Main Sim: Main Engineering (After the Crash Timeline)

Posted Feb. 1, 2020, 9:05 p.m. by Ensign Jonathan Smythe (Engineering Officer) (Brandon Irvine)


“Communications is down. There seems to be local interference, and without power to sensors, it’s hard to tell what it is causing the interference. Tricorder readings are confusing about what the interference is, only that it is coming from outside the ship,” said another NE engineer, “Crewman Michaels went up to the Bridge to inform the Bridge of our current status. We might be able to overcome the interference if we had more power to the communications systems, but I’m only guessing. Hard to do much without power… or finding out what exactly is going on outside of the ship.”


“Well then I guess somebody needs to go for a hull walk,” Jon said, before putting a finger to his nose. “Not it, I still need to see a medic before my leg falls off.”

Ens. Smythe

“I can do it” said the Chief Engineer “any other takers to go with me?” asked MacMoragh


“I’m the least injured, sir,” said Ensign Munchkin, “I can go with you.”

“Alright then, let’s make this happen. Grab any tools you think we might need, and I will do the same. You never know what we could be able to use once we get outside ” ordered MacMoragh

Jon took a seat on a dead console. Hopefully a medic would arrive soon, he was starting to feel a bit light-headed.

Ens. Smythe

“Aye sir,” said Ensign Munchkin. As MacMoragh and Munchkin were about ready to leave, the medic from Sickbay appeared. “Did anyone need a medic? Ensign Shoshawnia from Sickbay.” She was breathing heavily, since she had a long climb.

Ensign Shoshawnia spotted Smythe with the bleeding leg and rushed over. She quickly opened her medkit and began sterilizing the wound and healing it with the dermal regenerator. “Hold still please. Lieutenant MacMoragh, if you could tell your staff to line up in the order of those who have open wounds and serious injuries first, that would be appreciated.”

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” Jon said, trying to obey and stay still while Shoshawnia patched him up. He knew from growing up that he would need a couple liters of water and an iron-rich meal after an injury like the one he’d sustained, assuming of course the medic didn’t have a hypo to boost his red blood cell production.


“This should help, but we have to limit the dose, since we’re going to have ration medical supplies until we can figure out how to make more,” said Ensign Shoshawnia, pressing a hypo in his neck after patching his wounds. “Try to avoiding too much, your body still needs to recover but I know everyone is in emergency mode and things need to be done.”

“Yeah,” Jon agreed. “Once we figure out what we have left to do them with.” He looked around at the damage in the room, the dim emergency lighting and notably the lack of the normal comforting glow from the warp core. Cataloguing the damage alone could take weeks, let alone restoring basic functions. He could only hope that Lt. MacMoragh and Ens. Munchkin’s expedition determined they were on a planet, with resources that could be collected to make up for some of the ship functions that weren’t currently operable.


Ens. Smythe

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