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Posted by Commander Sara Kiernan (Executive Officer) in CO Check In

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Sara entered the bridge and nodded to the various officers on duty. She came to the captain’s ready room and rang the door chime, slightly nervous.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Natalie was seated at her desk. She was reading over the report that had involved Kaida. She looked up “Enter.” She said setting the report aside “Commander, please have a seat.” She said “Would you care for something to drink?” Natalie asked walking over to the replicator.


“Black coffee. Thank you.” Sara took a seat in front of the captain’s desk. She put a PaDD on the Captain’s desk with her service record and orders on it.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

OOC: For reference, we’re going to assume this happened before the Asimov left Starbase 243, at the beginning of the sim.


Kaida had left the ship per the report involving Kaida, and it seemed Kiernan was stepping in.


OOC: My bad. Yes this happened before the ship left for their shake down cruise. Fixing the thread.

IC: Natalie looked at Kiernan “So before becoming an XO, what was your area of speciality?” She asked as she handed over a cup of black coffee.


“I was a science officer. First aboard the USS Poseidon, then CSO on the USS Dunkirk.” Sara took a sip of coffee. “Astrophysics was my subspecialty. It’s still a strong interest.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Natalie nodded “As you know, we’re a front line ship. If there’s a problem, we are one of the first to get assigned. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that all of our missions are peaches and cream, easy, first contact situations. We often take a beating in our missions. Natalie gestured to the ship they were on “This is a brand new ship. We’ll be leaving shortly for our shake down mission.” She said “I would really like to not blow up in the first week.” She said jokingly.

Sara chuckled. “Understood Captain.”

“What questions do you have for me?” Natalie asked.


“I suppose I have to ask, if we don’t get peaches and cream, easy, first contact situations, what exactly is the mission profile for the Asimov?”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Natalie smiled “We are one of the front line ships for conflict if one come up.” She said “Our mission depends on the day. We can be doing relief work one day and fighting the next. It just depends on what comes our way.” She said.


Sara sipped her coffee. “I understand this is a new ship. A rechristening.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

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