Main Sim: Bridge (Exiting The Anomaly Timeline)

Posted Dec. 20, 2019, 3:46 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Eliza Bailey (Nurse) (Calé Reilly)

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What felt like 15 minutes had past, the ship exited the anomaly, into an unknown space. The stars were different, or so it seemed, but the sensors were only partial registering, as the anomaly had damaged long range sensors, and the short range sensors were only giving a limited output. They had exited into a plasma storm, but they were quickly passing through it. The plasma storm struck the ship directly, and damaged some of the critical systems… the primary and secondary computer had gone offline, half of the EPS systems ruptured from the plasma storm’s surge, which also damaged the replication systems too. The plasma storms damaged the shields, which were now at 17%. Hull integrity remained intact however. Weapons were operable, but the tractor system and defector system was offline now due to the plasma storm damage.

Zen groaned and picked himself up from the floor. He ran his tongue around his mouth checking his teeth. They seemed to be accounted for but he could taste blood, and not in the time for a snack fashion. “Everyone who isn’t dead sound off!” He yelled to the bridge crew and moved to check the Captain. “Captain are you alright?” He said helping her.

As the ship cleared the plasma storm, what was currently obvious on the viewscreen of the visual sensors was a planet was fast approaching… or rather the ship was fast approaching the planet.


When the storm cleared Zen glanced at the view screen, he swore in Klingon.


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