USS Aztec
Captain: Tralla Zoarhi
Player: Kirt Gartner

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Executive Officer: Jade Jones
Player:Jade Jones

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Game Master (GM): Mouse
GM: Tyra Schroll

Mission Information: Updated 11 March 2018

"A Broken Quiet"

The USS Aztec has received a distress call to Science Station Valhalla, where they find that the station has been attacked by an unknown ship. Upon looking in the database for information on the station, there is nothing really to be found except for a large file marked classified and the only access to it is through Admiral Carson, of Section 31. After making contact with him, the Aztec is orders to save one Alfonso DeGuerrera, the head of genetic engineering on the station. Upon arrival, the Station is badly damaged, the top deck is still in tact and the three lowest decks. There is a ship on the opposite side of the station that is just sitting there. Is it friend or foe?

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Counselor: Tera Casey
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Chief Engineer: Jozan T'Kev
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Chief Medical Officer: O'Rinn Dinia
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Chief Science Officer: Wendell Vaughn
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Chief of Security: Ember Sutalo
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Chief Tactical Officer: Seren Farkis
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AWOL Limits & Ship Info:
Ship Motto: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."-George Santayana

Ship Information:

The memorial is the one sent on missions that are to risky for a Science or Exploration ship but not so risky a dreadnought is required we are the Vanguards of Adventure We are the foremost ship of the Foremost fleet We are the Tip of the spear The first in and the first out One wrong step and our lives will surly be on the line

AWOL Limits:

Slow Rate Means - At least 1 post every:
  • 5 days - Command Staff
  • 7 days - Department Heads
  • 10 days - Junior Officers

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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Tralla Zoarhi Captain Andorian 5' 10" 175 lbs Kirt Gartner OK (1)
Commander Jade Jones FIrst Officer Human 5'11 120lbs Nathan Derricutt Late (5)
Commander BJ Janzen Scientist/Mission Specialist Human 5'5" 150 BJ Janzen OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Wendell Vaughn Chief Science Officer Human 5'8" 140# Mike Monte Late (7)
Lieutenant Junior Grade O'Rinn Dinia Acting Chief Medical Officer Bajoran/Cardassian Leah McN LOA
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jozan T'Kev Chief Engineer Human/Vulcan 5'11 175 Christopher Bennett OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kusinut “Ember” Sutalo Chief Of Security Human (Yakama) 5’4 120lbs Trinity Fister OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Saren Farkis Chief Tactical Officer Trill (Unjoined) 5 11 220 Joshua Ezell Late (7)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Tera Casey Counselor Human 5'8" Catt Bennett OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Shura Scientist Vulcan 5'8" 120lb Krystelle McLean OK (1)
Ensign Solar Scientist Human 5'10 200 Philip Graham OK (1)
Ensign Anthony Snart Security Officer Human 6"1' 180 lbs Matt Hindley
Ensign John Tolly Security Officer Human 6'0 175 John Tolly OK (4)
CockRoach GM American Roach Robert Archer OK (3)

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