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Fully moved in and ready to go to work, the crew waited on The Cloud for word that the luxury yacht was coming…

And soon such word was had.

The ship was going to dock in the next hour a few bays down from the Broken Dawn. The ID’s for those moving to the yacht were uploaded and Pikelsimer and Blue were actually happy with how well they would stand up to scrutiny. All that remained was for the abductors to grab the abductees and live to tell about it.


Mwezi stood near Dacascos, saying nothing, barely moving except for his eyes as he scanned their surroundings for danger. He held in his possession some very dangerous goods. Explosive Charges meant for the transporter scramblers. The great thing about being a “staff member” was that despite his unusual species, rich folks would barely give him a glance. It was the staff and security of the luxury yacht he’d have to watch out for while he placed the charges. But that was a few hours in the future. Right now, all he needed to worry about was keeping up appearances and making sure no one discovered his explosive cargo.

Mwezi, XO (Volk, Bodyguard)

Beth stood at the door to the airlock, watching the crew that was going on a cruise leave and making sure no one not authorized tried to get on board the Broken Dawn. Not many people were coming on board, and most of the travelers had already left, but Beth was always vigilant.

Gadi, CoS

Sara watched them depart and a thought gnawed at her. This one might be a lot messier than the last one. The ship might have to be ready to intervene early if everything went wrong. But if everything went right, they’d be legends by morning.



Dacascos took a deep breath, her mind focused on the task at hand. Mwezi, her trusted ally and XO, stood by her side, As she surveyed the surroundings, Laila couldn’t help but appreciate Mwezi’s ability to blend in despite his unusual appearance. She hoped she, herself, wasn’t being too obvious or standing out in anyway. Their advantage lay in being inconspicuous, unnoticed by the wealthy individuals on the luxury yacht.

Aware of the imminent danger, Dacascos knew that their success relied on maintaining their cover and avoiding detection from the yacht’s staff and security. She shared a silent nod with Mwezi, a sign of their unspoken understanding and commitment to the mission. The hours ahead would demand their utmost vigilance and precision.

As Dacascos observed Beth diligently guarding the airlock, she couldn’t help but admire her dedication. Shee recognized the importance of her role in ensuring the security and integrity of the operation. With Beth’s watchful eyes, they could count on an additional layer of protection against unauthorized individuals attempting to disrupt their plans.

Dacascos, COO

Aasrel came to stand by Bethany. “You’re really looking the part, huh?” He asked. “You get any sleep?” He leaned against the wall near her. He wore a long sleeved knit light sweater and a pair of somewhat casual slacks. He wasn’t needed in sickbay just then, though he was ready if something came up.

~ Izei, CMO

Beth turned to him and gave him an obvious seductive grin. “I have a reputation to maintain. A d have to make sure the cap wants to keep me employed. But I’m glad you like it.”

Mwezi gave Izei a slight glance, in the way that a Bodyguard would examine someone for possible threat to their charge. He took a slight step in Izei’s direction, looking very intimidating. “Do you know this man, Miss Trevante?” he asked, trying to communicate to Izei that they were currently under cover and needed to maintain said cover, without saying anything verbally. There were people who weren’t from the Asimov milling around on the station (and within view).

Mwezi/Volk, XO/Bodyguard

Beth turned to look at the haughty body guard and took an aggressive step toward him. “Look Volk you have a job to do.” She jutted her chin toward Trevante, “I can respect that, but yer disembarking our ship. So get going and make sure the delicate Ms Trevante is safe for her cruise.” She waved her hand toward the airlock opening, where she was standing guard, and the station. “My personal visitors aren’t yer concern.” She stood there squaring off with him. It was all a part to be played. Aasrel and she had theirs. Problem was there wasn’t enough discussion and cooperation, so Mwezi had no way of knowing what theirs was. She silently wished them luck.


Laila, aware of the encounter, suppressed a small smile and tried to look serious. She grabbed Volk’s arm and said to Bethany, “And Volk is doing a great job looking after me. Come on Volk. Let’sgo.” She glanced briefly at Aasrel, acknowledging their unspoken plan.
She admired the way the crew members embraced their roles, understanding the importance of maintaining the illusion while keeping the mission’s objectives at the forefront of their minds. They were a well-coordinated team, each member playing their part to perfection.

As the time for their departure approached, Dacascos mentally reviewed the plan once more, ensuring that everyone was on the same page. They had trained extensively for this moment, and she had full confidence in her crew’s abilities. With determination in her eyes, she prepared to embark on the luxury yacht, ready to navigate the delicate web of secrecy and deception that lay ahead.

