Side Sim - CIO's Office - Private Meeting

Posted Nov. 30, 2022, 5:14 p.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Commander Mwezi (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - CIO’s Office - Private Meeting

Posted by Commander Mwezi (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - CIO’s Office - Private Meeting

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Side Sim - CIO’s Office - Private Meeting
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Mwezi scratched his chin slightly as he lingered next to the turbolift, not entirely eager to step through. In the seven or eight years since the beginning of his time working with humans, he’d gotten accustomed to understanding the emotions of humans via their facial expressions and such. Shara hadn’t seemed particularly pleased when she asked him to meet with her. Mwezi guessed it probably had to do with the fact that he was, in the eyes of most of the crew, essentially a nobody who had just been promoted to First Officer out of nowhere. Although Commander Calloway probably knew his real history, he was still an odd pick for XO.

Swallowing his emotions, Mwezi reached up to touch his ear, pulling his hand down immediately when he felt the unfamiliar chain earrings. Right. The Captain had his engagement rings.

He stepped forward, further into the corridor, and located the CIO’s office, knocking on the door.

Mwezi, XO

“Enter,” she said simply.

Like most spaces on the Asimov *Rabid Pelican, the office set aside for her kind of work was on the small side. Then again it was a luxury to even have an Intelligence office in the first place. The square space had a computer station to the left and featured two large displays in which to toggle information. There was a secure storage unit on the other side, next to an extra work chair, in case more than one person wanted to be in there.

Technically, it wasn’t her office, and was useable by anyone with high enough clearance. Which was why Shara spent time working on the most classified stuff in her and Micah’s quarters. Currently, one screen was on with the detailed report of their heist from the Tellarite vessel, while the other was off.

Shara spun in her chair, her pale grey-blue eyes almost always taking everything in, always assessing. “Thank you for coming to see me. Please, join me,” she said, gesturing for him to come further into the office.

“I’m going to do a rare thing and step out of my persona for this meeting because it will be more useful to us if I do,” she said matter-of-factly. “Do you know why I as the Chief Intelligence Officer of this ship might be concerned about your sudden promotion?”

Commander Calloway, CIO

Mwezi stepped into the office, his expression almost completely blank as he stood silently where directed. He listened to Calloway as she spoke, gathering that his deductions about the situation were likely accurate.

Her question caused a slight tilt of his head, followed by a nod. “Under most circumstances, an officer with more obvious experience and training would be sent in from Starfleet, or one of the existing Department Heads would take the place of the former Executive Officer. It is understandable for you to have doubts in my ability to fill the position appropriately, Commander.”

Mwezi, XO

She shook her head. “An understandable assumption, but experience isn’t everything. No, my concern lies in the fact that you are now a part of the decision making team in one of the most critical and sensitive classified operations I’ve ever taken part of and if you had access to my file that would make you pause. And you’ve not been a part of this process in the same way. Access to information is one thing, but being charge of people going through this process, dealing with the challenges we’ve had? My concern is with your ability to acclimate fast enough that we don’t get people killed.”

Commander Calloway, CIO

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