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“I’ll be right back,” Zen told his current patient and went to help the nurse up. “Well aren’t we glad to see you.” He said with a rueful smile. He waited until she was standing again and asked. “Got a proper tricorder there and an osteoregenerator?”


Natalie looked around the Bridge making sure that others were getting treated. She was thinking three steps ahead of where they were and how they were going to get out of here.” She said.


“Yes Commander, a proper medical tricorder and an osteoregenerator,” said Nurse Okami, pointing the bag she was wearing. “Who needs the osteoregenerator to be used?”


“That would be me,” Commander Idari said, as his broken arm still hung limply at his side.

Keegan goes to find a functional computer to reroute power to sensors.

Murphy, Second Officer

Commander Idari Solit, CSO

Murphy’s journey to find a functional computer would be several decks in Engineering.

“I’ll need you to lay your arm straight out, Commander and try to relax your muscles completely. Unfortunately, we’ll have to ration our medical supplies until the replicators can come back online. So you’ll have to bare with the pain of the osteoregenerator, sir. Please keep completely still while I run the osteoregenerator over the affected area, otherwise the bones might not mend correctly,” said Nurse Okami.


Rebecca had been watching the crew and checking the bridge systems. Everything was trashed. Seeing there wasn’t whole lot she could do she went over to the CO “Where do you want me?” she asked blinking a trickle of blood from her head out of her eye.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

Seeing that Solit had his injury being cared for Zen moved to Rebecca. “Let me see.” He said indicating her head.


Rebecca looked at the XO “I’ve had worse” she said she tilted her head so the XO could see. Rebecca had a large gash on the top left of her skull just above her forehead.”I’ll take a pain killer if you’ve got one though” she added.

Lieut Lane (intelligence)

Nurse Okami finished with Commander Solit’s arm. “It will be sore and tender for a couple of days. Please avoid strenuous activity for the next couple of days, otherwise you might get micro fractures in your bone, and with power as it is now, we might not be able to fix it,” warned Nurse Okami.

Solit had cringed through the pain. Learning that he was likely stuck on the Bridge for the time being was, to say the least, aggravating.

Okami then handed the First Officer a hypospray, loaded with a pain killer medicine, but it was half the dose, sufficient to help Lieutenant Lane, but not enough to fully make the good Lt. 100%. “Rationed, appropriately, Commander,” said Okami, as she handed the hypospray over.


Keegan walked back over to the First Officer. “Commander there’s nothing more I can do up on the bridge to get sensors back online. I’m going to have to get to Engineering to shunt and divert power to sensors.

Murphy, 2nd Officer

“Pardon me, Lt. Commander, I am Crewman Michaels from Engineering. But we don’t have any sufficient power to re-route to any systems. Life support is barely functioning right now. Has anyone taken a look through a window to see the outside of the ship yet?” asked Michaels.


The doors to the turbolift hissed half-open, jerked back closed a few inches and then slid the rest of the way open a bit too slow. Thoon gingerly stepped out of the lift giving a wary eye to the doors which juddered shut just as he passed through. His right eye was swollen partially shut and there was a weeping cut just under the socket. A few drops had fallen onto his uniform, staining the grey pauldron with dark blots. He walked toward the group of officers. “Lieutenant Furood, reporting to stations.”His combadge made an electronic squawk and hiss. He tapped at it to stop it. It took a couple more taps but eventually it stopped hissing. There was a dent right across the center of the badge, it was useless now.

-Lt. Thoon Furood, CoS

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The doors to the turbolift which were left wide open, made a sound of another person climbing up the stairs in the turbolift shaft. Being that there was no power to the turbolift systems, anyone who wanted to travel through the ship had to make their way using Jefferies Tubes and climbing up the turbolift’s emergency ladders. Thoon struggled out of the lift. His right eye was swollen partially shut and there was a weeping cut just under the socket. A few drops had fallen onto his uniform, staining the grey pauldron with dark blots. He walked toward the group of officers. “Lieutenant Furood, reporting to stations.”His combadge made an electronic squawk and hiss. He tapped at it to stop it. It took a couple more taps but eventually it stopped hissing. There was a dent right across the center of the badge, it was useless now.

Nurse Okami, spotting the injured Lieutenant, rushed to his side and began medical treatment for his eye. She would only be able to reduce the swelling, and heal the cut. Using a dermal regenerator, Okami healed the cut quickly. “I recommend you wait an hour before attempting to open your eye, Lieutenant. In the meanwhile, I’m going to bandage your eye over which you can remove in an hour,” said Okami.


Natalie looked around her bridge “Okay, folks. I know we don’t have a lot of power. So…here’s what needs to happen. I need everyone to listen closely.” She said looking around waiting for people to stop what they were doing to listen to the Captain. She had the no nonsense tone to her voice “Zen, I need you to go with Michaels to Main Engineering, see what we have going on there. Murphy take two crew with you and get to the main shuttle bay and see if we can tap into the warp cores for the shuttles to give us power.”

