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Posted June 28, 2020, 4:08 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Rebecca Lane (Intelligence Officer) (Nathan Derricutt)

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Posted by Ensign Lillian Anderson (Security Officer) in Beach - Main Sim

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Per the instructions of Lt. Lane, a group of ensigns were ordered to build a raft when Lt. Lane had been ordered to go to the Conference Room. The ensigns had completed the construction of the makeshift raft and just completed testing its ability to float on the water. It was ready to be used by the away team who needed to get to the mainland.


Lane had just returned form the conference room. She had to change she was wearing black cotton trousers and a grey cotton shirt with a black jacket. Shad asked ensign Anderson, the girl seemed to have her head screwed on, which was good. She had also asked for a member of medical and a science officer to join her.

Lieut Lane (Intelligance)

Lillian had been off hunting for non-descript clothing so she would not stand out in the local village. Lillian had decided on a pair of grey paints and a white button down shirt. Lillian arrived at the boat building site and found LT Lane there Lillian had also found here old sling shot and had placed in in her back pocket that was a weapon she could use with out affecting the Locals and it silent.
“LT Lane” Lillian and acknowledge the LT as she approached the area.
” I am ready to go”

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Lillian Anderson Security

Amber was ready to go and was with the others. Her own attire simple and plain enough to not speak of someplace strange… she hoped. She was in a pair of black leggings with a loose skirt wrapped around her that was high above her knees in front and swept down to her calves in the back. Her top was a simple blue short sleeve tunic with a matching blue over shirt of similar material to appear almost as a lightweight jacket.

(cut in from split)
<insert away team members here>

The raft made it across the water safely and uneventful. In the distance to the north, they could hear the sounds of a busy market, of commerce and of entertainment. To the east, were the sounds of a forest. To the west, a rising path that seemed to slowly rise into the mountain range in the far off distance. The road between the village to the north and the forest seemed well traveled, while the path to the mountain range was less traveled. It was still visible, and still shown some signs of limited use.


As they made shore on the other side, Amber stepped aside and let everyone else get up on the beach before they decided where to go next.

(Anyone else joining us?)

Rebecca got out and looked around “Alright remember we are here to observe only. We need to see what is going on and if anything her can be useful. So try and be as subtle as possible and don’t engage with anyone you don’t need to” she said simply Rebecca didn’t know how well it was going to go she had done things like this before but her shipmates might not have. If they got into trouble it would be a mess to deal with.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

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