Nightmares Tell Us What to Pray Against

Posted Sept. 29, 2023, 1 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aasrel Izei (Chief Medical Officer) in Nightmares Tell Us What to Pray Against


Aasrel woke near the end of the sequel and reached for Bethany’s hand again. Suddenly remembering she was sick, he peeked at her to see if she was awake.

~ Aasrel

It probably didn’t look comfortable leaned over against the bed perched on a functional, but without comfort, chair. Despite that she was sleeping quietly. The moment his fingers touched her hand she was instantly awake. Her head lifted and her gaze settled on him. “Hey. Everything okay?”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Aasrel said, his responses still coming a bit slow. “Are you comfortable like that? You need sleep.”

~ Aasrel

“It’s okay. I’m a light sleeper. You know that,” she grinned softly and winked at him. “It’s not the most comfortable spot I’ve ever slept in, but not the worst either. I need to be here with you.” She sat up so her wouldn’t have to move his head too much to look at her. “Do you want more juice?”


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