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Arriving at the building that was made of concrete, the away team found a three story building, with the first floor what appeared to be a Japanese restaurant. The sign outside was in Japanese, that read: 異世界焼き鳥 (Isekai Yakatori) – the universal translator translated the text as “Different World Yakatori”

The building was styled Japanese, and stood out radically different from the rest of the buildings on the street. Additionally, the tricorder indicated the building was in slight dimensional flux.


Amber frowned at her translator, “Different World Yakatori. Yakatori may be a local phrase. But my guess is ‘different world’ may relate to the fact that with this place being slightly out of phase, we are in a different world to whomever this place belongs to. Question is, do we trust it enough not to phase out with us in it?” She glanced at that others. “Commander,” she nodded to the XO, “I think even if we choose to enter, it wouldn’t be wise for you to. You are too valuable to risk if we phase out. And someone would need to let the Asimov know what occurred.” She didn’t like the idea of anyone going in. But if they were, which, sadly, they needed to to get answers, the XO seemed to much at risk to take a chance.


OOC: FYI, Yakatori can mean “grilled chicken” but in most cases, the word is actually borrowed from Japanese which means basically a bar that serves grilled Japanese food and beer.

“Actually, Doctor, the tricorder readings show the door is a stable anchor in this universe – if I’m reading this correctly, the building is existing in both dimensions and/or universes at the same time,” said the NE. They saw patrons enter and exit the restaurant without any hesitation or any issues entering/leaving the restaurant. The doctor’s medical tricorder would show no abnormalities from entering and exiting the restaurant of the patrons and even the waitress who helped guests in and out. They called in the traditional Japanese greeting of welcome and thank you for those entering and exiting respectfully. The smell of freshly cooked Japanese food hung in the air and towards the away team. From the distance of the times the restaurant door that opened, they could see a cook in a modern 20th century restaurant – equipped with electricity and lights.


“If it exists in both places at once… we need to investigate. Your concerns are noted doctor, but astrophysics was my realm before command. I need to have a look for myself. Besides, the closer we get to familiar cultures, the less likely we are to create a problem.” Sara stepped in and glanced around, avoiding direct eye contact.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Amber nodded respectfully. “Of course. Just wanted to offer it up.” She laughed slightly knowing the woman wasn’t going to just cave and sit back. It wasn’t how you earned The Chair. But she had to have it on record. The reverse would have been true if she had been the one to be asked to remain outside.

Stepping in, Amber let her companions’ bodies hid her tricorder scans of the place.


As the away team entered the shop, the waitress greeted them. They could see it was modern, bright with electric lighting, and it had a L-shaped counter with seats lined up. There were various tables around the room, accommodating for parties of different sizes. In one of the corner of the room was a small Japanese shrink, with fresh offerings given. The chairs were all the same, made out of wood, with cushioned seating that seemed very much of 20th century style. The main chef worked behind the counter, with glass windows allowing customers to see the chef work. There was a grill with food already cooking on it: grilled chicken, beef, pork and vegetables on skewers. At the moment, the chef was unwrapping a package that was wrapped with a Japanese newspaper, and from what they could see – a date was on the newspaper: 2014/04/05. The newspaper looked somewhat new, but it was definitely aged by what it was protecting – a fish wrapped in plastic.

“Welcome!” said the waitress enthusiastically. “Party of 5?” she asked.

“Yes. Thank you.” Sara replied.

“Please, sit here,” said the waitress, as she offered a table with 5 seats. She brought over three light snack appetizers and placed them on the table, then she asked, “Would you like anything to drink?” True to Japanese fashion, she was super polite, and did not seem to be inclined to ask their business or ask them about their clothing.


“Tea.” Sara said with a gentle smile.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

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