Engineering - CE Gets Down To Work (Open to All)

Posted March 20, 2019, 11:38 a.m. by Captain Tralla Zoarhi (Captain) (Kirt Gartner)

Posted by Lieutenant Kendric Tor (Chief Engineer) in Engineering - CE Gets Down To Work (Open to All)
It had taken a bit to get settled, but the new Chief Engineer made his way to Engineering as soon as he could. Walking in with a PaDD in his hand, he found a spot out of the way and simply observed… and also began timing how long it took for someone to ask him who he was and why he was here. The answer to that inquiry was far too long.

For several minutes, no one even noticed he was there. When someone did finally acknowledge his presence, it wasn’t to ask him anything. They simply smiled and nodded and said “Hello, Lieutenant.” and went on about their way. Tor - usually a happy and easy-going individual - began grinding his teeth; a habit that rarely expressed itself except in when was particularly stressed in some form.

After a few more minutes passed and finally he had had enough. The PaDD flew across the area he stood in and slammed into the Viewing Window of the warp core. The resulting BANG echoed throughout the section and brought forth a few startled cries and more than a few expletives. As all eyes turned to look at the source of the sound, Tor stepped forward. His voice a booming echo through the section, the big blue humanoid said “Now that I have your attention. I am Lieutenant Kendric Tor. I am the new Chief Engineer. I am also not happy with what I just saw. Let me be frank. I stood here for over ten minutes and no one approached me and asked me why I was here. That is unacceptable. This is a secured space. It is the brain, heart, lungs, and blood of the ship. We are the first and last section responsible for everything that happens on here. Without us, Sickbay has no medicine. Without us, Security has no phasers. Without us, the Bridge has no helm control. Without us, this crew has no air to breathe or food to eat. So for all of you to simply ignore a big blue figure standing around and watching what you do and you not say anything is beyond my comprehension. Again, this is a secure section. You will treat it as such beginning right. Now.” and he looked around and up at the other decks that were visible, making sure his new team was paying attention.

“You have started off ‘behind the eight ball’, as the old human adage goes. Make sure you internalize that and make every effort to put yourselves in better standing. I am easy to get along with, ladies and gentlemen. As long as you take your jobs as seriously as I take mine. So start doing that, and everything will be fine. You might actually like working for me. But until I see an significant difference from what I just saw… you won’t.” And he walked over and picked up the PaDD. “All Engineering Watch Officers, report the CE’s office immediately. All teams, compile systems status reports and material inventory list current as of right now and send them to me. You have one hour. Let’s get to work.” and he turned and walked into the barren office.

Tor, CE

a Trill Lieutenant walked up she too had noticed him but she had met him a couple of days prior and knew why he was there and what he was doing “Yep…figured you would have a style not to similar to the captains…She never did that per se…” she said handing him back the PaDD it was, of course, Kaz the Lieutenant who had greeted him on the bridge and helped him find the captain “But If she had been chief engineer on a different ship before becoming XO of the Ark Angel I could see her having broken that gem out…So what are your orders Chief?” she asked smiling brightly and awaiting orders

NL Kaz

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