A Really Bad Day

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Shara shook her head. “No, we’re pirates, remember? We have zero communication with anyone in the Federation until the mission is complete. That doesn’t mean we can’t try something like that, but it stays within the ship. The question I would have is, what would make him believe it? Given the high intelligence of the man, it will take a lot to fool him.”

~Shara Calloway, CIO

“If he’s been on this ship, I would bet that he already knows we are still Federation, Commander. The idea is not to make him believe it, but to plant that seed of doubt in his mind,” Black Wolf replied.

“Maybe, maybe not. Let’s not make hasty assumptions without enough information,” Shara said practically.

Pikelsimer shook his head. “No. Hell no. That’s the single most ludicrous idea I have heard since… since… well, the idea for this operation, frankly.” He looked at Black Wolf and said “You want to take the most dangerous and capable lifeform that the Federation… humanity… has ever faced and back them into a corner? Force them to play out a scenario they think they already lost?! You may as well just blow up the ship and call it a day. At least we’d die on our terms, not theirs.”

Pikelsimer, FedSec

Kohana was taken aback, surprised, and offended that this Federation security agent would dismiss his idea so blatantly, without even a moment of consideration. “You seem to forget that humanity has defeated the Augments on at least three occasions, Mr. . . . Pikelsimer, was it?’

Black Wolf knew exactly who the man was, but couldn’t help to get a dig in at his ego. “So what do you suggest? We just sit back to let him act again, and again. . .?”

Blue looked at Pikelsimer and said “Easy, Micah. No one is saying we do that. It’s just an option.” He looked at Black Wolf and said “Let’s label that ‘Last Resort’, though, ok? I think right now what we should be doing is talking to Gadi and the CMO. They are central to what happened. We need first-person data.”


Sara appraised Kohanna. She had never personally spoken to him before this meeting. “I don’t want to risk it. But we’ll leave it on the table. For now. Gadi was unconscious for the whole time the augment was present. Dr Izei is the one to lean on for an eyewitness account. To avoid panic, this remains privileged to just us. I will not have my Security Chief locked away for something that happened to her. While she was unconscious. Let’s conduct our investigation, do it quietly, and fix whatever the hell has been done to one of my crew.”


“No offense, Captain, I’m sure Cmdr. Gadi is excellent at her job, but we don’t yet know what this transfusion is going to do to her. For all we know, our augmented John Doe, may have infected her with nanites that he may be able to control. Someone NEEDS to keep an eye on her in case that is the situation. Are you willing to take the chance that the transfusion, was just that? A transfusion . . . to safe her life?” Black Wolf asked, concerned for the Asimov, the crew, the mission, and Gadi herself.

Black Wolf (Helm/Intel)

Blue looked at him… and started laughing. Not loudly, but pointedly. “Kid… where have you been foe the last month? We really are not the Federation. We aren’t Star Fleet. We are well and truly pirates. We may have a goal of going back… but that is nowhere guaranteed. And the way you keep using ranks tells me you haven’t fully grasped that idea.”


Pikelsimer turned to face Balvk Wolf fully. “Listen, Black Bear. Let me make sure you get this right away. We are not the good guys anymore. We stole a Star Fleet vessel. We hijacked a Federation freighter. We stole Federation Marine weaponry. We killed civilians. We then sold said Star Fleet vessel and are in the process of kidnapping other civilians with the sole purpose of trading or selling them to a criminal organization for the express purpose of joining them and working for them. We didn’t fake that. We didn’t stage any of it. And if Star Fleet catches us before we have anything to show for all of this, we are gonna spend the rest of our collective lives in prison… if they don’t just destroy us the first chance they get. We are not the Federation. And just because you ‘know a guy’ that fought a war hundreds of years ago doesnt mean jack. And I know without a doubt that anyone who had to go up against an Augment would tell you that of the three times the Augments were defeated , two were by luck and one was at rhe cost of millions of lives.” And he chuckled. “Three times… yeah. They’ve been beat three times. But a record of three-and-several-billion isn’t something to brag about.”


Sara’s blood boiled. With one long stride she was directly in front of Kohanna. She gripped his collar. “I didn’t even ask you to be here, much less for your opinion. I indulged your presence because you’re Intel. It should be obvious that the content of conversations in this room is need-to-know basis anyway. But if you can’t keep pace with the realities of this mission and the situation we’re in… Of course there’s something else going on. That’s why we investigate, not cover it up. We have to find our ‘John Doe’ But if knowing one guy who fought the augments makes you an expert-“ she drew her pistol. “then you shouldn’t have any trouble finding him.” She turned the weapon so the grip faced Kohanna. “Go on then. Find him.” She let go of his collar. “Figure out what he wants and beat him. Shouldn’t be too hard because you had drinks with a guy who did it once.”


Black Wolf slowly pushed the phaser back to the captain and straightened out his tunic. “Nor did I ask to be here, Caot----Sara,” the lieutenant replied, remembering what was said about using ranks. “I was assigned here. So, it occurs to me that someone further up the chain is well aware of your playing pirate and going rogue. That same someone thought my intel and helm skills would be of assistance. It also appears they were wrong, as not once did I suggest anything be ‘covered up’ I offered a possible solution to a problem that has presented itself. That solution was dismissed without a conversation or consideration. You’ve made it abundantly clear that me presence is neither wanted, nor warranted. So, before you accost me again, I’ll take me leave. Perhaps I can be of better use at the helm.”

Kohanna turned on his heal, and made for the door.

There was a chime from the captain’s ready room door, and a clearance code punched in as well, indicating the woman of discussion was standing outside the door.

Gadi, COS

The door opened and Black Wolf’s way was blocked by the security chief. He stepped aside to let her pass. As she did, he said, “Your ears must be burning. You’re the topic of a hot conversation.”

Without another word, he returned to the Bridge.

Black Wolf (Intel/Helm)

“Welcome to history’s most productive and completely even tempered meeting.” Sara greeted Bethany as she put her pistol back in its holster. “Calloway, if he’s of use, find him and bring him up to speed when we’re done.” She felt a twinge of guilt for a moment. She’d been very hard on someone she hadn’t met before. But that all had to be set aside, a lot more was at stake than Black Wolf’s feelings. She refocused on Gadi. “I sincerely hope you have some news that’ll move us forward here.”


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