Settling things with Intel

Posted Jan. 24, 2023, 11:11 p.m. by Captain Sara Kiernan (Commanding Officer) (Sage Pennington)

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Settling things with Intel

Posted by Captain Sara Kiernan (Commanding Officer) in Settling things with Intel

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Settling things with Intel


Shara nodded. “We’re not there yet, but believe it or not, I know as much as the rest of the crew. Marriage doesn’t get me an info-pass, unfortunately. And I know it’s frustrating that we don’t know everything upfront, but there are reasons for that. Consider just the instance where someone is captured. We can’t have our entire plan at risk. So we compartmentalize until we’re at critical junctures.” Normally she wouldn’t have to explain this to people, and she knew she didn’t to Sara, but the captain might need to remind others about it when they were complaining. Operational protocols in covert situations were what they were to protect lives and the mission.

Sara chuckled. “Being Captain doesn’t get me an info-pass. One of us deserves the inside scoop.” She paused to mull over the rest of what her intel chief had said. “I hate this. I do. If we’re not positive the mission is secure, we’ll do what has to be done.”

She sighed and felt that ever present heavy weight just a tad deeper. “This is hard for me too, Sara,” she said quietly, turning her gaze to Keirnan with an openness that was actually rare for Shara. “I’m not used to big team shenanigans. If it was ever more than myself, there were two of us, at most three, but it was mostly me doing the key work. I hid in plain sight, I gathered info and on occasion I set events in play as ordered. I’m not normally your bash and grab kind of agent. But I can play one as well as any persona I’ve ever had. Just… know that this isn’t any easier for me, but I give everything to the mission, so you have my word that I will do everything to help you get this ships and crew home. For the first time in a very long time I have reasons to go home. And while that’s a liability, it’s also pretty damn good motivation.”

~Shara Calloway, CIO

“We both want to get home. And we will.” Sara opened her desk drawer and pulled out her captain’s pips. She laid them carefully out. “This isn’t in any of our wheelhouses. This isn’t normal for Fleet or Intel. It never will be normal. But we’ll get it done. One step at a time. When it comes to the big finale… that’s you and the Agents, maybe Gadi. Just the experts. I’m not sending the whole crew off on that one.”


Shara gazed intently at Kiernan. “I would never dream of it being any other way,” she said seriously, knowing entirely what that might look like. She hoped it would play out differently, but she understood how it might have to be. “But remember, the goal is to get Blue and whatever he learns back to safety. I’ll do anything necessary to see that happen.”

~Shara Calloway, CIO

“Not to be cold, but, the agent is secondary to the information, yes?” Sara asked, disappointed this was the point she had come to. “It’s my understanding… if the mission or an agent is at risk… acquire the information and then uncompromise them.”


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