Dacascos, COO

OOC: Can’t tell if Paddy needs to be in on this?


‘Volk’ nodded brusquely and turned, following Laila towards the Luxury Yacht’s airlock. Until they were safely aboard, all he had to do was look and act intimidating. Then the real work began.

Mwezi/Volk, XO/Bodyguard

OOC: Paddy’s assigned mission is to get close to (and make friends with) the targets (the people we’re kidnapping) aboard the Luxury Yacht, so it would be good for you to get in on this thread. His cover identity would be some kind of high-class person, probably involved in criminal activity somewhere.
- Riley

Paddy stepped into the airlock corridor, a light green blazer wrapped around his body and a pocket watch dangling from his breast pocket, “I think I look formal enough, don’t you Mr. Volk?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

“Certainly, Sir. You look very formal. Would you like to accompany Miss Trevante to the Yacht?” He glanced at Dacascos briefly as they walked.

Volk, Bodyguard

“It would be a pleasure sir,” Paddy extended an arm with a closed fist to Dacascos and said, “Shall we Miss Trevante?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

“Certainly, I’d be happy to accompany you to the Yacht, Lieu…” she looked at Paddy and said, “What’s your name, sir?”

Sara headed back into the ship. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen, and it was starting.


As the new passengers and their associated staff began to walk towards the dock where their target would be, claxons sounded as a ship came through the forcefield separating station atmosphere from the vacuum of space. It was sleek. Elegant. And wholly luxurious. Twenty decks high and lit up like a Risian casino, the ship was the epitome of opulence and excess. As it slid silently into dock, a flurry of activity commenced as crewmembers- easily identifiable by their traditional sailor uniforms in blues and whites- scurried around and made sure that the ship was docked and ready to disembark passengers before receiving their new guests. It took only half of a standard hour before a Romulan woman walked down an antique gangway and stood in front of the small crowd that had formed on the dock.

“Greetings, one and all. I am Dire’t Lam, the Cruise Director. On behalf of the ship’s crew and Captain Rebecca Ann Forther, I wish to welcome you to the Argon Wind. Before you board, we will need to verify all identifications and ensure your credit lines have been established. Once you have been cleared, you will simply walk up the gangway and you will be shown to your cabins. Your bags will brought to you there.” She looked down a t a PaDD and then said “Miss Trevante and personal aid Volk. Please step forward and be verified.”


Laila grabbed Volks’ arm and dragged him forward with her. “Jabril Trevante and my Bodyguard Volk.” She said as she corrected the woman.

Dacascos, COO

The Romulan looked at her and took a short breath. “But of course, Madame. My apologies. As they are security then, they will be required to register all weapons with the ship’s security office. I will make a note to send them to your cabin right away.” She looked at ‘Volk’ with a look as if to say ‘Sorry, I tried.’ and then looked past them and started to call for the next passenger.

(OOC: Anyone who wants can step up to check in now)


‘Volk’ gave the woman a slight nod, then led Dacascos further into the ship. In the way of weapons, ‘Volk’ had equipped an old pair of Fangs that hadn’t been well taken-care of and a one-handed phaser of a type that would be regularly available to the people of this underside society. Of course he also had very sharp claws and strong arms to go along with said claws, but Mwezi wasn’t fond of using said claws as a weapon.

Paddy stepped forward, Showtime, he thought to himself, ‘Declan O’Hare,’ he began, stepping forward, ‘Heir to the O’Hare Whiskey Empire’

-Declan O’Hare ;)-



Lam looked at him and then her PaDD. “Mister O’Hara, yes. We are delighted to have you aboard.” She said as she looked up. “Your cabin is being prepared right now, sir. If you would care to have a drink at the bar, I will make sure the steward notifies you as soon as it is ready.” She looked past him and said “Next in line, please.”


Volk, Bodyguard

Dec moved off, ignoring the slip up with his name, keeping an eye on any people of particular interest.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

OOC: It was a typo.

IC: ‘Particular interest’ seemed to be the theme of the passengers. A multitude of species were represented, both Federation and non, and they all seemed to be in both good spirits and appraising one another for value. As the ‘passengers’ moved up the walkway, they overheard conversations that ranged from travel plans to arms deals being conducted. Truly, this was a conference of criminals the likes of which would prove difficult to maneuver around or fool.


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