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Zenneth slowly walked around the new bridge and considered. He hadn’t really had time to adjust to the old Asimov so this really didn’t feel like it did for the others of the crew who stayed. It wasn’t a bitter sweet gain that came at a hefty price he found that to be somewhat alienating.

As he finished his pacing and sat down onto the chair he rubbed the palms of his hands on his trousers. Perhaps this ship would last longer than the first for him. If not, he should probably see about getting reassigned to planetary duty for everyone’s safety.


Natalie was not far behind her first officer stepping onto the Bridge of the newly commissioned Asimov. She had worked on a Brazen class early in her career and preferred the smaller ship. She looked around and took in every detail. She stood still and felt the thrum of the idleing engines under her feet. It would take her some time to get used to the new feel of the engines, but it would become second nature quickly. She looked over at Zen “Commander, what do you think of our new home?” She asked stepping over to the center seat.


Zen looked over at Natalie and grinned. “Hopefully this one will last more than thirty minutes.” He joked. “I would assume a three shift rota would suffice however I am happy to set up whatever you feel is most prudent.”


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