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Hours after several members of the crew including the Captain had left the ship and returned, the senior staff gathered in the Conference Room, which had been coordinated through relaying messages through runners, and a couple of handheld radios which someone among the crew, happen to have from their early childhood days.

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Keegan was dressed in a very formal uniform. Freshly pressed reddish uniform with black creased pants. Keegan stood by seat.

Murphy, 2IC

Natalie walked into the conference room and took a seat while she waited for the rest of her crew to arrive. She walked over to the replicator and ordered a glass of water. She crossed her fingers and hoped that it actually worked. She smoothed her hair back out of her face, she was annoyed that they had crashed the new ship and she was annoyed that they didn’t know where they were and they didn’t know exactly how they were going to get back where they were supposed to be.


The replicator failed to power on. And with the computers down, Natalie knew it was only wishful thinking or force of habit of living with technology. It was unusual for Murphy to wear such a clean and freshly pressed uniform, considering the ship had crashed. The only logical conclusion is that he might have used so much chemicals to make it stay that way… a ship crash would have caused most of everyone’s clothing to wrinkle in some way.


Natalie sighed and turned back to the table “Okay. I will send a runner for the Chief Engineer, the Chief Science officer and Chief of Security who are outside.” She said as she stepped to the door and motioned for an NE to go get the others and bring them in so that they could get an update on the condition of the ship and what needed to be done.


Zen entered at that point, a small box of water rations in hand. He raised his eyebrows as he came face to face with the captain. “Thirsty?” He asked and entering put the box on the table and sat down in a seat.


Natalie simply nodded and took one of the containers of water “How we have come to rely on technology and now that we don’t have it, we are somewhat lost.” She said as she sat down “The others will be here shortly. They are finishing up giving orders for those outside.”


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Idari walked into the room, still thinking about how to best approach determining what was interfering with their subspace usage. It was likely part of a clue as to how they had crash landed on the planet. The fact that they were also potentially in the past - or the future - of an unknown planet was frustrating. Overall, he was hoping to meet up with Lieutenant Cewa eventually, and maybe anyone else from his department, and figure out a way to survey the planet. For the moment, though, he knew the Captain might have other priorities.
He shook out the arm that had broken, still sore - even more so from the climb from the upper airlock he’d used after going from ground level. He knew that it was strange to walk on the exterior of the vessel instead of using the Jeffries to scale the ship, but his legs were in better order, and a hike of less than a kilometer on gravity boots took less time than it would have to use all of the ladders in the ship - at least right now.
(Commander Idari, CSO)

Zen offered the box of water ration sacks to Idari as he entered and sat down in his seat waiting for the meeting to start. He licked his lips slightly and felt his mouth to be dry. Not ‘thirsty’ yet but he would be in a few days.


Lucas walked in and observed everyone in the room. The air was… tense. Zen was feeling a bit peckish. Recent events had brought a strange affect about everyone.

-Dr Lucas Calvin

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