Side Sim - Calloway and Pikelsimer, Head in The Cloud

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The fixer’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Someone is coming for me and my business? Now that information could have a trade value. But I need to know who you want to know about first.

Micah looked at Him for a moment and then said “We need to who trades in weapons; and we need to know who here trades in biological material.” The fixer looked at Boyd and said “Arms dealers and slavers?” He looked confused for a moment and then looked at Elaine. A slow realization began to spread over his face and he swallowed noticeably hard. “Guns and slaves… thats Syndicate business. But I thought the Orions didn’t want to operate this far away from their space?”


Elaine shrugged. “Oh, that’s what people think, for sure,” she said with an air of amusement. She of course knew better. Boyd might pay for that little addition later, but she was fine going with it. “The reality is is that the Syndicate does what the Syndicate does and it does’t care to be… constrained in any way.”

She leaned back, gazing at the broker rather intently. “Tell you what, I’m a reasonable person and it would rather sad, tragic even, to leave you to your own devices, given how things are about to go down without our help. So, you give me a legit name and I’ll tell you who is about to make your life a living hell. Aside form us of course,” she said, flashing him a wide grin that could only be described as dangerous.



He thought for a long moment and then said “Fine. But take that out of my ribs, alright?”


Micah, er… ‘Boyd’… shrugged and slid the pistol into it’s holster. “Ok. Let’s hear it, my friend.”


The fixer leaned in and said “Fedren Malcona. Bajoran. Lives above his shop on Level six, green zone. He owes me a freighter full of latinum from a while ago, but he knows I can’t collect for… reasons. He is a gun runner and broker. He has a solid selection and dedicated clientele. If you want it, he has it. If you need it modified, he can do it. You need guns, thats who you go to . He also likes to dabble in the drug trade… which he isn’t supposed to do because of a deal he struck with Gren Kodda. Kodda runs the Cloud branch of the Black Suns. They handle the drug trade here, no one else. Malcona and Kodda hate one another, but they have a kind of ‘peace based on mutually assured destruction’ thing going. If someone were to come in and upset that balance and have the means to capitalize on the vacuum that would be left… they’d be the richest group here overnight.”


That was surprisingly useful information. The fixer didn’t know that they weren’t going to be here long enough to be able to capitalize on anything, but it was still good intel. She also had been studying him intently and knew he wasn’t making it up. So much the better… for him.

Folding her arms on the table and leaning in, Elaine gave a slow nod, as if it was at least mildly interesting. “And I suppose one good turn deserves another. Your last client was playing you. Either the deal wasn’t genuine, or it was but they have other motives. They connected with someone after they left- I caught it out of the corner of my eye- and they don’t look too friendly. But either way, I’d be on guard.”


The Fixer looked at her, then at Boyd, and then said “I appreciate that. Tell you what… to show there are no hard feelings, take this.” and he started to move and Boyd’s hand dropped to his pistol and the Fixer stopped. “I’m reaching into my coat and getting an item.” and he did so slowly, pulling out a small old-fashioned key. “Here.” and he set it on the table. “There are lockers on level fifteen, red. Drops, everyone uses them. Lots of traffic… it’s a strange kind of surreal espionage. Locker twelve. Take rhe case, leave the key. Now if you don’t mind? I have appointments.”


There were all kinds of ways this could go wrong, but that was the thrill of the whole shebang. It was in the danger that you felt alive as your blood rushed through your veins. It was different than a life or death situation too, and she had never been able to shake her love of these moments. Her hand reached out and slid the key back to her and gave the fixer a nod. “Pleasure doing business with you. Come on, Boyd. Let’s leave this gent to his fun.”

Elaine slipped out from the booth and strutted away with easy grace and a motion that dared anyone to look away.

Out in the corridor, she eyed Boyd, her foggy blue eyes alight. “So, do we check out this locker or drop the key?”



“Let’s go take a look.” ‘Boyd’ said. “That’ll let us know if he bought what we were sellin’.”

Elaine said nothing but simply fell in stride with him. It was lovely how easily they did that now. She didn’t even have to think about it either.

They moved through the Cloud as if they belonged there, drawing no more looks than of they had been regulars on the station. They soon found themselves standing in front a huge bank of lockers of various shapes and sizes. They were simply out for all to see, just off the main traffic artery of the level. As they watched, multiple came and left; some putting things in, some raking things away. No one batted an eye, and no one made any attempt to stop anyone. Boyd nodded. “Neutral territory. I like it.” He looked at Elaine and said “Keep an eye out, hun?” and he grinned and took the key and walked down the lockers until he stopped and took a breath. He slipped the key in the lock, turned it, and the door swung open. He looked inside, and then reached in irh his artificial arm and pulled out a large, black case. He shut the locker, looked around quickly, and then made his back to Elaine. Not a single person anywhere batted an eye.


Elaine was standing idly about as if she had nothing better to do. With a tiny look at Boyd she simply moved back out of the area towards the main concourse. “Back to high ground I should think?” she said. She wanted to see what was in that case but it was best scanning the hell out of it on the ship and opening under safe conditions.


“You’re the boss.” Boyd said, and soon they were on their way back to the Rabid Pelican.

When they arrived, however, the ship was a flurry of activity. ‘Boyd’ pulled one of the Engineers aside and and said “What’s going on?” The woman looked at him and said “You don’t know? The Captain sold the ship.” Boyd paused and then looked at Elaine. “Did… did I just hear that right?”


Shara froze. That wasn’t a part of the plan. Dammit all to hell, could they just have one thing go smoothly on this mission according to plan? One? She slipped out of character for the briefest of moments, but Shara and Elaine were close enough that it wasn’t really noticeable to those not looking for it. “Well, we are marked, aren’t we? There’s some sense to changing out our ride,” Elaine said, having slipped quickly back into form.


“Scan this.” Boyd said to one of the security officers. As they waited, he looked at Elaine. “We are… but still…” and he shook his head in a We’ll talk in private manner. He turned his attention to Security. They ran a scan and said “Well… nothing is dinging but see can’t see inside. We’re gonna have to-” and Boyd held up a finger. “Nope. Not happenin’. I’ll take responsibility for it. Thanks.” The officer took a breath to protest, paused, and then just shook their head and motioned them forward.

Boyd led them to their quarters, pausing just long enough to get the information that they had less than ten hours to move over to the new ship, which they were getting ready to move to dock with right then.

Once inside their quarters, Micah looked at Shara and said “Okay… what the hell?!”


Her eyes narrowed. “You didn’t know about this?” Shara asked, her character of Elaine falling away as easily as it was generated. Her mind was working through the various scenarios and how it would complicate their mission. On the surface, it didn’t, but it spoke to something deeper that Shara was far more concerned with.



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