It was four days later. The ship had remained on the asteroid during that time, and two days in had to power down all systems when a Star Fleet vessel had arrived and begun scanning the field. It was a tense and silent ten hours before the ship had left. Fortunately, the composition of the asteroid was such that the scanners did not detect them. Midway through day four, Blue sent a message to the Captain asking that she call all senior officers and away team members to the cargo bay so they could plan their operation on the passenger liner.

Sara sent a message off to her crew, sincerely hoping this meeting was smoother than the last one.

Inside the bay, all the crates had been moved aside and secured to the bulkheads. In the middle of the room was a holographic model of a luxury passenger liner. Standing next to the model was Agent Blue. Pikelsimer stood off to the side, leaning against a support beam. As people came in, Blue directed them around so they could see the model clearly and without obstacle.


Sara was the first to arrive. “So this is the target.” She said, passing it over with her eyes. “I’m guessing you already made the plan without us?” She flashed a glance at Blue.


Blue shook his head and Pikelsimer snorted softly. Blue said “Nope. This one is all you and the crew. I noted a bit of consternation after the last meeting, so Agent Pikelsimer and I are going to let you run this one. That way there will be no more hard feelings.” and he smiled.

The doors had no sooner closed when they immediately opened again. Beth and Ridad entered together in quiet conference together. The glanced at the holographic image and took the time to walk around it studying, but neither commented.

Gadi, CoS

Just behind them was Martel, jaw set, silent as a shadow drifting in to study the ship with an engineer’s eye. She’d not said much to anyone since the freighter and the AARs in relation to it. It wasn’t hard to make out the scowl on her face either. She’d looked up the plans for the ship as the information was out there. At least the basics. But getting a detailed look at the floorplan and whatever technical data available was a whole new ballgame.

At the same time, she looked for the chokepoints, fatal funnels, and places where the teams could hit snags. She might not have been part of security or tactical, but she’d been a fighter for a long time, and still remembered her combat training before. But she’d brushed up on it a lot in the last two years, specifically in case she had to deal with pirates. She supposed it came in handy now for being one too. Red team instead of blue. Being the aggressors. The predators.

Martel, CE

Mwezi found himself habitually scratching his ear as he stepped into the bay right after Martel. He had a serious expression on his face, a slight tilt to his head. He was a little embarrassed to admit to himself, he hadn’t payed the most attention in previous meetings, but he was sure to pay attention in this one. He wasn’t the sort of person who talked much, ever. He was used to being in the background, silent but intimidating. He would do his best to weigh in as the Captain’s Number One, however. As soon as he had something to comment on.

Mwezi, XO

Since Laila had mostly been in background during the mission, she wasn’t sure if it was beneficial for her to join the meeting but she couldn’t help herself, she still wanted to stay in the loop of things and know what the next steps of the mission were. There was some talk that someone had had to use deadly force but she hadn’t pressed hard for additional details. “I am so glad everyone survived the first part of the mission. Now hoping the same for the subsequent ones.” She said, as she took a seat.

Dacascos, COO


“Alright.” Sara said. “The last mission went smoothly enough. This one is higher risk. The best way I can think to keep this as safe as it’s getting is to cut the shortest possible path to the target and beam directly out. But we’ll need a distraction to draw some of the security away, and the precise, moment to moment location of our targets. Thoughts so far?”


Pikelsimer cleared his throat and said “Target cabin is number 444. Dead center of the ship, farthest possible point from any entryway. And the ship has scramblers. Only place to beam in and out is the transporter room on deck eleven.” and he chuckled. “I guess they are worried about pirates kidnapping passengers or somethin’.”


“Any way to knock out the scramblers?” Mwezi inquired. “If we can get to the scramblers and shut them off, that’d make any other operation much easier, I would think.”

Mwezi, XO

“Okay the problem with expecting them to be in the target cabin is this - It’s a pleasure cruise. Do you think somebody who paid a lot of money for a vacation is just going to hole up in their room the entire trip?” She shook her head. “They’re rich, entitled pricks. They go where they want, when they want. Their security detail can go screw. They’re paid to adapt to the situation.” Assuming they were just going to stay in one spot was a pretty dumb gamble.

“As for the scramblers,” she spared a glance toward Gadi. “You think?” Marti was pretty decent with most anything technological, but Gadi was one of two hackers in the room. If anybody could take them out covertly, it would be them. As proven by the attack on the freighter.

“As for tracking them, their combadges, if they have any, should suffice. Barring that we can tag them with an isotope we can track. Assuming we go the covert route and insert ourselves as guests or crew, rather than just making it a smash-and-grab like the last one. It’s an option, of course.”

“Are we going for brute force, some shock and awe, or … are we playing it slick? Somewhere in the middle?”

Marti, CE

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