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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) in Side Sim - Since You Are Going To Be There Anyway…

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Blue shrugged and said “Personally? She’s a hero of the Federation. One of the most decorated officers in Star Fleet history.” and he chuckled. “Do you have any idea how much you could get for her?” and he laughed and held up his hand. “Now now… I am very aware that the selling of sentient flesh is an abysmal crime and those that trade in it should be skinned alive. That being said… it would look really authentic if that were to happen… at least in the eyes of those watching.”


Bethany shrugged at that and looked at Blue, “That would be up to the captain and you to decide.” Then she looked at Calloway, “If we are going to do this, we need to decide and go.”

Gadi, CoS

Shara had to swallow down the bile that rose. Strickland was being practical, sure, but she was certain for a moment that he forgot who he was talking to and who her daughter and the former agent he handled was. If he was doing it on purpose, oh there would be words. She shifted her gaze to Gadi. “Agreed. We don’t have a lot of time. Logistically I think we can handle this. Let others decide what happens when we get her here.”

“Anything else we should know before we go?” Calloway asked Blue.

~Shara Calloway, CIO


“She’ll have two or three guards, Syndicate types. And she has friends on the station, so be careful how and when you make the grab. Otherwise, this place won’t give a single shit about what you do as long as it doesn’t interrupt the flow of credits and latinum.” Blue said.


“So take out the guards. They won’t be distracted while working, by anything. And subtle. Less of a scene the better.” She looked at Calloway. “Transport tags?”

Gadi, CoS

Calloway nodded. “Slap-and-dash, as it were.” She broke into a grin. “We might be able to make a bit of a scene, but one we control. I’m feeling a hair colour change coming on.” She had already been the station and it was wise to change up her appearance before going over again anyway.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Bethany looked at Blue, “I already have the codes for the tags programmed into the computer. They will light up the transporter room and the brig like Christmas. Simply lock onto the signal and they will be transported directly to the brig and the force fields will go up.” It was a little fail safe Bethany had programmed into the system on the Pelican and copied here, when she found out Elias was around. Then she looked at Shara. “Yep, hair color, eyes, and clothes. 15 minutes at the airlock?”

Gadi, CoS

Blue smiled and said “Then I will leave you two to it.” He stood up and then added. “Holler if you need help, and I’ll send the cavalry.” He nodded once to each of the women and then turned and walked away.


“You’ll bring the tags?” Shara asked.

Beth nodded as she stood up. “Yep. See ya in a few.”

Shara blew out a breath and rose to her feet. “I’ll see you in fifteen,” she said to Gadi. As much as this was a version of Shara’s specialty, normally she stayed hidden. It was less common for her to be taking overt action. But she could when called to- she had proven that on the Tellerite freighter.

Bethany gave her a cheerful informal salute and disappeared out of the galley.

She twisted an elastic around sleek black hair and ran a hand over the top of her head. Sapphire blue eyes were alit with amusement as she moved through the corridors to the airlock, smirking at crew members as she passed. Let them wonder who the random woman was. They were well used to not recognizing people, though by now most people had settled into any new personas they had cultivated.

Veering away from the clothes she’d been wearing as Elaine lately, Shara was dressed in a long black stretchy skirt to her ankles, a floral fitted blouse in muted purples and yellows, and a dark green trenchcoat with interior and exterior pockets that concealed everything she needed. She wanted to run through the plan with Bethy before the went over, but at the moment she was getting the feel of this disguise. It wasn’t everyday that your adopted persona adopted another, and she had to be careful not to lose herself within it all.

~Shara Calloway, CIO

Where Beth talked, walked, dressed, oozed sentuality and danger, this particular person did not. Nondescript brown hair, but brown doe eyes the right someone could get lost in, everyday worn clothes that made her look pretty, but didn’t turn heads. Emma was someone’s treasured dream of a shy wallflower. She walked up to Calloway and shifted uncertainly. “I’m ready.”


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