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After five days at warp, the Pelican dropped out and went to impulse at the direction of Agent Blue. Scanners showed nothing around them but empty space. Blue stood at the back of the bridge. “Ok, Captain… here is where it’ll get a bit tricky. There is a station out there. A big one. But it’s tucked behind a sub-space distortion that acts like a cloaking device. You’ll get a hail in a few minutes. They’ll ask some weird question that seems wholly random and just.. well, I already said weird. The trick is you have to respond with code words. The words are paired to words they use in their question. You have to give them a sentence in reply using the paired words. And you have to keep your comms open the entire time so they know you aren’t being fed the information by someone else. So when they ask their question, don’t be surprised when I whisper in your ear.” and he chuckled.


Sara settled into her command chair. “Alright. Better have the right code, or this will be one short trip.” She turned her attention back to the bridge. “Helm, bring us closer. Let’s get this done.”


The Helm officer steered them ahead towards, well… nothing… until comms said “Incoming hail, Captain. Putting it through.” There was a brief pause and then a synthetic voice said =/\= Unidentified vessel, stop. Identity verification. I once saw a black cat wearing an umbrella. How much toast does a targ need in order to build a house on Fredelen VII? With a pool and why are there orchids? =/\= Blue leaned in a whispered in Sara’s ear softly “Cone… Flood… Buttermilk… Grandstand… Square… Hive… Green. In that order.”


Sara breathed in, then out. Here we go. =/\= Cone, flood, buttermilk, grandstand, square, hive… =/\= the last word escaped her for a second. =/\= Green.=/\= And like with most other parts of this mission, she waited then for something awful to happen.


There was a long pause and nothing. Blue looked at her and said under his breath “You gotta use them in a sentence.”


Thanks for the heads up.” she whispered to him. =/\=Apologies, I believe we were cutting out there for a moment, allow me to repeat. An umbrella should be a cone, but they’re no use in a flood. Especially not if it’s buttermilk. Pardon my tendency to grandstand here on the square. I was wondering what color to paint the hive. I think it should be green.=/\=


There was another pause and then the helm said “Captain. Marker buoys just went active. On screen.” The main viewer came on and showed a series of marker buoys, paired together with about fifty kilometers between them, floating in space. They formed a kind of ‘road’ that seemed to vanish after a few hundred kilometers.


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OOC: If you like. You’ll be on the away team in a bit, but if you want to jump in here before we meet up with the cruise ship, feel free.

Shara was at her station, watching the readouts carefully, letting Strickland do his thing. this was no her mission and as such, she was support. So she’d be the best damn support she could be.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Sara tensed up a little. “Helm. Follow the buoys. Slow and steady.” She turned to the agents. “This is all a little cloak and dagger for a luxury cruise. Is there anything I should know about where we are?”


Blue said “This is The Cloud. Privately held space station quite literally and intentionally in the middle of nowhere. It is wholly criminal, wholly corrupt, and entirely dangerous. You can buy or sell anything here… and we will be spied on and they will try to get on board. Imagine the speediest dive bar you can imagine, expand it to encompass a large space station of sixty some-odd decks, and then put outside of any lawful authority or government… and thats The Cloud.”

Sara pressed something on the arm of her chair. =/\=Security to all airlocks and hatches.=/\= “Can’t hurt to be as paranoid as they are.”

Around the ship officers reported in teams of 3 to the Deck 5 airlock 3 and forward docking port and deck 3 airlocks and ports to starboard and port.

Gadi, CoS

As Blue spoke, the ship m oved between the buoys and forward. After almost an hour, the ‘road’ before them vanished into nothing. “Keep your course helm. Keep going.” The ship moved forward and then vanished from sight, had there been anyone to see it.

Inside the ship there was a bright purple flash… and then the Pelican was drifting outside a massive space station that looked like a giant mushroom. Ships of all kinds were docked all over and sat in space. Ahuttles and cargo haulers buzzed around like a giant swarm of flying insects. The comm station recieved a hail with docking instructions.


“Pull into dock exactly as instructed.” =/\=Away party get ready to disembark.=/\= Sara relaxed in her seat. “When’s the cruise due in?” She asked the agents.


