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Posted Feb. 2, 2020, 8:51 p.m. by Captain Natalie Greer (Commanding Officer) (Tyra Schroll)


“Captain, if I may, I can try to find Lieutenant Cewa in a timely fashion, but given the situation here - I can give him this PADD, and that’s about the long and short of what I can give him to do until Engineering figures out a way to restart the core.”

Commander Idari held up the hand held device.

“Do what you need to.” She said as she looked around “FOr the moment, we need to find out what is going on outside and get things going. She turned to her team “EV suits everyone. We don’t know what the conditions are outside.” She said as she headed towards one of the jefferies tubes and began heading down to the closest air lock that might be closest to the ground.

“I can check for him in two spots on the way to one of the Deck 3 airlocks - unless you want to go all the way to Airlock 4 on Deck 7 and hope that it isn’t blocked - and hope he and the others can figure out a way to get sensor logs from a dead computer system.”

Keegan pointed to two NEs officers that were just standing there. “Higgins and Davidson follow me to the shuttle bay. Higgins take point once we’re off the ladder.” Keegan opened the panel that had a ladder going downwards to the lower decks. “We’ve got a long climb down.”

Murphy, 2nd Officer

“Why are going to the shuttle bay, sir? Crewman Michaels already said there are no shuttles there,” said NE Higgins.


Meanwhile, Solit tested his arm, given that he was going to be doing some climbing. He wasn’t sure what the medic’s definition of “strenuous activity” was, but the CO apparently didn’t consider using the Jeffries to fall into that category.

“For clarification, Commander Solit, climbing should be okay, but try not to keep too much weight on that arm for extended periods of time. If you feel any strain or pain, do your best to stop the activity or relieve the pressure on your injured arm,” said Nurse Okami.

“Unless you have anything further, Captain, I’ll meet you at - which airlock had you decided to use? Either way, I will be ready within the hour.”

With that, Solit went to the nearest Jeffries access point on the Bridge and planned the shortest and safest route first to Deck 2, and then to Deck 3 and the entrance to Cargo Bay A.

Commander Idari Solit, CSO

Keegan as he ducked into the jeffries tube, gave a reassuring look to NE Higgins “We’re going to try to tap into the warp cores of the shuttles remotely to try and give us some power. Start climbing.”

Murphy, 2nd Officer


As Keegan ducked into the Jefferies, a stroke a bad luck occurred. A piece of the bulkhead, about 3 cm wide, hit Keegan in the head and knocked him out cold. Higgens and Davidson dragged the second officer back on the Bridge for Nurse Okami to examine. Okami examined Keegan, and asked Davidson to apply a cold compress to the second officer’s head, to keep the swelling down. Fortunately, there was no wound.

OOC: AJ, this is a warning. Please RE-READ my previous post. There are no shuttles on the ship.


“Great now the ships trying to kill us. this is getting better and better” Rebecca said her tone had a slight note of amusement in it. “Lets get going before the rest of the room comes down on us. Outside looks like it might be safer at the moment” she added.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

Keegan slowly making his way to his feet. “Captain what do you want me to do now?”

Murphy, 2nd Officer

Natalie sighed “Keep trying to get down to main engineering. I will deal with whoever didn’t put shuttles on my ship.” She said “Just find a way to get power back to the ship.” She said as she started to head to the airlock. “Everyone keep going with original issues. And we’ll find out what we have outside.”


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