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Posted Feb. 11, 2019, 8:16 p.m. by Ensign Taniel Lox (Doctor) (Alex Lorien)

The question had been asked before, of course, from his parents, his university professors, and at the Academy. The truthful answer was simple enough: he had been born disabled, and figured he would try to become a doctor so he might one day find a ‘cure’ for his problem. But only a few people knew that; Taniel was not in the habit of being entirely honest with himself.

“Well, sir, I like the pace, and the surprises. You never know who is going to walk into Sickbay and what they need. It’s exciting to come across something you’ve never seen before, and especially working in emergency medicine; you deal with everything from someone with a bruised elbow to a missing limb …” He gave a smile. “Not that I enjoy seeing people suffer, of course. I like making people feel better; it’s a good feeling when you know you’ve helped someone.”

The young Betazoid sat in Sickbay and he would glance around while he and the Chief spoke; it seemed like a busy, well run place. It didn’t look like somewhere he would ever find himself bored. “And choosing to join Starfleet was easy; where better to find a challenge than on ships filled with all sorts of different races, all with their own individual physical needs. Keeps a person on his toes, sir.”

“Have you been running this place long, sir?” He enquired.

Ensign Taniel Lox

Jack cocked his head as he contemplated his answer, comparing it with what he knew about the Ensign. He paused for a moment at his question, although he made no outward signs it was clear that the question came as a slight surprise to him “No. I have only been head of this department for a few weeks. There’s been some influx of new crew recently. It’s been quite hectic before our first mission.” He looked at his PaDD for a moment “Describe in your own words your strengths and weakneses regarding your skills as a Doctor.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Taniel thought back over his time as a medical cadet and then his stint on the Asclepius … there were certainly some good and bad points there!

“Well, professionally speaking, I have my M.D in General Practice; I’ve always wanted to work as a general practitioner rather than specialising and keeping to one field of medicine, but I admit I do have my favourites. I did best in neurology, cardio-vascular medicine, infection and immunity, plus I was commended on my knowledge of pharmacology. I have a degree in Applied Xenobiology, which I want to follow up on. Makes sense when dealing with so many different species. I’m hoping this posting will help me along with that.” He smiled.

Jack nodded in agreement.

“As for my weaknesses?” He gave a smile. “Does being so handsome I sometimes distract the nursing staff, sir?” He gave the flippant response, not really wanting to start talking about his ‘behavioural problems’ he had had to overcome in the past; there were a few black marks on his record from his days as a cadet, and one from the Asclepius where he had been relieved of duty.

The report read:

‘During a routine assessment, there was a verbal altercation between Ensign Lox and Lieutenant Jase Benk, a fellow Betazoid. Ensign Lox became verbally abusive towards Lieutenant Benk to the point of disruption of the whole of Sickbay. He was reprimanded and referred back to the Assistant Ship’s Counsellor, from whom he was already receiving treatment for anger management issues. He was given a written reprimand and returned to work after eleven days. Ensign Lox offered no explanation for his outburst, but did apologise. I consider the matter closed on my part, although he continues to counselling.’
- Cmdr Adrian

Taniel knew that Doctor Grey would probably see this on his report, but he wasn’t about to open that can of his own volition. “I intend to make you proud, sir.” He finished.

Ensign Lox

Jack’s eyes narrowed as he raised himself in his seat, looking more intensely at the Ensign “You should not worry yourself with the pride I feel towards you, Doctor Lox” His tone was casual “You should concern yerself with what ye know about you, about what makes you a good Doctor and what can make you better.” He cocked his head slightly “Introspection, Ensign, is the greatest tool you have so early in your career.” He spoke in a knowing manner “How did you fare with your crewmates on the Asclepius?”

Dr. Grey - CMO

That was a tough question; for the most part he had had a lot of fun on the Asclepius, and had gotten along well with most of the crew. But there had been quite a few other Betazoids on there, and he did not mix well with other Betazoids. They always tried to speaking to him telepathically, and when they learned he couldn’t they gave him that look of pity that he detested so much.

Lox cleared his throat and smiled. “Well, you know how it can be on small ships, sir. Sometimes tensions run a little hot,” his mind flicked back to a few events when he had been pulled asside my the medical chief for getting angry or irritable. “But I did my job and, well, I’m here. Nothing stopped me from getting this post.”

The Betazoid knew that Grey would have access to his records, it made him a little uneasy. He fell back on deflection. “Not to sound unprofessional, sir, but I love your accent. Never heard anything like it from any of my human colleagues.” He grinned, hoping that his good looks and easy going manner would win over this particular department head.

Ens. Lox

Jack couldn’t stop a slight smile from forming in the corner of his lips “Thank you Ensign, Small vestige from the old country, helps keep one sane out here” His posture relaxed slightly “I don’t have any further questions before yer assignment, do you have any?”

Dr. Grey - CMO

“No, sir.” He said. “I haven’t had my physical assessment yet. Do I get that from you, or shall I seek out one of the other medics?”

Lox felt like the meeting had gone well. Whatever might be in his personnel file hadn’t seem to affect his new bosses opinion of him. He had always felt uncomfortable, as he knew there were more than a few black marks on his records.

Ens. Lox

Jack gave a knowing nod “Ah yes, no I’ll take care of it, stones and birds and all that.” He said as he grabbed his Scanner, removing the wand from its holster “Tese scans are the most common part of our job, most of the time nuthin’ comes from them so it can get tedious from time to time” He said as he waved the scanner around his torso “Just keep in mind that they are a necessary part of the job.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Lox smiled. “Yes, I had been warned about that, sir. I remember thinking how odd it was that medics actually wanted something to be wrong with the person they were reviewing … but then I realised you just wanted a chance to use your skills and help people.”

The Betazoid sat straight as his boss ran the scans. “I feel fine and I’ve never had anything serious.”

The medical tricorder scan results showed a small deficit in his oxygen blood saturation (coming in at 89%), and a very small fluid build up on his right lung. All the rest of his results were normal.

Ens. Lox

Jack frowned slightly “Really, I’m reading a slight build-up of fluid in yer right lung.” He handed the tricorder to the Doctor and leaned back. then he smiled ever so slightly “Tell me, how would you treat this?” He asked. The question was highly irregular as Medical officers were not suposed to treat themselves.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Taniel’s eyes widened at the news and at the Chief’s question. He felt fine!

“Well .. erm … I pleural effusion can be a symptom of a much more serious condition … but you’re tricorder would have picked up any known problems of diseases that would have caused it. So it must be something benign.” He thought for a moment. They were long past the days where a needle would be stuck into the lung and have it manually drained. “I suppose I would give the patient - well, me - a pleural diuretic; dispersing the fluid around the body so it is eventually excreted normally through the renal system … sir?”

The Betazoid couldn’t believe his first test of his medical knowledge was going to be in front of his boss and on his own body. It hardly seemed fair.

Ens. Lox

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