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Natalie and the crew that she had ordered with her were now headed toward the air lock, with EV suits and rappelling gear if needed. She had no idea what trajectory they had hit with or how far to the ground they were. They were about to find out as the air lock came into view. “Everyone keep your eyes open and sound off if you see or hear anything.” She said as she began the depressurization of the airlock.


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“Captain,” Commander Idari said, “my tricorder reads that the atmosphere outside is breathable. It would seem that we only need the specialized footwear to exit the vessel safely.”

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As the group exited Airlock 1, signs of recent use were present. It was apparent that someone already exited the ship before they did. Whether they were still outside was a different matter entirely. As they left the ship and walked on the ship’s exterior with magnetic boots, they didn’t find anyone outside. If they were to reach the same point the two Engineers had reached, he would spot the Ferengi gentleman who was making his way slowly towards the ship.

Commander Idari, CSO

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“Ah, more of your crewmates and oh, your Captain, I presume. As I was saying earlier, welcome to this deserted planet where subspace communications doesn’t really work. I am Zank, and I happen to save your ship from crashing… but at the great cost of loosing most of my reserve power in my ship… and burning out the remaining of my power generators. Don’t worry, I expect the Federation to compensate me handsomely once we all figure out how to get out of here, I’m keeping a tab of what to bill you all lot later.”

Natalie asked “Do you have any idea of where we are exactly?”

“We’re on a remote tropical island on this planet. We’re fortunate that it’s only us, the natives are not what I call technologically advanced,” replied Zank.

She asked taking in the desert island surroundings “I’m Captain Natalie Greer.”
She said extending her hand to the Ferengi and said, “Thank you for helping us out.”

Zank shook the Captain’s hand.

She said, “My Chief Engineer, Lt. (j.g.) MacMoragh and one of his staff members, Ensign Munchkin, my Chief of Security, Lt. Thoon Furood, my Chief Science Officer, Commander Idari Solit.”

“Nice to meet you all,” replied Zank.

She took a look around “How many others are on the island?”

“Other than your crew, Captain, myself and my wife who is back on my ship. My ship is unfortunately buried deep based on the crash impact. We are lucky to have survived, but not so lucky in terms of our ship. We were traveling on our vacation when we encountered an anomaly out of nowhere and got sucked in.”


Natalie nodded “Okay, well once we can get our ship fixed and back in flying order, we can get you out of here with us.” She said and looked at her science officer “Let’s see what else we can find out about this place.” She said “Then we can move forward.” She looked at the Chief Engineer “We need to assess the damage to the ship and see what needs to be repaired if it can be repaired.” She said “Would you like to go get your wife and bring her here?” She asked.


“I don’t think leaving our ship behind is a good idea, there are natives on this planet that are technologically less advanced than we are. Ideally, if you can tractor our ship, that would be beneficial. As for my wife, it is quite a bit of a walk, Captain. We’re actually fairly comfortable in our ship per the moment, with sufficient food supplies. We’ve been here for a couple months now, so we have a bit of experience of what food is edible and not. Also, we’ve started to grow our own food but I don’t think we have enough to feed your crew.”


Rebecca had followed the captain out as she had been ordered. she was surveying the land trying to spot any hostiles. She had grabbed her old sniper rifle form her quarters and her pistols. She wanted to be armed just in case. As the captain and the ferengi spoke. Rebecca noticed the captain hadn’t introduced her. It didn’t bother her, it just seemed odd. Less people who knew her name the better.

“You said there are natives to the planet. Do you know where their main home is?”she asked “Captain i could go do some recon see whats what if you want.” she added.

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