”=^=Acknowledged Captain =^=”, came the reply of Lieutenat Patrick McMillan, “=^=Don’t sound too nervous do I?=^=

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

=/\=Sounding good, keep it up.=/\=

Blue looked at Pikelsimer and he said “Should be docking in twenty-four hours. I’d recommend everyone get into character and stay that way from now on. We are new here. Its gonna draw attention. Oh, and anything you don’t want lifted from you? Keep well hidden on your person. This place is home to some of the best pickpockets in the galaxy.” and Micah turned and left to go get ready.


Sara made a mental note to leave Mwezi’s earrings in a secure locker on the ship until they were clear of the station.


”=^= In that case, =^= Paddy responded. “=^= Let’s get this show on the road! =^=”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Seeing that everything was all in order, Shara slipped away from her console and followed her husband off the bridge. They had work to do.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Three hours later

The Rabid Pelican was docked. When the airlock was opened (the first time) there were six armed figures and one woman in a suit there to meet them. Blue stood in the hatch and there was some… ‘discussion’ on fees and taxes. Finally Blue said “Nope, you can walk. We’re outta her.” The woman had smirked and said “We won’t release the docking clamps.” to which Blue had grinned and said “FIne. We’ll just blow our warp core.” There was a tense thirty second interval where no one said nothing, and then the woman gave him a tight-lipped smile and said “FIne. Standard rate. But you have to pay for three days up front.” Blue nodded and tossed her a small bag that chinked when she caught it. She opened it and looked inside and her eyes widened slightly. Blue said “Keep any overage for yourself. And we like privacy.” She looked at him and said “Of course, sir. Enjoy your stay on The Cloud.”

A few hours later, Blue and Pikelsimer, who now looked like a very weathered and very different mercenary-type, gave the all clear for anyone to leave who was going to get on the target vessel. “You have twenty hours till it arrives. Make yourselves part of the environment. But don’t push it.” Each group or individual received a small bag that contained 20 slips of gold-pressed latinum. “Make it last. If you run out, you’re on your own for more.”


Laila arrived in the designer dress she’d brought when she graduated from Academy:
When Blue handed out the latiumn she thought*Just 20 bars of Latinum, shesh, we are going to starve on this mission. However, she simply nodded and looked at Mwezi to grab hers and keep it safe.

“See you all on the other side I suppose,” Paddy said, pocketing his bag of latinum slips and giving the rest of the away team a reassuring grin.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

“Be careful Pad…er um....Just be careful,” she said stumbling her words because she forgot she wasn’t supposed to use this real name.

Mwezi took the bag that was for him and Dacascos and looked to her. “Miss Trevante. Should we depart?”

“Volk”, Security Guard

“Let’s go.” she said as she grabbed his arm.

Beth was waiting off to the side out of the way of the docking port and waved Mwezi over and handed him a bag. “Don’t get caught with them. Place them where the scramblers are.” She handed him a wrist chronometer, “Rotate the face counter clockwise 4 times when you are ready for them to detonate.”


Mwezi took the little bag and carefully stowed it in a special pocket on the inside of his pants, briefly thinking how convenient for smuggling it would be if he had a Kalaran belly-pouch. He took the chronometer and strapped it onto his wrist. “May the gods be with you,” he dipped his head to Beth, then continued into the station with Dacascos.


“So here we go.” she said nervously “You are really a bodyguard, right?” she asked as she forced a smile and tried to look overly important.

Dacascos, COO

“Of course, Miss Trevante,” ‘Volk’ replied with a serious nod, putting his sunglasses on. “I have extensive training in many kinds of defense of important people. I spent several years as the Bodyguard to a very important man and he never got hurt under my watch.” Mwezi let out a small breath, thinking of Chris for a brief moment before he blinked away the thought. He allowed her to grab his arm - she clearly needed the stabilization. He leaned down, his snout coming very close to her ear as he whispered. “Now. Don’t worry about trying to smile, Miss. Important people rarely try to look friendly unless they’re dealing with other important people.”

Volk, Bodyguard

She instantly felt more relieved as she nodded at Volk. Somehow she knew she was going to be okay. “After we get through this, I’d love to hear about some of your adventures as a bodyguard.” She looked around to get a look at everyone. Hopefully, this mission went on quickly and they could get back to the Asimov.

Dacascos, COO aka J. Trevante, Socialite

Volk chuckled. “Certainly, Miss Trevante.” He thought briefly of another young human who had depended on his strength, then nodded slightly as he headed into the station. “I have been given a map of the station. Would you like to make some connections aboard the station, or would you prefer to retire to your quarters?”

Mwezi, XO, aka Volk


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