Counselor Chat (tag Counselor McMillian)

Posted Dec. 8, 2023, 1:56 p.m. by Lieutenant Eulailia Dacascos (Chief Operations Officer) (Mika Jackson)

The Asimov hummed with the familiar hum of a starship in motion and on this particular day, Laila found herself with some free time. As she strolled through the corridors of the ship, she couldn’t help but think of her counselor friend, Paddy. He had a calming presence that Laila often sought out, and today seemed like the perfect opportunity for some conversation.

Laila made her way to the counseling section of the ship, nodding at passing crew members who were going about their duties. The door to Patrick’s office loomed ahead, and with a soft exhale, she pressed the chime.

Dacascos, COO

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