Main Sim: Sickbay (After the Crash Timeline)

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Posted by Gamemaster Janus (GM) in Main Sim: Sickbay (After the Crash Timeline)


“I used a dermal regenerator to heal my wounds, but obviously there was significant blood loss and I had a job to do,” said Dr. Coldwater, “You might want to check my wounds again. I apologize Dr. McGill, but I’m really sleepy so I don’t know if I have the energy to continue a conversation.”

Some of Coldwater’s injuries seem like they were going to re-open. Not surprising, since Coldwater had been taking a major portion of the injuries until McGill and Grace became awake. Coldwater had only did the bare minimum of dermal regenerator work, it seemed. Just enough to stop the bleeding. There were cuts all over him, seemed like various glass and other things had cut him. The only place where that could have happened was the small medical lab, which from the distance, McGill can see a lot of shattered glass all over the floor.



Adeline nodded at Coldwater as he situated himself on the biobed. The sleepiness was a concern, but she was already aware that they were overworked and that he was suffering from a large amount of blood loss. She moved around the biobed carefully, setting up the transfusion first and administering pain medication before picking up the dermal regenerator herself and evaluating which of the lacerations to begin with. Her eyes flicked up at the small medical lab in the distance, shattered glass covering the floor. That must have been where Coldwater was when the crash occurred, she thought to herself. Her memory of the moments before it was shaky at best and she knew that she had likely been unconscious for some amount of time after the impact.

Dr. McGill

Some of the lacerations had not been completely healed, and obviously rushed as Coldwater took priority for the patients over his own health. Obviously, he patched to ensure his life was no longer in danger, but what Dr. McGill could tell, a few more passes of the dermal regenerator was all that was required. Dr. Coldwater was lucky – only lacerations and no broken bones. The transfusion started, Dr. Coldwater’s vital signs showed improvement.


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Adeline noted with a slight brush of satisfaction that his vital signs were improving now that the lost blood and fluids had started to be replaced. Taking another careful look across his body and noting that no particular laceration seemed to be particularly dangerous at the moment, she decided the most orderly method was to go from top to bottom, touching up the repairs of the lacerations as she went. She found the methodical nature of the work to be strangely soothing, given the chaos that had ensued on the ship in the last few hours. As she finished her work, she took a final look at Coldwater’s vital signs. While they could use his help triaging crew, it was probably best for him to rest for now and be ready to take over when she and the others were in desperate need of their own break.

Dr. McGill

His condition was stable, and there was no signs of anymore bleeding. Dr. Coldwater slept soundly. One of the nurses turned off the biobed after Dr. McGill finished. “Given our power situation, Doctor, I believe we need to conserve as much power and supplies as possible,” said the nurse, “We don’t know when power will be restored and whether the replicators will come back online.”


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