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Natalie looked around her bridge “Okay, folks. I know we don’t have a lot of power. So…here’s what needs to happen. I need everyone to listen closely.” She said looking around waiting for people to stop what they were doing to listen to the Captain. She had the no nonsense tone to her voice “Zen, I need you to go with Michaels to Main Engineering, see what we have going on there. Murphy take two crew with you and get to the main shuttle bay and see if we can tap into the warp cores for the shuttles to give us power.”

“Um, ma’am… we don’t have any shuttles on board,” said Michaels, “They were left at the Starbase.”

“Why on earth did we leave our shuttles at the Starbase. That makes no damn sense.” She groused “Fine, then I suggest we find another way to get power to the damn ship.” She said

“They were still being constructed, Captain,” said Michaels, “Not entirely ready for us… the Starbase would have them ready upon our return.”

Tuesday, Commander Idari thought to himself, remembering the story from his Academy days about how James Kirk and numerous El Aurians were lost in the Nexus during the shakedown cruise of the Enterprise-B.

She said “Okami, what does sickbay look like or were you someplace else,” she asked.

“Sickbay is under control, Captain. Drs. Grace, McGill and Coldwater are working on the injured there, for anyone who can make it to sickbay. Ensign Clancey was sent to Cargo Bay A to set up a triage center and Ensign Shoshawnia was sent to Deck 7 then to Main Engineering,” reported Okami.

“I want you to remain on the Bridge in case we need a medical attention.”

Natalie nodded “YOu stay put then.” She said

“Aye ma’am. I’ll continue to focus on the remaining crew here.”

She said “Thoon, see what you can pick up outside. I want you to find a way to communicate to your team, to secure sensitive areas.” She said stepping away from the comms unit and walked into her office and came back with several boxes “Okay folks, old fashioned communciation....Walkie Talkies. Channel 4. See if we can keep some sort of communication.” She cradled them in her prosthetic arm.

“Do these even have power?” asked Michaels, “Let alone work all the way to Deck 7… Some parts of the ship are basically Faraday cages.”

“Those shouldn’t affect handheld independently powered subspace communicators,” Commander Idari chimed in. “Unless those are in fact radio communicators, in which case we definitely will have problems.”

“Something is affecting subspace communications externally from the ship, Commander,” said Michaels, “We attempted to figure out why the comm-badges were not working as independent system, but all we could determine was there was an outside source causing interference.”

“Let’s get out there and find out where we are and what we have to work with. Zen, have runners on each deck that can relay messages should the radios not work.” She said tucking a piece of hair behind her ear and winced as she moved her wrist that was now swelling and bruising. Several of the bio technology on her arm had pulled loose and she had blood drying on her uniform.


“Um, Captain, do you want me to look at your arm?” asked Okami.

“Not right now. Thank you. Once we get a handle on what’s going on, I will come see you.” She said “It’s not bleeding anymore and it still functions.” She said.

Now that Commander Idari had the full use of both of his arms, he finally went to his PADD and started looking at all the data he could find about their circumstances. That was when he noticed the trace readings he hadn’t seen before.

“Chronitons? There must be some mistake…”

Idari tried to use the device to extrapolate all of the information he could about the random indicator. If temporal physics were involved, there was no telling what had really happened.

Commander Idari Solit, CSO

The only conclusion that Solit could make from the chroniton readings is that whatever passage of time that occurred in the anomaly would not be accurate, and in terms of distance – both in time and in space – they were completely lost.


Natalie’s head swiveled as Solit stated the chroniton issues “Really. Okay. We need to get a handle on this.” She said “Zen, you stay here and try to get things up and running again. Rebecca, you and Olfmann are with me. We’re going outside the ship to figure out where we are and see if there is any additional information. Solit, get Lt. Cewa up here and have them working on what they can here. You’re with me going outside. We will be in EV suits until we figure out what atmosphere we’re in.” She said “Let’s get moving folks. Get the runners in place, we’re going to have to use the jeffries tubes. Make it work, if you can use the radios use them…otherwise use the runners. Questions?”


Lane shook her head, the winced it still hurt a little but it was nothing she wasn’t used to.

