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Posted by Ensign Adeline McGill (Medical Officer) in Main Sim: Sickbay (After the Crash Timeline)

Posted by Ensign Adeline McGill (Medical Officer) in Main Sim: Sickbay (After the Crash Timeline)
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Nurse Mendoza turned to Dr. McGill, “Well, Dr. Grace is still unconscious. The worse injury is Ensign Pierre. He was brought here from the computer core. Severe second degree burns caused by electrical damage and damage to his internal organs. Dr. Coldwater is working on him now, but Dr. Coldwater doesn’t look too well. The rest of the injuries are minor scraps and bruises, Dr. McGill.”


Adeline nodded tiredly and reflexively pushed her lab coat and uniform sleeves up to her mid-forearms as she made her way over to where Coldwater was working on Pierre. It sounded like Pierre was the known entity here, his treatment plan prescribed by his injuries, but that Coldwater had something going on that was unknown. On her way to the biobed, she grabbed a medical tricorder and glanced at it quickly to make sure that it appeared to be relatively intact after the impact or whatever had caused such disarray.

Coldwater was performing surgery on Pierre, in difficult conditions. Fortunately, the biobed had some internal power, but they were racing against the clock before power ran out on the biobed.

Approaching the duo, she quietly asked Coldwater, “what’s your patient’s status? Is there anything I can do to help?” As she waited for his response, she discreetly ran the medical tricorder’s probe over him, seeing if there was any immediately pertinent information she could use to discern what was going on with the doctor. Without information to the contrary, she wasn’t going to interfere with his treatment of his patient.

Dr. McGill

“Still bleeding internally,” replied Dr. Coldwater, “I haven’t repaired all the damage yet, and my energy is running low… so is the biobed. Scrub up, Doctor McGill, I need you take over. A fresh pair of hands and eyes are needed.”


Adeline nodded, appreciating that Coldwater understood that he wasn’t doing so well himself. She checked the tricorder to see if there was anything immediate that she needed to be concerned about with her fellow physician and began to head to attire herself to assist with the surgery, when…

Adeline would note that Coldwater was suffering from blood loss and exhaustion. He wasn’t bleeding anymore however, as it seemed he repaired the bleeding damage himself.

At this point the sick bay door opened, with a little strong arm help, and a bruised and battered officer dragged someone in with him. “Found this one in a corridor on Deck 7. Had a nasty accident with the emergency bulkhead. Took me a while to get him free.” Karl recognised McGill from earlier. “Doctor McGill? I’m Lieutenant Olfmann, we met earlier.” His face was covered in blood from a scabbed over laceration on his forehead, but otherwise he looked reasonably alive. He indicated his charge. “I didn’t get time to get the name of this chap before he passed out. I had to move him, because the area wasn’t safe.”


Adeline stopped mid-scamper to the supplies she required and whirled around at the familiar voice of an officer whose physical she had conducted. Her eyes glazed over slightly as she processed yet another crew member that required treatment and she began to indicate a nearby biobed when…

Ooc: was grace moved to a biobed or is she where she was when it happened?

Leigha slowly opened her eyes and took in what was going on around her. She pulled herself into a seated position and took several deep breaths. She tried to stand but her body protested. Her muscles ached and she could feel the different places where bruising was already beginning to form. With a final push she finally got to her feet, and winced at the pain. She turned toward Doctor McGill “what’s our status? “

Lt. Aries Grace, CMO

OOC: From the first post in this thread:
“Nurse Naomi Mendoza stood over Dr. Grace, and tried gently waking Dr. Grace up. “Dr. Grace, Dr. Grace, are you alright?” The nurse had ran the medical tricorder on Dr. Grace, and found Dr. Grace with no serious injuries, and had fixed any open wounds, but Dr. Grace was still bruised in several places. Only half of the medical staff had awoken, and those who were awake were busy tending to injuries and attempting to wake the rest of the staff up.”


Karl propped his charge up against a wall and looked around the sick bay. It was....well, cluttered would be one way to describe it. Battered might be a better word. Karl wondered if the ship was insured, after it was brand new. How do you explain to the admiralty that you have just wrecked their new ship? Karl hadn’t even met the Captain yet. Probably for the best!

