A quick note for everyone

Posted Dec. 6, 2022, 10:44 a.m. by Lieutenant Eulailia Dacascos (Chief Operations Officer) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Captain Sara Kiernan (Commanding Officer) in A quick note for everyone
For character reasons, Mika has requested that Eulailia be changed to Lieutenant, and we treat it as though she has been this whole time. If you’d all be kind enough to do that, it’d be appreciated.


Thank you, Sage! Yes, I have been working on Eulailia’s character for some time. As I start to develop her more I realized that it would be better to drop her down a rank because as I continue to create her personality I have decided that her combat inexperience and lack of valor makes her unworthy of a Lt. Cmdr rank right now. I hope to play her for a while on this ship, go through more missions (Sims) and eventually have her work her way back up to Lt. Cmdr rank.


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