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His teeth bit down on her neck, not hard, but enough to illicit a sharp breath. He let go and then kissed the red spot before looking at her and smiling. “I’m calling you mine.” and he he kissed her with even more vigor than before. He pushed her hard up against the airlock wall and his hands began to roam, flesh hand and metal hand applying a contrast of heat and cold to her skin and they slid over bare bits and moved aside clothes to access more exposed flesh.


In their little alcove, Jassa didn’t hold back even as she was keeping an eye out for interruptions. Everything he did just fuelled the intensity between them, but then again, illicit rendezvouses had a way making everything feel just… more.

A few minutes later, the Bajoran was doing up the skintight body suit and she gave Micah a wink.

~Renden Jassa

Micah zipped up and adjusted the holster on his hip and grinned at the woman. “Now that was a treat and a half. Sure hope this ain’t the last time I get see ya. Maybe we can get the old lady in on the action next time.” and he chuckled. He then took the woman in his arms and said “But as good as ya are… ya don’t hold a candle to my wife.” and he kissed her and then let her go and turned and walked away.


Jassa just grinned and moved off through the deck in a different direction with no one else the wiser.

When Micah returned to his and Shara’s quarters that evening, she was lounging on the sofa, legs crossed the ankles with a pillow on her lap propping up the padd she was reading. Brown hair down and dressed in her usual grey cargo pants and black turtleneck sweater, she turned at the sound of the door and smiled at her husband. “Hey, Pickle. How was your day?” she said, foggy blue eyes drinking him in.


“Exquisite, on might say.” he said with a smile and a long, appraising look at her of his own. “How was yours, wife-of-mine?”


She grimaced and waved the PADD. “The only nice thing about being branded criminals is that I don’t have to follow up on Fleet Intel leads. However, it means I have to hunt them out myself. Time. Energy. You know the drill.”

Setting the PADD to the side, she slipped off the sofa, her feet bare and drew closer. Reaching him, she slipped her arms around his waist and leaned in, but rather than kiss him, she whispered in his ear. “Have you been naughty?”


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