Side Sim - Calloway and Pikelsimer, Head in The Cloud

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Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (Federation Security Agent) in Side Sim - Calloway and Pikelsimer, Head in The Cloud

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He looked at her for a moment, walking around her and casting an appraising eye. He moved a buckle so her hold-out piece wouldn’t get snagged on it if she had to draw it, and he moved one blade from the inside to the outside of her boot leaving the handle sticking up and visible. “Let’s ‘em know you can handle yourself.” Boyd said and then stepped back. “Walk it. Talk it.”


Shara Calloway was a confident woman who understood and was comfortable with her body. This allowed her to adjust tiny things about the way she carried herself to effect subtle changes. Shara could saunter to cause an effect, but Elaine moved with a subtle roll of her hips as her heels struck the deck. A hand placed on her hip with her fingers splayed. She turned back to gaze at Boyd, her eyes both narrowed and exceptionally observant. “They won’t know here just how good I am at collecting things. I think we can use that to our advantage. I have a few contacts elsewhere that would been keen on info out of here. They’ll pay a good price too.” She broke into a dangerous grin, her foggy blue eyes lighting up. “Or they’ll be convinced to.”


Boyd grinned. “You set ‘em up, babe. I’ll knock ‘em down if they get too friendly.” and he chuckled. “Reminds me of that time you were in that Dreglinisan dive bar and that Naussican thought you looked tasty.” He walked past her and slapped her ass. “C’mon. Let’s get goin’. I need some new guns.” and he opened the door and walked out, not even looking at her.


She didn’t even blink or react to the slap and Elaine moved with the same motion, her steps unhurried. She went where she wanted to and exactly as she meant to, and in this case she was content to follow Boyd out in the hunt for fun and (perhaps) trouble.

Elaine fell in step with him and though she didn’t look at him, the corner of her mouth lifted in a tiny smirk.


They moved off the ship and through the dock area. It would have been odd for anyone who knew them to see them meld so effortlessly into the scenery. And it was odd for two operatives of their tenure and caliber to fall so easily into playing off of one another so naturally, but they did. In a matter of moments, Elaine and Boyd were making their way through the Cloud.

“Ok, sexy… where we goin’? Like I said, I need some new guns, and could probably go for a drink. I know a few places here, but you’re payin’ the meter. So where to?”


Elaine scanned the area, taking in the various people and watching who went into which establishment, sorting themselves in a natural way that was only obvious if you were looking for it. “The bar at one o’clock,” she said, striding off in that direction. It was a classier place (as much as one could find on a place like this), but the clientele had (usually) more money and dealt with higher rated items. It wasn’t less risky, but they were more likely to find those wanting to conduct serious business.

Striding up to the bar dubbed Illuminate, the lighting inside was dim aside from splashes of colour on the walls. Elaine herself drew attention and she just soaked it in, letting them know that knew was aware of it. Yes, dressed as she was she didn’t doubt she’d turn and eye or two. Sidling up to the bar, she gazed at the bartender with a tiny smirk. “Two Romulan ales, and none of those dishwater years either. Something from the 2360’s.” The best vintages were before the war years and of course before the destruction of Romulus.


Boyd leaned his back against the bar after sliding five slips to the bartender to let them know they were serious. “Eeny… Meeny… Miney… bingo. That’s the broker.” he said under his breath as he scanned the room. Oh, there were dealers all over. In the one glance around he clocked three drug deals, two pimps, what was probably a contract killing, and a few others. But one table, center of the back wall, seemingly innocuous, with one figure seated at it. No on looked their way, no one said anything to them… but every so often someone would stop at the table, talk, and slide something across. The seated figure simply brushed their hand over the object on the table and POOF, it was gone.


Elaine paid for their drinks (she didn’t complain about the price but did give the bartender a dissatisfied look). “Here, darlin’, be nice to it and maybe it’ll be nice to you,” she said as she handed him one of the potent drinks. They of course would be very careful not to down too much of it, lest they dull their reflexes, but both could handle their alcohol well enough that a little would probably sharpen their skills. She waited for the sign telling her which direction to move in.

Striding forwards, Elaine moved with a mix of swagger and grace, daring anyone to look. A couple tables away from their quarry, she set her drink down and shifted the chair to be close to Boyd, but leave room to see the rest of the room. Crossing her legs at the knees, one long tightly clad leg was hanging out and she sat half leaning back in her chair. She brought the drink to her lips, letting the heady blue liquid slip down her throat with nary a reaction. “I do hope this place isn’t as boring as it seems.”

~Elaine, Purveyor of Special Things

Boyd sat next to her and put an arm over her shoulder. He took a drink and shrugged and made a meh face. “Not bad… not the best.” He watched the broker by looking everywhere else in the bar except there. At one point, a Cardassian stopped and looked at Elaine and then at Boyd. “She for sale?” he asked. Boyd looked up at him and said “If you have to ask, you couldn’t afford her. Beat it.” The Cardassian glared but walked away. After a few minutes, Boyd leaned in and nibbled her ear, using that as a cover. “Broker has a four to five minute window between clients. After the next one, let’s introduce ourselves.”


She gave a little murmur of approval and a sly smile slipped on her face.

Elaine sipped her drink and waited, leaning in now and again, once actually letting her lips brush his. But for the most part, Elaine was letting people underestimate her role in the partnership.

At the designated window, Elaine slipped out of her seat, her hand dragging along Boyd’s shoulder and she, drink in hand, sauntered over to the Broker’s table, sipping into one of the seats and gazing intently. “Hello,” she said.


The Broker looked startled and then gazed at Elaine, appraising rhe new arrival, and deciding her sliding into his booth was not an unwelcome event. He smiled for a moment…

And then Boyd slid in on the other side of him.

“My boss would like a word.” he said as he put an arm over the back of the booth and behind the broker. “But you aren’t gonna talk till she tells ya. You’re gonna listen. And then, when its your turn, you can speak. Now don’t break the rules. Cause of ya do, then I gotta get all kinds of nasty with your flesh. And neither of us really wants that, right? Nod if you agree.” The broker thought for a moment, gave a dejected sigh when the disruptor barrel in Boyd’s grip dug into his ribs, and nodded. “Good. We appreciate it. Saves us all lots of time.” and he nodded at Elaine.


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