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Rebecca got out and looked around “Alright remember we are here to observe only. We need to see what is going on and if anything her can be useful. So try and be as subtle as possible and don’t engage with anyone you don’t need to” she said simply Rebecca didn’t know how well it was going to go she had done things like this before but her shipmates might not have. If they got into trouble it would be a mess to deal with.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

“Are we going to the market?” asked the NE who assigned to the away team.

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Amber spoke up. “And please. Don’t eat or drink anything. We don’t have a way to scan and be sure all the stuff is compatible with our systems or safe for us to eat.” She reminded everyone as well.



A wave or some shift of perception washed over them. Once stood a Commander Zennneth Kaida, now stood a Commander Sara Kiernan. The crew seemed aware of this odd duality for only a brief moment, as if it was natural, but memories of Zenneth Kaida’s presence in certain events after the crash only held memories of Commander Sara Kiernan. The change was natural to all the crew and no one seemed to question it, unless they were El-Aurian.

Lillian shivered like some one walked over here grave and shock it off and continue on.
“Commander,” said the NE, “I don’t suppose it’s a violation of the Prime Directive to offer small improvements in technology or methods to things they are already making, would it? Take for example, candle making, adding salt to a candle would make it last longer. If that’s something they aren’t doing, that knowledge is valuable since candles would last longer.”


Amber felt the duality like a long momentary flash of deja vu. “Wow…” she murmured and shook her head to clear it before coming back to the conversation. “That’s an interesting thought.” She murmured with a small smile.


Sara thought for a moment. “If we remain within their current phase of technological development, we should be fine.” Then she added “Try to keep eyes on each other while we’re in the market. Something on this planet has interfered with comms before. Nothing says it can’t crop up again.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“Commander, now that we are across the water, my tricorder is functionally normally. I am able to determine the reading on the island composition,” replied an NE, “It seems the entire island is made of an unknown mineral that interferes with subspace and it encompasses the entire island. It seems the effect wears off about 100 meters away from the island where the material is no longer present. At full power, the ship’s communication should be able to compensate its effects. I am not detecting the mineral anywhere near us currently.”


“Hopefully they will try and boost comms to reach us once power is restored.” She smiled, a bit relieved, that there was a chance they wouldn’t spend the whole time down here separated from the ship every time someone left the island.

Lillian was just listening to the members of the team as they reported in.

Lillian Anderson

“Very well. Let’s go shopping.” Sara turned to enter the market, considering the prime directive. For the time being, she just looked and listened.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Following the XO, Amber laughed lightly. “Everyone remember where we crashed.” They were heading into the unknown with no support other than their wits. Might as well relieve the tension a bit now. She doubted there would be time later.


The makeshift blanket robes that were made by various security officers served to keep the crew’s identity’s hidden and reduce their interference in the Prime Directive as they wandered into the marketplace square. It was a small medieval styled town, if one were to hazard to guess, about the same level of technology as the European middle ages. Notable differences did include glass windows on various buildings, and stone work architecture was present all around. Though a dirt road lead from their original landing point, as they walked closer to town, the road became smoother, and the road was slowly developed with cobblestones.

Horse-like creatures and various animal creatures were ridden as a means of transport. There were wagons and carriages also pulled by various creatures. In the center of the town was the market, with many stalls set up with makeshift tents and the like, as vendors peddled their wares. The air was completely clean, and there was no indication of chimneys on houses or the various buildings – which was unusual. The smell of delicious food hung in the air, as vendors sold freshly cooked foods and fresh produce.

They could hear the sounds of craftsmen working in the distance, in particular, people building a house, and a blacksmith working with metal. People seemed cheerful, and the mood of the town seemed peaceful. The town seemed simple, but it was definitely a center of commerce and trading – at least for the surrounding area. The town had a large dock, but no sea ships were currently available. A tricorder scan would indicate the town to be of a medium size, and further adjustments would show farmland not too far off.

The away team’s presence and unusual clothing didn’t seem to stand out, fortunately. Their bright colors and uniforms did not seem to be as outlandish, but it was unusual. A town guard passed them by but did not seem to be that interested in them.


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Sara looked around and noted the lack of chimneys. How are these places heated? And how is the blacksmith clearing smoke? she thought. Since they had no money, and nothing more than their skills to barter, she kept her distance, trying to look as though she was just passing through. Quietly, she asked the away team, “Thoughts anyone?”

-Cmdr SaraKiernan, XO

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