“Um, ma’am… we don’t have any shuttles on board,” said Michaels, “They were left at the Starbase.”

Tuesday, Commander Idari thought to himself, remembering the story from his Academy days about how James Kirk and numerous El Aurians were lost in the Nexus during the shakedown cruise of the Enterprise-B.

She said “Okami, what does sickbay look like or were you someplace else,” she asked.

“Sickbay is under control, Captain. Drs. Grace, McGill and Coldwater are working on the injured there, for anyone who can make it to sickbay. Ensign Clancey was sent to Cargo Bay A to set up a triage center and Ensign Shoshawnia was sent to Deck 7 then to Main Engineering,” reported Okami.

“I want you to remain on the Bridge in case we need a medical attention.”

“Aye ma’am. I’ll continue to focus on the remaining crew here.”

She said “Thoon, see what you can pick up outside. I want you to find a way to communicate to your team, to secure sensitive areas.” She said stepping away from the comms unit and walked into her office and came back with several boxes “Okay folks, old fashioned communciation....Walkie Talkies. Channel 4. See if we can keep some sort of communication.” She cradled them in her prosthetic arm.

“Do these even have power?” asked Michaels, “Let alone work all the way to Deck 7… Some parts of the ship are basically Faraday cages.”

“Those shouldn’t affect handheld independently powered subspace communicators,” Commander Idari chimed in. “Unless those are in fact radio communicators, in which case we definitely will have problems.”

“Something is affecting subspace communications externally from the ship, Commander,” said Michaels, “We attempted to figure out why the comm-badges were not working as independent system, but all we could determine was there was an outside source causing interference.”

“Let’s get out there and find out where we are and what we have to work with. Zen, have runners on each deck that can relay messages should the radios not work.” She said tucking a piece of hair behind her ear and winced as she moved her wrist that was now swelling and bruising. Several of the bio technology on her arm had pulled loose and she had blood drying on her uniform.


“Um, Captain, do you want me to look at your arm?” asked Okami.


Now that Commander Idari had the full use of both of his arms, he finally went to his PADD and started looking at all the data he could find about their circumstances. That was when he noticed the trace readings he hadn’t seen before.

“Chronitons? There must be some mistake…”

Idari tried to use the device to extrapolate all of the information he could about the random indicator. If temporal physics were involved, there was no telling what had really happened.

Commander Idari Solit, CSO

The only conclusion that Solit could make from the chroniton readings is that whatever passage of time that occurred in the anomaly would not be accurate, and in terms of distance – both in time and in space – they were completely lost.


Natalie’s head swiveled as Solit stated the chroniton issues “Really. Okay. We need to get a handle on this.” She said “Zen, you stay here and try to get things up and running again. Rebecca, you and Olfmann are with me. We’re going outside the ship to figure out where we are and see if there is any additional information. Solit, get Lt. Cewa up here and have them working on what they can here. You’re with me going outside. We will be in EV suits until we figure out what atmosphere we’re in.” She said “Let’s get moving folks. Get the runners in place, we’re going to have to use the jeffries tubes. Make it work, if you can use the radios use them…otherwise use the runners. Questions?”


Lane shook her head, the winced it still hurt a little but it was nothing she wasn’t used to.

Thoon stood up from where he’d knelt to grab the medkit from the emergency supplies under the rear science console. “Captain, since we don’t know what to expect out there, I request to join the away team. The Chief of Security should be at your side. Besides, I’d hate to have anything happen to the Captain the first week I’m on the job.” He slung the strap of the medkit over his shoulder and tugged it to a comfortable length. He’d grabbed a phaser on his way up to the bridge. As he walked toward the Captain he checked the setting and confirmed it was on medium stun. He secured it in the holster at his hip. He looked up at her with a serious expression ruined by the puffy, white bandage covering one of his fist-sized eyes.

-Lt. Thoon Furood, CoS

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Lane laughed softly “Don’t worry she’s got me. I’ll keep her safe. I’ve been in worse situation then this and come out on top” Rebecca said confidently. she had escorted officers before, of course back then she was getting paid for it. And was able to do it in a way she saw fight, and not always legally.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

Thoon furrowed his brow and winced when his bruised eye protested. “With all due respect: I have no doubt you are entirely capable, but according to regulations, Commanding officers entering unknown or dangerous environments must be escorted by at least one or more security officers, not intelligence officers.” He braced himself for the Lieutenant to react poorly, but he really had meant no disrespect. He was eager and ambitious, and at this point, to a fault. “In any case, we are both going topside. I’ll be close by whatever you decide, Captain.” His shoulders sagged a bit. He heard what he sounded like. He gave Lane an apologetic glance.

-Lt. Furood, CoS

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