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“Ah, more of your crewmates and oh, your Captain, I presume. As I was saying earlier, welcome to this deserted planet where subspace communications doesn’t really work. I am Zank, and I happen to save your ship from crashing… but at the great cost of loosing most of my reserve power in my ship… and burning out the remaining of my power generators. Don’t worry, I expect the Federation to compensate me handsomely once we all figure out how to get out of here, I’m keeping a tab of what to bill you all lot later.”

Fool, Solit thought to himself. Rule of Acquisition Number 7 - “Keep your ears open.” - and Rule of Acquisition Number 190 - “Hear all, trust nothing.” - came to mind immediately. The Ferengi had told them that he was going to bill the Federation for his activities, which gave Idari time to figure out how, exactly, to charge Zank in direct proportion - or maybe even more. Every time he met a Ferengi who had become complacent, Solit understood a little better just how his grandfather - a Bajoran - had amassed such a large fortune on Ferenginar.

Natalie asked “Do you have any idea of where we are exactly?”
“We’re on a remote tropical island on this planet. We’re fortunate that it’s only us, the natives are not what I call technologically advanced,” replied Zank.

Commander Idari, still keeping his face stoic, understood the answer to both be affirmative and negative. Where they were on the planet was helpful, but it had no bearing on where they were in time or space. Besides that, Rule 239 - “Never be afraid to mislabel a product.” - sprang to mind. Just because the Ferengi seemed to be above board, he couldn’t be sure that he was.

She asked taking in the desert island surroundings “I’m Captain Natalie Greer.”
She said extending her hand to the Ferengi and said, “Thank you for helping us out.”

Zank shook the Captain’s hand.

She said, “My Chief Engineer, Lt. (j.g.) MacMoragh and one of his staff members, Ensign Munchkin, my Chief of Security, Lt. Thoon Furood, my Chief Science Officer, Commander Idari Solit.”

“Nice to meet you all,” replied Zank.

Commander Idari said, “Given the circumstances, I think that I would rather that our paths had never crossed.” It was snippish, but then again, the sentiment wasn’t dishonest.

“Assuredly, Commander Idari, being stuck on a remote planet is the farthest profitable idea possible,” replied Zank, “But as Rule of Acquisition 236 states, ‘You can’t buy fate.’“

Solit was tempted to debate the applicability of the Rule with Zank then and there, but he chose not to make his familiarity with Ferengi traditions obvious - at least, not yet. He was fairly certain that, even if the Alliance didn’t spread news of a dark-skinned man with Cardassian, Bajoran, and Vulcan features, rumors about a Bajoran with a half-Cardassian son would have persisted. Solit didn’t want to out himself as being related without due cause.

She took a look around “How many others are on the island?”

“Other than your crew, Captain, myself and my wife who is back on my ship. My ship is unfortunately buried deep based on the crash impact. We are lucky to have survived, but not so lucky in terms of our ship. We were traveling on our vacation when we encountered an anomaly out of nowhere and got sucked in.”


Natalie nodded “Okay, well once we can get our ship fixed and back in flying order, we can get you out of here with us.” She said and looked at her science officer “Let’s see what else we can find out about this place.” She said “Then we can move forward.” She looked at the Chief Engineer “We need to assess the damage to the ship and see what needs to be repaired if it can be repaired.” She said “Would you like to go get your wife and bring her here?” She asked.


“I don’t think leaving our ship behind is a good idea, there are natives on this planet that are technologically less advanced than we are. Ideally, if you can tractor our ship, that would be beneficial. As for my wife, it is quite a bit of a walk, Captain. We’re actually fairly comfortable in our ship per the moment, with sufficient food supplies. We’ve been here for a couple months now, so we have a bit of experience of what food is edible and not. Also, we’ve started to grow our own food but I don’t think we have enough to feed your crew.”


Rebecca had followed the captain out as she had been ordered. she was surveying the land trying to spot any hostiles. She had grabbed her old sniper rifle form her quarters and her pistols. She wanted to be armed just in case. As the captain and the ferengi spoke. Rebecca noticed the captain hadn’t introduced her. It didn’t bother her, it just seemed odd. Less people who knew her name the better.

“You said there are natives to the planet. Do you know where their main home is?”she asked “Captain i could go do some recon see whats what if you want.” she added.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

“Off of this island, somewhere. I only had limited sensor data before my computer failed,” said the Ferengi, “But we are far remote as it is. And gravity on this planet is a little heavier than we’re use to.”


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IC: “This is my Intelligence officer Lt. Lane. ” Natalie nodded to Lane “Okay, so what has this place got to offer and is it the atmosphere that is blocking our communications or something else?” She asked


Zane merely nodded at Lt. Lane.

“I could not isolated it, it seems like there is a diamagnetic field covering the island. Probably from some kind of diamagnetic ore deposit,” said Zank.


Idari nodded to indicate that he was listening to the conversation, but immediately, he began to think through the ramifications of Zank’s statement. Heavy metals underneath their feet were one thing, but if they were on top of, say, a large quantity of uranium, they definitely needed to get off the island sooner rather than later. Then again, if they could find the heart of the deposit, they might be able to use some of the material to get the fusion generators fully operational. It still wouldn’t do much for the warp core, but it would be a start.

