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Posted April 4, 2020, 3:49 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rebecca Lane (Intelligence Officer) (Nathan Derricutt)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rebecca Lane (Intelligence Officer) in Main sim: Rebecca’s reconnaissance Tag Lillian and the GM

Posted by Gamemaster Janus (Gamemaster) in Main sim: Rebecca’s reconnaissance Tag Lillian and the GM
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OOC: Just thought i’d keep this separate so it doesn’t get lost or make the Main sim thread to long and confusing for people.

IC: Rebecca looked at Lillian Great now I’m baby sitting she thought to herself “Alright kid come on” she said cocking her rifle. She always loved the sound of the ammunition going into the chamber.

Lillian nodded to the Lieutenant and fell in to step with her as she cocked her rifle which was a bit odd sound that one did not hear that often.

She then started walking. She would walk for half an hour the complete a circle. that should give her a good idea of the size of the island. Rebecca wanted to look for some high ground as well. “You do know how to use that right?” she asked Lillian indicating to the phaser.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

“Yes sir My last trip did not go a smooth as the One might have liked” Lillian said as she remembered the plant thing attaching her crew and academy mates.
“I was also resided on starships all my life and not that unused to crash landing either, not my first crash is it yours first ?”
Lillian tried to start a conversation as they walked while keeping her eyes studying the near distance for threats. Lillian had her rifle at the ready

Ensign Lillian Anderson Security

Rebecca shook her head “No Kid it’s not my first. But i don’t make a habit of it” she said as she walked scanning for any landmarks or useful places, like water sources or food that might be edible “However I’m usually the one causing ships to crash, Of course i was getting paid to do it then.” she said a slight smirk on her face.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

They encountered a spring. Apparently, the path was well traveled. And footprints lead back to the Ferengi’s vessel, which showed that the Ferengi and his wife used this spring as a water source for the last month or so since they have been here. Tracks also lead toward the ocean from the spring.


Rebecca followed the tracks to the spring and took out a note pad and pen form her pocket. she scribbled down a few things then put ti back. she then turned and found the nearest tree, before taking out her knife and carving a rough water drop into he tree “If we make a land mark we can easily find the spring. which will be essential for survival we can’t get the replicator working.” she said explaining what she was doing just in case Lillian wasn’t sure.

She then looked at the track heading for the ocean “Tracks head this way. Lets follow them” she said as she started walking.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

Upon this ruby red sand that was mixed with patches of primrose, the alien ocean was in shades of blue and green as the waves washed upon the shore. The sand gave off a sweltering heat, which had been baked by the hot and humid weather. The ruby red sand was likely the same material that blocked the subspace transmissions, but it did gradually blend into a more traditional primrose color at the water’s edge, which could mean that the subspace communicators could work if someone was standing in the ocean. In the distance, they found two little makeshift chairs and makeshift canopy for the shade. They could see a fishing rod that was made by the Ferengi couple, piled next to one of the chairs. Given the worn path and the chairs, Lane could logically guess the couple were here for quite some time. It was obvious the Ferengi couple had made a survivable life here, such as it was. Lane also spotted a leaf that was rolled up in a way that looked like a spy lens. At the end of the leaf was a piece of broken plastic that was purposely bent in a lens shape.

In the far off distance, Lane could swear she could spot land. Perhaps another continent or the mainland to this island. If she had sharp eyes, she could see smoke in the far off distance… but if she didn’t, she would have to use the spy glass to assist her. If she had any telepathic or empathy abilities, she could sense other beings in the far off distance, if her powers worked at a considerable range.



Rebecca noticed the land and the smoke she grabbed the spy glass and looked down it at the land mass. The scope on her rifle wasn’t powerful enough to reach that far. If it was she would have used it instead of the spyglass. After all a ferengi had touched it and you never knew what you could catch off a ferengi. Rebecca hated them, she often enjoyed the jobs where she got to kill one more than any other.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

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