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– Outside the ship –
With nothing to do on the ship but re-analyze the sensor data ad nauseum and wait for their digging equipment to be repaired, Solit’s choice to accept an assignment to go visit Zank was a matter of practicality more than anything. He asked Lieutenant Cewa to join him specifically because neither of them were going to be leaving the island any time soon unless it was to make use of hand-held subspace devices in the middle of the sea (or gulf, or ocean, or whatever sized body of water surrounded the island), given that their distinctive physical traits would be difficult to conceal from the villagers. Instead, here he was, off to barter with the Ferengi who had been just as regrettably detoured as the Asimov.

“Well, Lieutenant, my father was raised in the Ferengi Alliance, so I’ve had plenty of experience with them,” Commander Idari said, trying to break the monotony of the walk. “How much have you been around them and their particularly aggressive version of capitalism?”

(Commander Idari, CSO)

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Commander Idari finally reached the downed Ferengi vessel, and began to look around for Zank or his wife.

“Hello? I’m looking for Mister Zank. My Captain mentioned that you were willing to provide assistance in return for aid in departing this planet.”

Solit was a little uneasy about this plan. He was certain that, had he been able to determine what material was causing the diamagnetic field, he may have been able to determine how to create a reverse polarity field without the Asimov operating a full power.

(Commander Idari, CSO)

A beautiful woman appeared at the entrance to the ship. “Ah, you must be looking for my husband. I will go get him,” said the woman. She looked part Deltan, part Risian.

Moments later, Zank appeared. “What can I do for you, Commander?” asked Zank.


A shift in the timeline occurred and the fabric of reality warped. Idari could have sworn he was with a Lt. Cewa a moment ago but the name was starting to fade, as history overwritten, and a Lt. Cmdr. Wessley Tate took the place of the young Lieutenant Cewa.

“Excuse me, I meant to say, Commanders,” said Zank, “I failed to notice the Lieutenant Commander’s correct rank. I thought it was Lieutenant.”


Tate was slightly confused be the feeling was starting to fade. He realized Idari was probably in charge of this particular mission, but spoke anyone. “It seems we have a business opportunity in front of us Mr. Zank. One that might be profitable for all parties.” He knew how to talk to Ferengis but he wasn’t sure how much of his own end was a bluff.

-Lt. Cmdr. Tate

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OOC: The short of it is that you crashed on the planet and the ship is broken without power. Zank’s ship saved the Asimov from being damaged completely, and his driving motivation is to get off the planet. He has already told the crew he’s been here a couple months before you guys, and that using his tractor beam on the Asimov pretty much used all of the remaining emergency power he had. The end goal is to see if any parts of Zank’s ship can be used to repair the ship, or whether he’s willing to sell it to you, or sell you more information about the planet. Obviously, he told the Captain that he plans to bill the Federation for saving your lives but Solit feels something doesn’t exactly add up.


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Solit decided to get right to the point. He couldn’t actually analyze the metal that made the base of the island, and which was disrupting subspace fields, in a timely fashion due to equipment breakdown. The star chart on his hand held device was, to say the least, incomplete, mostly due to the sensor disruptions which happened during the rapid exit and descent from the anomaly.

“We need a complete star map, if you have one available,” Solit said. “Also, have you seen any indications that this island might not be a wholly natural formation?”

It was the old bait-and-switch - ask for something relatively innocuous, then throw out a whammy to get the other man off guard. He wasn’t sure if Zank would fall for it or not, but he was hedging his bets. A Ferengi who had a wife like that clearly had more lobes than he was showing.

(Commander Idari, CSO)

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