Commander Idari, CSO

Natalie looked at Idari “Can you pick up anything in the ground that might be of use to us?” She asked quietly as she turned back to the Ferengi “Okay. Thank you for the information.” She as she turned to the others that were with her “Let’s get an idea of what kind of damage we’ve got going on to the outer hull of the ship and let’s find out if we have anything underneath us that might be of use.” She ordered as she started to move toward the Asimov.

Commander Idari pulled out his tricorder surreptitiously, hoping that he could get a reading. Seeing as he was able to perform atmospheric analysis with his tricorder before they left the ship, it was quite sensible to expect that it could function just as well outside of the ship.

She stopped just short of it and sighed “This is not going to be a fun report to write.” She muttered “Seven days. Seven days, if even that.” She muttered as she took in the ship in front of her. Natalie looked at the crew with her “Get scans and let’s see what’s going on.”


Tricorder scans would reveal no radiation sources, but that was all they could get from the tricorder readings. The diamagnetic field was interfering with the sensor scans. A more powerful sensor, like the ship’s sensors, might be able to cancel out the diamagnetic field’s interference if the deflector was used in conjunction to counteract the diamagnetic field. Tricorder scans against any plant life, as they would discover, would only work if they held it against the tricorder.


With that, Solit cursed that their technology was so advanced. He was certain that something like the primitive tools he’d heard about during his formative years on Alpha Centauri - a geiger counter, an assaying device, even a cylindrical soil mold and a drop hammer if it came to it - would be better for the current environment. Regrettably, he had no way of replicating them, and he was certain that the lab on the Asimov were too advanced to have any such devices.

“The environment seems to be as troublesome for hand scanners as it is for subspace communications, Captain,” Solit said as softly as he could to Greer.

Commander Idari, CSO

Lillian stumble out of the airlock and sore the group with the captain she had been assign as security but it had taken longer that expected to get down to the cargo bays as she was alway stoping to help with injured crew members all of whom she didn’t know as she like most had been on the ship less than a week and now we where crashed in to a planet in an unknown place.
Lillian had managed to get a hand phaser she was alone no partner had been assign as far as she knew, but she guess if one was in a state to help they would be assigned.

Lillian walked up beside the group as they appeared to be trying to get the lay of the land with their Tricorder and from the other crashed ships captain.

Lillian Knew the best kind of security guards where the kind that no one sore until they where needed. she took a place with her back to the ship as treats where less likly to come from there and watched the edge of the group and waited…

Ensign Lillian Anderson Security

“What have you done to restore power to your ship’s communications? Maybe we can help to boost your communications.”


Zank eyed MacMoragh. “Did you catch the part where my ship is buried deep?”

Temp GM

“Not to mention the part where I used all my reserved power to save your ship? Look, you are all Starfleet officers, isn’t it your job to explore new life and new civilizations? Your one of those miracle worker Starfleet Engineers, aren’t you? You probably could build a boat to the main continent in a couple of hours and get over there to find out what is over there,” said Zank.


Natalie looked at Zank “We understand all of that.” She said turning to him “We’re going to take everything into consideration.” She said “If we need to go to the main island we will. I will send one or two of my engineers to your ship to help you get some power going. In return, you will stop reminding us that the Federation owes you. I will put it in my report to Star Fleet Command that you saved us at the compromise of your own ship and safety and that you should be compensated for your services.” She said “Does that sound fair.”

Solit cursed his commanding officer in his thoughts. Now they would actually have to give the Ferengi something instead of charging him for things like vessel salvage and towing, among other things. However, the way that the CO had phrased it, there was still a decent possibility of back charging these things against the anticipated compensation.

“Yes Captain. I apologise, it seemed like your Chief Engineer didn’t hear me the first time. I hope your Engineers can help but I don’t know if power can be restored at all.”

Lillian could hear the conversation as the got a bit louder.

She asked before turning back to her team and looked at Lillian, she was a new crew member “Okay Ms. Anderson, I want you to and Lt Lane to set up a perimeter and make sure that we are not in danger.” She said

“Yes Sir” Lillian Looked the Lt near her and waited for orders as the minor officer it was not her place to take the lead.

Natalie looked at MacMoragh “Can you see anything that might be inhibiting our ability to communicate, even on the ship?” She asked as she began to walk around the ship and look at structural integrity and damage to the communications array.



Ensign Lillian Anderson Security

Solit had a sudden thought; he switched his tricorder to passive mode. If subspace devices were failing to register anything, it made no sense to keep using subspace-powered sensor capabilities. He wasn’t sure if radiation would show up in this mode, either - or anything else, for that matter - but if the tricorder wasn’t looking for the reflections from active scans it was sending, it might change what readings he was getting.

Commander Idari, CSO

The tricorder gave more readings before, but without a specific target, the only thing Commander Idari could discern was that there was more data available than before.


Rebecca looked at Lillian Great now I’m baby sitting she thought to herself “Alright kid come on” she said cocking her rifle. She always loved the sound of the ammunition going into the chamber. She then started walking. She would walk for half an hour the complete a circle. that should give her a good idea of the size of the island. Rebecca wanted to look for some high ground as well. “You do know how to use that right?” she asked Lillian indicating to the phaser.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

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