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The Rabid Pelican sailed away, as her captain looked on, seeing her ship for perhaps the final time. It came alongside the Broken Dawn and a passage was immediately put up between the two. It was time for the crew to move out of the Pelican.


It took Bethany almost the entire time granted by the admiral to remove the tricks and secrets she’d installed onto the Asimov. They had tricked the Rabid Pelican out and made sure no one would take her out from under them. It wasn’t that Bethany cared if anyone triggered those traps, she didn’t want to leave anything behind they could use to learn about her and her techniques. She also transfered over all their compatible torpedoes and probes. She knew Blue would have the pilfered marine gear moved over, but she checked anyway. And she took all their other acquired tac gear and what not.

The very last thing she did was set the computer to wipe all data of the crew. Personal files, security footage, travel logs, the works. She also suggested to the captain to have the computer run a biological radiation sweep after they all disembarked. To remove all physical evidence of the crew as well. Then finally she hefted her bag and crossed over to the Broken Dawn through the gangway.


Probably one of the people lease worried about the new ship outright was also the person who currently wanted to pull her hair out. But like any mission, there were variables you couldn’t control and this their base of operations was apparently one of them.

Shara was feeling unsteady though, for a reason she wasn’t sure anyone else would anticipate or understand: she had started to feel settled on their tiny ship. She knew it like the back of her hand, and had so many contingencies worked out. It felt safe.

Life had this perpetual way of yanking the ground out from underneath her once she got comfortable. Maybe she was always meant to exist a little off-kilter. She was certainly good at adapting, but a small part of her resented the need. Perhaps that was why her and Micah’s place in Tennessee was so important. No matter what happened out here in space, she would have that place to call home.

Moving into new quarters with Micah, the pair now had to re-do all their security and surveillance, but the bonus was that this new vessel was primed for it. Time to test things out.

~Shara Calloway, CIO


As Eulailia watched the ship depart, a mixture of sadness and pride welled up within her as she relized the ship was departing with a lot of fond memories. She watched intently as a passage way provided a path that would facilitate the transfer of the crew from one ship to another. Laila smiled at the Captain then said, “Well the day has finally come. We may be leaving the Rabid Pelican behind, but we carry her spirit within us. Time to conquer new horizons on the Broken Dawn.” With a determined steps, she followed Bethy, a nickname she made up for Bethany but would never ever call her to her face, as she hoisted her bag on her shoulders. She moved across the makeshift bridge, eager to see what her new quarters looked like.

Dacascos, COO

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