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“Uhh yeah, you think I’m banging on this door for the hood of my health? Or yours for that matter?” He grinned.

Bethy turned her head to look over her shoulder at him and grinned warmly, “And here I thought it just might be because you couldn’t wait to see me again.” She turned and held out Shara’s cup to her.

“I better,” Calloway said as she moved over to accept the coffee. “Especially now that I’m farther away usually. Though that husband of mine does tend to make sure I get my caffeine. It was in our marriage vows.” It totally was not, but that was beside the point. “I’ve also conceded that I really don’t need to keep this place as another office, given that I already have one, but I will miss my little hideaway. This ship is too small, not enough places to work nefarious plans,” she said with a grin. To anyone else it might have sounded serious, but these two knew her well enough to know better.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Bethany chuckled. She’d heard those vows and caffeine was NOT mentioned anywhere in the hilarity that was their wedding. “Hey you know where it is, you can come get it any time. I swear though, anyone else finds out, I’m gonna run out. We may have to raid a ship to refill my stash.” She filled a second cup, “Pfft nefarious actions are always best planned in plain sight.”

“Hence why people should be more scared of me than they appear to be,” Shara quipped back. She had made a habit of showing up all over the ship at randm times since this whole mission kicked off and she had settled into her ‘Elaine’ persona.

“Oh security is plenty scared of you. But they are also scared of what I’ll do to ‘em if they show it.” She gave Calloway a wink.

Ryley limped back to a seat and lowered himself into it. “We can work out a schedule to share it if you want. I’m in sickbay most of the time anyway.” He said.


“We’ll see if it’s necessary,” Calloway said with a shrug. “I’m honestly just not used to having an office, but I can admit that it is a really nice set-up. Much better than a camouflaged case you stash in some dirt.”

“Hey what you do in your spare time…” he said holding a hand up.

“I only serve it black. You want something fancier we’ll have to negotiate.” Bethany walked over and handed him an insulated mug. “First one I pour, after that you’re on your own.” She lowered herself into an adjacent chair and took far too much time enjoying the first sip of coffee. She’d missed coffee.

Gadi, CoS

“Black suits me Kiddo.” He replied taking the mug and taking a mouthful.

“So… does this make us a coffee club now?” Shara said, brows arched in amusement.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

A wry smirk crossed the Doctor’s features. “I’ve been part of worse organisations.” He said before taking another mouthful of the dark caffeinated liquid.


Bethany gave Shara a look, “No…no clubs. Then people want to ‘join’ and I refuse to give up my coffee to everyone on this ship.”

Gadi, CoS

Shara snapped her fingers and pointed at Bethy. “That is a very good point. Okay then, no club and we just hoard all the loveliness for ourselves,” she said before taking another sip.

“So, we’re just going to meet here for coffee every morning?” Shara chuckled to herself thinking about Micah quickly working out what this little new routine of hers was. He’d probably never even say anything either.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Bethany nodded from her chair, “Yep. You already know you can come get it whenever. Not sure about letting him have free access to my room whenever he wants. Of course, then again, last night’s late night visit just proves I can’t keep him out.” She winked at Ryley.

“He’s pesky that way,” Calloway said.

“Hey it was a medical emergency. Or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. How the hell was I to know you were fine if I hadn’t checked?”

Ryley seemed to consider this as from across the room a bleeping sound punctured the air and demanded attention. He got up careful of his cup and limped to his coat, pulling the heavily modified tricorder from within he opened it and started pressing commands into it one handedly while keeping his balance and brining the other hand with the cup back to his mouth. The bleeping had stopped but he then turned the tricorder onto Bethany as he went back to his seat again, lowering into it slightly heavier than he had intended but managing to keep the cup level.

“Mmm” he said and swallowed “ok not a club, how about a triad? Because I’m sorry but I’m not going back to the stuff in the replicator if I know you have this sitting about.”

Bethany laughed, head back, honest laughter. Something she hadn’t done in awhile. “Good to know I’ve got something you want.”

“Oh you’re full of surprises.” He said “medical intrigue, intelligent conversation now coffee? It’s like I’ve hit the trifecta.”

“You’ve have to talk to my husband about that. I’m not sure he’s up to sharing,” Shara deadpanned.

Ryley met her Shara’s gaze. “Good to know Calloway. A man who doesn’t share his toys is a man after my own heart.”

He checked the tricorder then closed it.

She raised a brow, “I still gonna live, Doc?”

Gadi, CoS

Shara sipped on her coffee greatly appreciative of these small tiny gestures of living. Banter, coffee, trust. It was strange how much they mattered just now.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

“Sure. For now. You get me out in the middle of the night for eating ice cream and cake again and that mortality rate starts to creep up. You’re lucky I like you kiddo.” He gave Gadi a wink.


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