Thoon stood up from where he’d knelt to grab the medkit from the emergency supplies under the rear science console. “Captain, since we don’t know what to expect out there, I request to join the away team. The Chief of Security should be at your side. Besides, I’d hate to have anything happen to the Captain the first week I’m on the job.” He slung the strap of the medkit over his shoulder and tugged it to a comfortable length. He’d grabbed a phaser on his way up to the bridge. As he walked toward the Captain he checked the setting and confirmed it was on medium stun. He secured it in the holster at his hip. He looked up at her with a serious expression ruined by the puffy, white bandage covering one of his fist-sized eyes.

-Lt. Thoon Furood, CoS

Natalie nodded “Fine you’re with me. Grab that first aid kit. We might need it.” She said realizing that Olfmann was in Sickbay.
OOC: Just a quick note that Olfmann is in Sickbay. :)

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Lane laughed softly “Don’t worry she’s got me. I’ll keep her safe. I’ve been in worse situation then this and come out on top” Rebecca said confidently. she had escorted officers before, of course back then she was getting paid for it. And was able to do it in a way she saw fight, and not always legally.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

“Captain, if I may, I can try to find Lieutenant Cewa in a timely fashion, but given the situation here - I can give him this PADD, and that’s about the long and short of what I can give him to do until Engineering figures out a way to restart the core.”

Commander Idari held up the hand held device.

“Do what you need to.” She said as she looked around “FOr the moment, we need to find out what is going on outside and get things going. She turned to her team “EV suits everyone. We don’t know what the conditions are outside.” She said as she headed towards one of the jefferies tubes and began heading down to the closest air lock that might be closest to the ground.

“I can check for him in two spots on the way to one of the Deck 3 airlocks - unless you want to go all the way to Airlock 4 on Deck 7 and hope that it isn’t blocked - and hope he and the others can figure out a way to get sensor logs from a dead computer system.”

Keegan pointed to two NEs officers that were just standing there. “Higgins and Davidson follow me to the shuttle bay. Higgins take point once we’re off the ladder.” Keegan opened the panel that had a ladder going downwards to the lower decks. “We’ve got a long climb down.”

Murphy, 2nd Officer

“Why are going to the shuttle bay, sir? Crewman Michaels already said there are no shuttles there,” said NE Higgins.


Meanwhile, Solit tested his arm, given that he was going to be doing some climbing. He wasn’t sure what the medic’s definition of “strenuous activity” was, but the CO apparently didn’t consider using the Jeffries to fall into that category.

“For clarification, Commander Solit, climbing should be okay, but try not to keep too much weight on that arm for extended periods of time. If you feel any strain or pain, do your best to stop the activity or relieve the pressure on your injured arm,” said Nurse Okami.

“Unless you have anything further, Captain, I’ll meet you at - which airlock had you decided to use? Either way, I will be ready within the hour.”

With that, Solit went to the nearest Jeffries access point on the Bridge and planned the shortest and safest route first to Deck 2, and then to Deck 3 and the entrance to Cargo Bay A.

Commander Idari Solit, CSO

Keegan as he ducked into the jeffries tube, gave a reassuring look to NE Higgins “We’re going to try to tap into the warp cores of the shuttles remotely to try and give us some power. Start climbing.”

Murphy, 2nd Officer


As Keegan ducked into the Jefferies, a stroke a bad luck occurred. A piece of the bulkhead, about 3 cm wide, hit Keegan in the head and knocked him out cold. Higgens and Davidson dragged the second officer back on the Bridge for Nurse Okami to examine. Okami examined Keegan, and asked Davidson to apply a cold compress to the second officer’s head, to keep the swelling down. Fortunately, there was no wound.

OOC: AJ, this is a warning. Please RE-READ my previous post. There are no shuttles on the ship.


“Great now the ships trying to kill us. this is getting better and better” Rebecca said her tone had a slight note of amusement in it. “Lets get going before the rest of the room comes down on us. Outside looks like it might be safer at the moment” she added.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

Keegan slowly making his way to his feet. “Captain what do you want me to do now?”

Murphy, 2nd Officer

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