He wiped some dried blood off his face and stood up, ignoring the fact that the room slanted even more as the universe decided to spin for him personally. “I have some medical training, combat first aid and the like, do you need a hand?”


Adeline frantically looked around the room at the various people requiring her attention. Her eyes finally settled on Olfmann and, wide and slightly panicked, she nodded quickly a few times before finding her voice. “Yes… can you check and make sure Dr. Grace is all right?” The questioning order gave her the steadying she needed to get through the rest of the chaos. “Dr. Grace, once Lieutenant Olfmann clears you, Dr. Coldwater needs assistance in surgery. Once you relieve him, I want to check out Dr. Coldwater; he doesn’t look like he’s doing too well. Then, it’s the officer the lieutenant found and then getting that laceration repaired.” She needlessly indicated the gash on Olfmann’s forehead. “Oh, I sent teams to go through the ship to help with any wounded as well as get up to the bridge to make sure the captain is okay…” Her voice grew slightly more uncertain as she looked hesitantly at her department head to make sure that she had made the right choice in the situation.

Dr. McGill

“Calm down, Dr. McGill,” said Nurse Mendoza, “There are other staff here now. Take a deep breathe in, and out. Level your head, and remember your Starfleet training. I’m here to assist too.”


Adeline offered a thankful smile to the nurse and took the deep breath indicated. It would be easy to feel slighted by the suggestion in front of a superior, but she knew that the nurse meant well and the series of events in the past hour were not the norm for a Starfleet vessel.

Dr. McGill

As the other members of Sickbay dispersed, Adeline finally had a chance to acknowledge the tricorder readings that beeped at her from her scans of Coldwater. Her lips pressed together firmly, noting that he was truly in need of rest, like most of them, but that likely wasn’t coming for quite a while. She made her way to a nearby supply closet, carefully opening the door in case everything had been jumbled upon landing. She began to search through the items, finding a transfusion kit where she mostly expected it to be. With the onslaught of physicals, she hadn’t had time to explore Sickbay like she might have wanted. She equipped herself with electrolytes as well before making her way over to Coldwater and waiting patiently for Grace to relieve him so that she could begin treating him.

Dr. McGill

As soon as Grace relieved Coldwater, Adeline placed a surprisingly firm hand on his shoulder and guided him over to the nearest unoccupied biobed. “Lie down,” she instructed, her tone gentle, but firm.

Coldwater didn’t refuse the order. Glad for the relief, he lied down on the biobed.

Sometimes, the other doctors could be the worst patients and she hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know this particular physician. She reached around Coldwater to ensure the biobed would begin to monitor his vital signs and then reached for the equipment she had prepared, setting up the transfusion. “I saw that you’ve lost a lot of blood but the source has been repaired. What was the source?” she asked her fellow doctor. She could always figure that out herself, but she felt that getting him involved in his own care was both a helpful distraction and useful information for her.

Dr. McGill

“I used a dermal regenerator to heal my wounds, but obviously there was significant blood loss and I had a job to do,” said Dr. Coldwater, “You might want to check my wounds again. I apologize Dr. McGill, but I’m really sleepy so I don’t know if I have the energy to continue a conversation.”

Some of Coldwater’s injuries seem like they were going to re-open. Not surprising, since Coldwater had been taking a major portion of the injuries until McGill and Grace became awake. Coldwater had only did the bare minimum of dermal regenerator work, it seemed. Just enough to stop the bleeding. There were cuts all over him, seemed like various glass and other things had cut him. The only place where that could have happened was the small medical lab, which from the distance, McGill can see a lot of shattered glass all over the floor.



Adeline nodded at Coldwater as he situated himself on the biobed. The sleepiness was a concern, but she was already aware that they were overworked and that he was suffering from a large amount of blood loss. She moved around the biobed carefully, setting up the transfusion first and administering pain medication before picking up the dermal regenerator herself and evaluating which of the lacerations to begin with. Her eyes flicked up at the small medical lab in the distance, shattered glass covering the floor. That must have been where Coldwater was when the crash occurred, she thought to herself. Her memory of the moments before it was shaky at best and she knew that she had likely been unconscious for some amount of time after the impact.

Dr. McGill

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