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The equipment was badly damaged, the delicate science equipment had been utterly crushed by other things in the cargo bay. Ensign Smythe could hardly tell what the original purpose of the device he was trying to fix. He did identify some key computer chips which he pretty sure he had spares for, he hoped. Based on the various chips used, he could likely deduce that it was a geological survey device.


“I can tell you that repairing this might actually be impossible,” Jon said. “We might have some spare parts for a couple components, but I can’t promise 100% restoration.”

Ens. Smythe

Veyn rubbed a hand over his mouth to hide his embarrassed expression. He might be no engineer, but he liked to think that he knew when technology was salvageable. Apparently, he did not. “We’re trying to prepare for a geological study of the surface of the island,” Lieutenant Cewa said as he dropped his hand. “Do you have any suggestions for how to modify what other machinery we do have with these parts to make that doable?”

(Lt. Cewa, Science)

Solit pursed his lips. He had brought along digging equipment, both automated and manual, but of course, they were looking at an analyzer before anything else.

“Honestly, what we really need are tools and methods for determining average material density, chemical reactivity, physical reactivity, malleability, hardness, plasticity, magnetic resonance, and a determination of which elemental table to use for any given sample.” Commander Idari motioned toward the gear that Smythe was checking. “Of course, that particular item would have done all that with a single four kilogram sample of material, which means that our job would be much easier.”

He pulled a portable automatic excavation device over while Smythe was still looking at the analysis device.

“Maybe we can start with something that doesn’t require as much calibration. If you can make this dig, we might be able to do the rest manually.”

(Commander Idari, CSO)

Jon sighed and took the excavator. It seemed all he could do today was disappoint senior officers.

Casting an eye over the new device, he looked to see if there was anything that could be done for this one.

Ens. Smythe

Lt. Cewa tapped his foot, physically displaying his impatience. He was usually a calm and collected individual, but this whole ordeal had rattled him, and the prospect of doing something that might actually be helpful gave him hope that he might find a distraction from the dire situation they found themselves in. He pressed a hand to his still-healing forehead.

(Lt. Cewa, Science)

With the material that the science officers brought, Ensign Smythe could still fashion a basic shovel. With a standard tricorder, he could integrate some of the special chips that Commander Idari wanted to use to perform the detailed analysis on the soil samples, but it would take at least a day or two, even with help. Looking around all the other problems in Engineering, Ensign Smythe wondered what the priority of this particular request would be, given the challenges the Engineering department currently faced.


“OK, sirs, I can do something with this one, but it won’t be quick,” Jon said. “At least a day, more likely two. Rebuilding a fancy shovel isn’t exactly top priority around here.”

For emphasis, he gestured around the mostly-dark Engineering space, where crewmen were flitting around clearing debris and taking stock of the damage to the ship, and assessing what could be done to restore critical systems.

Ens. Smythe

“If you could get us multiple shovels, that would be better, but if it’s the one, we can probably fashion something like a wheelbarrow to bring the sample back to the ship,” Commander Idari replied. “Honestly, you would think that these would have been better secured and manually locked inside their cases instead of relying upon a power supply to protect them.”

(Commander Idari, CSO)

“I’m only sure I can make the one,” Jon said. “And even then, like I said, sirs, it’ll be a couple days at least.”

Ens. Smythe

“Commander,” said an NE security officer who was happen to listening on the conversation, who was acting as a runner for Engineering, “I was present when that Ferengi merchant Zank approached us. Do you think his urgency to get off this planet is worth enough to provide us shoves, if he has any?”


“Well, if all we’re getting out of the excavator is a shovel anyway,” Solit said, “I suppose that it wouldn’t hurt to negotiate for supplies.”

Commander Idari paused and looked back to Smythe.

“What were you working on before we arrived, anyway? Is there a way in which some of my department’s personnel could assist you?”

About this time, MacMoragh entered what was left of Engineering and said, “Report.”


Commander Idari, CSO

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